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Stick Taps: March 22nd, 2018

In our Stick Taps, we relay Canucks-related content from across the NHL. Whether it be rumours, opinion pieces, or anything else worth noting for the fan base, I’ve got you covered! If you’ve written a blog-post, produced a tribute video, birthed a clever .gif into existence, or have a hockey-related cause you’d like to see promoted in this space, please tweet or DM us at CanucksArmy on Twitter!

From the Twittersphere

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  • A brief topic on Tuesday’s Halford and Brough show was the NHL Draft Lottery and the idea of not sending Trevor Linden for the third time in a row. 2 straight drops means the Canucks could use a change up… of their representative of course. The hosts jokingly brought up the idea of sending Canucks mascot Fin, which would honestly be quite hilarious. Just for laughs, I did the work of photoshopping him into the notorious photo showcasing a disappointed Linden.


  • Sunday night, I came across a parody of The Office’s theme song featuring the Washington Capitals. From that moment, I was inspired:

  • Fred-65

    Without question this the very best … the very best …. response to the NHL LOTTERY. send FIN to represent the franchise. The lottery is a farce and FIN would make that apparent …love it… just do it !!!

  • Just wondering

    Re new practice arena near Rogers Arena, thought should be given to expand footprint of Rogers Arena itself. Will no longer be wedging between viaducts. Make concourses wider and brighter. Close Abbot St east of arena and put in large atrium for food court, fan interaction area, Canuck hall of fame, larger store, escalators etc and open up 2 hours before game to bring in more fan experience. After all, arena is only 8 yrs younger than Saddledome and will we get the same mess when it is discussed Canucks need to rebuilt ( ah where? ) or the NHL will support a move.