Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

WWYDW: Anyone Else?

Unless my math is off, the Canucks have one last recall at their disposal before the season ends. Looking at their transactions page on CapFriendly reveals they used their first three on Nikolay Goldobin, Tyler Motte and Reid Boucher, so there’s the calculus.

The way the Canucks are losing forwards to injury, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could use another Utica Comet down the stretch. Some of the best ones are already with the team in Goldobin and Boucher, so picking the right one won’t exactly be easy. There are so many good options to choose from, too.

So, with that, I’m asking you, the reader, who you want to see the Canucks call-up from the Comets in the event that they lose another forward to injury. I’ve specified the forward position because there aren’t any defencemen in Utica knocking on the NHL door, and the Canucks seem to be in better shape with that part of the roster.

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The rules are simple. As long as the player you’ve chosen is on an NHL contract, they work for the purposes of this exercise. So, have at ‘er.

Last week I askedHow would you feel about the Canucks adding Mikael Backlund in free agency to the same contract that the Calgary Flames signed him to just before the trade deadline.


I have to agree with JD on the 1 uear sign and flip, if we are to sign any free agents.
This team is still a couple years away from being in playoff contention, let’s not get another albatross contract like Erickson.

Killer Marmot:

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I would avoid signing any big-name forward UFAs right now, with the possible exception of one-year contracts with the Sedins.

The Canucks have a bunch of excellent forward prospects on the verge of making it. Let’s see how that pans out over the next two years. Signing major contracts would only limit the Canucks’ options and block prospect development.

Defense. That’s where the deals need to be made, particularly if a highly ranked D can not be drafted in June.


I like Backlund a lot, but I don’t see how he fits with the Canucks. Assuming the Sedins come back for another season and at least one of Petterson and Gaudette make the jump, where does he slot in the lineup? Why is an ostensibly-rebuilding team looking at signing a 28-year-old UFA centre to a long-term contract?

The only way signing Backlund makes sense is if the team has a trade partner for Sutter AND they’re not planning to re-sign Henrik, but even then, it’s not a move that a team that’s currently bottoming-out should do.

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I am Ted:

Backlund would have made sense if some of the veteran centres did not return (Henrik and/or Sutter). Otherwise, he’s older than the ‘next core’ and I am pretty tired of this remain competitive during rebuild stuff. Really. When you finish near the bottom, it’s not being competitive.

Yes, I do see the need to good mentors and showing players how to do things the right way but the rebuild should have started when Benning first came aboard. As of right now, it’d be better if he made more significant moves and expedited the rebuild.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      I miss Jayson Megna. He’s a quality player. I’m sure Willie D is out there somewhere dreaming of Jayson Megna…..ahh such fond memories of good times past

  • SJ

    I know the obvious answer is Thatcher Demko, but what about getting a look at Zack MacEwen? He’s been one of the biggest surprises down there this season. While I think pulling him out of the Comets lineup might be a bit of cruel and unusual punishment to Trent Cull, it might be interesting to see him play a couple games, just to see if he can keep up.

  • TD

    No one excites me. They need a more dynamic player than exists in Utica to add anything. Moreover, they have robbed too many players which is having an effect on Utica who are still playing meaningful games. Demko isn’t a forward, but he’s the only player that is intriguing on Utica’s current roster.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Trent Cull is probably fuming that TG has taken all of his ‘talent’ and promptly turned them into defence first, second, and third players and beat the offence out of the whole lot of ’em. (oh wait, that makes no sense seeing as how the big club has the most godawful defence in the entire league). Nm ha ha

  • KCasey

    I have to agree with SJ on this one in that Demko is not only the most deserving in regards to his personal numbers in comparrsion to his teamates individual stats but also compared to other goalies down there. However this would come with the caveat that the Comets have already clinched a post season spot and he be able to go straight back down for the start of those playoffs. It would als be good for him to get the feel of team travel and an in game heads up of how much better the players are in terms of speed and shot quality. Its time for him to set a new bar of where he needs to elevate his game to, he has proven worthy of AHL competition so give him a little more to chew on.

  • Philip Hol… oh right.

    Agree with the other posters – giving Demko a sniff once the Comets have clinched is a reward to the player for his solid play, and a chance for management to see if he might have what it takes to take over the backup role next season.

  • Ser Jaime Lannister

    Jalen Chatfield, his game is developing nicely at the pro level and its just a matter of time before we see him called up. Although he has few points, he is constantly joining the rush with his speed and creating offense, and is a work horse in the defensive end, he will fit nicely in TG system.

  • Vintage

    I would do the exact opposite of calling anyone up from Utica. I would send all the bubble players I could down to the farm (Goldobin, Boucher, Motte etc) to give them a fighting chance in the playoffs, and then I would sign whatever FA were available on 1 year deals to finish out the season (no elc’s). Like Mason Raymond and Derek Roy. To help ensure the last place finish.