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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – March 15th, 2018

The Canucks can’t score any goals but there is some promise within the prospect pool.

Elias Pettersson won the scoring title days after becoming the most prolific teenage scorer in SHL history. Adam Gaudette continues to lead the NCAA in goals, points and power-play points.

In the CHL, Matt Brassard and Kole Lind continue to have strong seasons and look like they could make the leap to the professional game next year.

All that and more in this week’s Blackfish!

All the images of stats are from Elite Prospects.


Western Hockey League

  • Kole Lind continues to put up points with one goal and three assists in three games since last Thursday. Kelowna has two games left in the season, both against Vancouver, so 100 points are likely out of reach.

  • Jakub Stukel with a slower week compared to previous ones – two assists in four games for him.

Ontario Hockey League

  • Matt Brassard gets right back on track with three assists in three games this past week – he continues to play top pairing minutes and all situations for the Generals.

  • Brett McKenzie is starting to pick up steam for the Attack – he ended this week with four goals and two assists in four games for Owen Sound. It’s fair to believe he is finally getting comfortable and is playing well. The upside may still be limited but it’s good to see him get back to playing the way he did for North Bay last season.

  • Gadjovich with one goal and two assists in four games this past week – he is generating shots again, which is an encouraging sign.

  • Cole Candella with one goal and one assist in three games this past week.

Name Pos Age League Team GP Record GAA SV% S/O
Michael DiPietro G 18 OHL Windsor 54 28-20-5 2.76 0.911% 7
  • Michael DiPietro was 1-1-0 this past week and continues to maintain a fairly static stat line. He is 10th in SV% and 6th in GAA in the OHL.


  • Adam Gaudette continues to pile up the points – one goal and two assists in the two-game sweep on UMass. Northeastern faces Providence in the Hockey East Semi-Finals. Gaudette was named to the Hockey East First All-Star Team and was also named a Top 10 Finalist for the Hobey Baker.

  • William Lockwood’s season is done due to injury.


  • Jack Rathbone still sits at 11 goals and 19 assists in 17 games – worth noting that the reporting can be delayed but from what I can gather, they did not play over the past week. (could be wrong though)



  • As you are probably aware by now – Pettersson won the SHL scoring title on Saturday, becoming the first rookie to do so since the 1970’s. Vaxjo will face Brynas or Linkoping in the next round of the playoffs – which begin on Saturday.

  • Rodrigo Abols has been removed from the Blackfish Prospect report because he is no longer a prospect (and hasn’t been since June)

  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson finished the season with zero points in 46 games – he was the only skater that appeared in more than 25 games to not register a point. Eleven goaltenders had more points.

  • Jonathan Dahlen had himself a week! Putting up four goals and three assists in three games, helping to lead Timra IK past Leksands in the Allsvenskan Finals. Timra will now face Karlskrona in a best of seven series with a spot in the SHL on the line.


  • Petrus Palmu did not appear in any games this past week as TPS Turku waits for their opponent in the playoffs.
  • Same goes for Olli Juolevi.


  • Nikita Tryamkin played one regular season game and four playoff games since our last update and was held off the scoresheet.
  • Zhukenov remains in the MHL and picked up one assist in two games. He is up to 10 goals and 24 assists in 34 games.

Czech Republic

  • Lukas Jasek had one assist in three playoff games over the past week.


  • Reid Boucher, Nikolay Goldobin and Tyler Motte remain with the Canucks.
  • Ashton Sautner was signed to a two-year extension earlier today.
  • Matt Leitner was released from his PTO since our last update.
  • If you are looking for in-depth post-game reports about each Comets game – go to Cory Hergott’s author page here.


  • MacKenze Stewart was held off the scoresheet in the four games this week
  • Anton Cederholm picked up one assist in those four games.
  • FireGillis

    It’s time to beef up the defensive pool. I mean seriously, we have no one other than Juolevi who has any hope of running our first power play next year. We need Bouchard, boqvist or dahlin this year so badly

    • Fred-65

      The report from Salo re Juolevi isn’t exactly encouraging. He basically said that this summer will decide Juolevi’s future come September. “If” he put the work and and get’s into shape he has the skill but it look like this is an unfocused athlete. Ditto for Hutton as I understand. What’s with these players their future and fortune rests on their work ethic and they are indifferent ?

      • argoleas

        That report was somewhat contradictory. Joulevi may be unmotivated/unfocused , yet somehow he’s on the team’s top D line and on first PP. That does not sound like Hutton at all. I think people may be overreacting to what Salo said.

        Conditioning and quickness is something that Green told Boeser that he had to focus on last summer, as it would be very hard to make the team otherwise. Which he did. What I hear Salo saying is he same thing. Making the NHL is hard, and skill alone does not do it. Maybe we wait a bit and actually see Joulevi here in training camp before setting our hair on fire.

        And a reminder that someone highly esteemed like Ohlund did not join Canucks until his D+4 year.

      • Frank

        If Salo says he’s got to put in the work and get into shape and implying that he is lazy, then I think that also speaks to Salo’s ability to coach, mentor and motivate his young charge.

        • jaybird43

          Many times outsiders cannot motivate someone else. They can encourage, provide feedback and occasionally a kick in the behind. At the end of the day though, the athlete has to decide to make the sacrfices.

  • I find it ironic that people complain that we didn’t draft Ty Ronning at 5’9″ and 165 lbs in the 7th round yet Pettersson wins the SHL scoring title at 165 lbs and he’s not going to pan out as an NHL player. Go figure.

  • NeverWas

    So whats up with that Matt Brassard Kid? Didnt we draft him in the 70th round like 1880th overall? (see what I did there? Have to point it out for @freud) does he have NHL Potential?

    Man, a mid term prospect report on him would be great….

    • NeverWas

      Nevermind… I see that he was 18th on the mid-term list. Its just been sooooooo long inbetween reports that I could remeber if it was done last summer or last month…

      So, my point still remains! where are the rest of those?!? I need my FIX CA!!!!

      **Has nightmares about lack of prospect reports and R-Squared values less then 70**

      • Dan the Fan

        He’s actually 19th on the list… with Holm being traded he’d move up a spot but I don’t know if Holm was really prospect given that he’s 26.

        But I’m surprised he’s that low on the list with some impressive point totals and almost 20% chance of success.

        • NeverWas

          Yeah, that was kind of too my point. seems like hes killing it and in that mid-term report they said “if he can carve out an NHL, and thats a BIG IF” … would love some more intel on this kid

  • East Van Dan

    Thanks for the prospect report, always much appreciated. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the mid-term prospect rankings as it’s one of the best features here. Particularly curious how Juolevi’s faring as I haven’t seen him play all season.

    • Rodeobill

      I wonder if Tryamkin is still perhaps a better prospect than Ollie (although further along with perhaps lower ceiling), similar boxcars in a harder league.

  • WiseCanuck

    Salo knows Juolevi is a massive bust just like i do… we were promised a Drew Daughty at fifth overall and this kid is more of a Drew Barrymore.

    Absolute brutal pick from bottomfeeder Benning – anyone know how SERGACHEV is doing in comparison?

    • NeverWas

      We should all probably base our opinions on what “you know” … judging from your historical comments, you definitely are one of the great hockey minds of the 21st century.

      Stick to flipping burgers, or video games or whatever it is that you do pal..

    • Well, the NHL stats show SERGACHEV as being sheltered like crazy in Tampa Bay.

      – He plays sub-3rd pairing minutes (15:37) behind Hedman (25:59), Stralman (21:26), McDonagh (20:18), Girardi (17:24), Coburn (16:28) and Dotchin (16:23).

      – He’s given plenty of PP time (127:34), only second to Hedman (223:53) but SERGACHEV has only played 1:08 of PK time.

        • Freud

          Sergachev has played 68 or Tampa’s 70 games. How is that several?

          Sergachev was scratched for two games by Cooper for disciplinary reasons after he took a double minor for verbally abusing an offical. It was not due to poor play.

          Another sad attempt to stretch the facts to make Juolevi look better.

          • TD

            Juolevi is who he is, but making Sergachev more than he is at this point is also not accurate. Quite frankly, at this point McAvoy is looking like the steal of the draft and all the scouts and GM’s got it wrong.

            Although, before we go to far with all these players, why don’t we wait a couple of years and see how they all turn out. Right now Juolevi is definitely behind Sergachev and McAvoy and that may stay that way, but it may not.

            The fishbowl in which some people judge management is ridiculous. They have made lots of mistakes, but so has almost every GM. They all have bad trades and they all miss on some draft picks.

      • Freud

        So a 19 year old d-man plays minimal minutes on a model team and doesn’t kill penalties. Shocking!

        Take all d-men who have played at least 800 min at 5on5 this year. Sergachev is 7th in the whole league in pts/60minutes. He’s an elite point producer at even strength as a 19 year old. If he was on most other teams he’d be top 2. You would expect a well run team like Tampa to bring him along in such a fashion.

        Funny how apologists try and use smart deployment by good teams as some sort of criticism to make themselves feel better about their own team’s shortcomings.

      • Gino über alles

        Being played on a 3rd pairing means he’s being deployed perfectly, let’s hope that we can get the same protection for Juolevi….albeit it will have to be with much less talent in front of him.

        I’ll confess I would have preferred Sergachev over Juolevi at the time but that wasn’t a clear cut pick, I had it Sergachev/Juolevi/Chychurn. Juolevi is still going to be a super solid pick and there’s no fault in it taking a while, in 3 years we’re going to be very happy that we have him.

    • Declaring a player a bust at 19 before he’s ever played a game in the NHL is just as dumb as declaring a player the next Forsberg at 18 when he’s never played a game in the NHL.

      Any reasonable person should have concerns about Juolevi but he’s far from a bust yet – just like any reasonable person should be excited about Petterson but probably shouldn’t assume he’s going to win the Calder next year.

  • LTFan

    As always, a big thank you for this report Ryan. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Elsewhere on CA Kootneydude posted a good analysis of the trials and tribulations of other teams before they made it to the elite level. Some good prospects. We can only hope that the players selected by Management will become NHL regulars.

  • JonJYC

    I just don’t need understand why they have to waste picks on likes of Rodrigo Abols/Kristoffer Gunnarsson/Mackenzie Stewart (w/3 yrs entry deal). Seems to me that even JB was a nhl defenceman, he didn’t even know how to find talent on defence. I am not saying Juolevi is a bust. But, if JB thinks he will be a great first pairing guy. Dream on. I think the ceiling for Juolevi is Dan Hamhuis – do all the right things on ice but nothing spectacular.

    • truthseeker

      If Juolevi gets anywhere close to Hamhuis level that will be a major major draft win. Hamhuis in his prime was an absolutely phenomenal defenseman. The kind of D man that locks down games. Put them out with a few minutes left in a one goal game and you will win that game. Tanev has that ability as well. People like you down play that ability as “nothing spectacular” simply because guys like that don’t put up much offense. Totally missing how amazing their defensive abilities are. As NeverWas said…the guy was the 7th dman on probably the greatest canadian hockey team in history and defensively was easily as good as any of the guys on that team. People who can’t see the artistry and value of the best defensive D men are not students of the game. They only see surface level. Not able to tell the difference between just an average D man and guys like Tanev and Hamhuis. Focusing on points and thinking that kind D play is common from any guy who’s in the league but isn’t a big producer. It’s not. Not even close.

        • truthseeker

          I think you mean 8th then? If you consider Subban the 7th then Hamhuis was the 8th. Each of them got a game in that tournament but I suspect had their been an injury to any of the top 6 it would have been Hamhuis drawing in based on Babcock’s aversion to risky D play. True or not Subban had the reputation at the time for not being as defensively responsible. That’s why I would say Hamhuis was the 7th D on that team over Subban. But I won’t argue it too much. Calling Hamhuis the 8th after Subban is a legit argument.