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CanucksArmy Post Game: Game 18

The Rundown

It may be seven years later, but I don’t think a single Canucks fan has forgotten. Any time the Bruins come to town the memories and heartbreak come back ever so slightly for many in Vancouver.

To rub salt in the wound, while the Canucks toil at the bottom of standings for a third straight year, the Bruins are amongst the leagues best and are legitimate cup contenders.

Anders Nilsson started for Vancouver with Jacob Markstrom out due to an illness.

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Puck Drop

After a valiant effort in San Jose, the Canucks were stifled by Martin Jones. They didn’t get on the board until nearly halfway through the third.

They’d have no such troubles tonight. Just two minutes in, former Bruin Loui Eriksson got the Canucks on the board, opening the scoring.

Alex Edler unloaded a heavy point shot, which Tuukka Rask couldn’t absorb. The rebound came to Daniel Sedin in the slot, who bounced the puck towards the net, where Eriksson was able to capitalize and beat a now-floundering Rask.

Eriksson goal

From the get-go, neither team was lacking in pace. Most of the night the teams flew up and down the ice trading chances.

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Four minutes later Jake Debrusk walked into the slot untouched and rang a puck off the post. Seconds later Boston was head to the power-play after Debrusk drew a penalty.

On the power-play, it was Debrusk again with another chance from the slot. The youngster had a great game, with Dad Louis doing colour commentary for CBC tonight.

After killing off the penalty, it was Vancouver again lighting the lamp with just over nine minutes left. Henrik Sedin’s pass pinballed it’s way to Thomas Vanek, and just when you thought Vanek was going to shoot he passed. A play reminiscent of the goal Daniel scored against San Jose, Vanek finds him back door with a wide open net.

Less than a minute later it was, you guessed it, the Canucks again. Troy Stecher skating the puck out of his own zone, send Bo Horvat down the right side of the ice. Horvat with a head of steam, cut to the net and beats Rask high short side.

The Bruins down three tried to ratchet things up physically. David Backes laid a pair of hits, the first on Troy Stecher appeared to be from behind and was pretty borderline.

The avalanche of goals continued for the Canucks despite the Bruins dominating shot clock, 18-9 in the period.

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After being a healthy scratch in San Jose, Sven Baertschi got on the board. With Bo Horvat driving the net, Baertschi’s shot was stopped. But took a weird bounce and went in, initially many thought it was Boeser’s goal but it went in off a Bruin. The goal was challenged by Boston for goalie interference, the call on the ice stood. 4-0 Vancouver.

2nd Period

After giving up four goals on nine shots in the first, Rask was done for the night. Anton Khudobin took over for the Bruins in goal. Despite the change in goal, the results were similar early on.

Just under three minutes into the period, Jake Virtanen flew down the left wing. Instead of firing a puck on net from distance, or losing possession down low, Virtanen cut hard to the net. The power move was something many have been screaming to see more of from Virtanen when he does his package of size and speed is hard to contain.

Tho he didn’t score he created a rebound which popped out the Nic Dowd who put the puck behind a reeling Khudobin. 5-0.

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With the score lopsided the Bruins continued to press and made Nilsson work to keep the big lead. The final ten minutes of the second may have been the most exciting stretch of hockey Rogers Arena has seen all year. It was a track meet, with Krejci missing a wide-open net, Khudobin robbing Baertschi, and Marchand nearly putting a bouncing puck past Nilsson.

3rd Period

They come in three right? Well, how about three goals, under three minutes into 3 periods?

Unfortunately, the third one was for the bad guys. After Troy Stecher failed to clear the zone, and a diving Nikolay Goldobin couldn’t get a stick on the puck; Tory Krug walked down the middle of the ice. Where he dished to Tim Schaller who wired a one-timer high short side over Anders Nilsson.

With Alex Edler in the penalty box, Brad Marchand nearly added a second Bruins goal. Sitting back door, the pass came but Alex Biega just got a stick on it preventing the tap in for Marchand.

Vancouver was back on the penalty-kill due to a bench minor. Sven Baertschi appeared to say it was called on the coach while talking to the attendant in the box.

After nearly scoring shorthanded on the previous penalty-kill, this time Eriksson made good for his second of the game.

Anton Khudobin put his defensemen in a tough position with Nic Dowd bearing down on him in the corner. The puck squirted out to Eriksson in the slot, Khudobin makes the save. But Derrick Pouliot picks up the puck in the high slot and finds Eriksson now on the other side of the net. 6-1.

Bo Horvat was called for delay of game (puck over the glass) with just over four minutes left. Down and Eriksson generated the best chance once again while shorthanded. But 6-1 held up as the final score.

The Numbers



  • The Bruins dominated 5v5 shot attempts, with 69.77% of shot attempts
  • Vancouver scored 6 goals on just 18 shots
  • At 5v5 Boston had 59.55% of the expected goals
  • Nilsson’s .978 save percentage was 6.6% above expected, he had 2.95 Goals Saved Above Average

Quick Hits

  • Lost in this one was Langley native Danton Heinen making his first appearance at Rogers Arena. Heinen has quietly been one of the better rookies in the NHL this year, with 12 goals and 38 points in 52 games.
  • With Markstrom out sick, Anders Nilsson shouldered the load for Vancouver. He was good, very good. Despite the score, Boston poured quality chances on net. Early on he didn’t let the Bruins keep it close; then in the third, he didn’t let them back in it.
  • Alex Edler passed Jyrki Lumme and Dennis Kearns for 2nd all-time in points for Canucks defensemen.
  • Nic Dowd and Loui Eriksson were dangerous on the penalty-kill all night, creating a couple of quality scoring chances to go along with the goal. Tonight we saw the version of Loui Eriksson that Jim Benning envisioned when he signed him to his 6 year, 6 million dollar deal.
  • Darren Archibald continued to do his best to get into Travis Green’s good books. After burying a Bruin along the boards, Brandon Carlo challenged Archibald who obliged. His second fight since being signed, Dorsett still has the team lead with 4.
  • No matter what side you’re on when it comes to tank/dont tank, I think we can all still feel good and celebrate blowing out the Bruins seven years later.



  • Canuck4Life20

    I could care less that we passed the lowly Oilers in the standings tonight (we all know they’re going to get first overall anyways), but man that was a sweet win. And it was made that much sweeter by having to suffer through the Bruins love-in that took place in the local media this week (none more emphatically so than by fledgling radio host JD Burke).

  • defenceman factory

    Full marks for a great effort. Lots of lucky bounces and big saves.

    That might have been Guddy’s best game as a Canuck. He was very good on the PK. Virtanen’s net drive on the Dowd goal was great. He also drove the net in the 1st period, pulled two defenders and made a pass. Dowd missed it but it was a very nice play.

    Marchand gets run every game. He is a tough little rat. He will remember his line getting shut down and the 6-1 drubbing a lot longer than being hit.

    • Jimjamg

      I agree, if Gudbranson could play like that every night I wouldn’t mind having him n the lineup. He made a bit of body contact, no major give-aways and looked great on the PK. Edler has also turned into a beast lately which is nice to see, must be thinking of his next contract.

      • canuckfan

        Edler has in the past been one who throws the body but now with Gudbranson beside him he may just feel a bit braver and give out some heavy hits. I have been ragging on Gudbranson and that we should get rid of him and that he isn’t worth anything. Lately have been seeing him in a different way. On the penalty kill he has been pretty good, and being paired with Edler he has been going against the other teams better players and looking better. Maybe with last nights game he has been seeing some movement towards getting a contract and with that just went out and played his heart out. If this is who he really is sign him and lets go for a ride as he gets better.
        Hutton will need to work hard over the summer if he is going to get his spot back I would not trade him lets see if he has some heart and game in him. Green has wanted players to challenge and work for positions has worked with others and if the team takes this attitude and we get some goal tending we will be back in the playoffs next year… still lots of work.

      • LiborPolasek

        Based on a few of the articles Ive red about his time in Florida, EG played well when he was paired with a partner that drove the play, like Brian Campbell.

      • argoleas

        Trouble is that Edler is almost 32. Sure, I like the pairing too, and would add that Guddy may be hampered by a shoulder injury. But here’s the dilemma. It appears that Edler is the only partner that Guddy pays well with. Does that mean Vancouver extends Edler too? Well, they would have to. So a team that’s rebuilding suddenly has an aging Dman and a long contract coupled to another Dman that is a liability unless paired with said Dman. Moreover, in 2 years, their combined cap would could be north of $11M.

        Then we have two Dmen (Tanev and MDZ) that are essentially 28. Where’s the room for developing prospects? Joulevi, Hutton, Pouliot, Stecher?

        If the team wants to keep Edler/Guddy because they think they work, they need to think long and hard about this, because it will require them to make commitments and trades they many not realize they need to yet, and may force them to give up on prospects prematurely.

  • defenceman factory

    Why is it that after a poor game all the regular posters and on here discussing the mistakes and issues that led to a loss but after a good effort the naysayers never show up.

    Come on Freud, Dirk, Goon calling you out to show up and actually post something complimentary. As supposed fans you should have enjoyed that game. That goes for you too Wise Canuck, french window licker and whichever other name you share a brain with.

    • Dirk22

      I was actually at the game cheering every one of those 6 goals – had a great time especially with all the Bruins fans around me – were you there?

      Thought Gudbranson was noticeable, loved the Virtanen drive to the net although wasn’t in my seat at the time so had to watch on screen, thought Stecher looked great, Nilsson obviously. Boeser had an usually quiet game. Horvat flies around out there. Goldobin needs to get the puck more as he’s one of the more creative players.

      Does this change any of my opinions of this team’s management – not in the slightest.

        • Dirk22

          I did thanks, df. I think, however, you’re confusing being a fan of a team with blind loyalty to that team’s management. A big Saturday night win over the Bruins doesn’t suddenly erase the mistakes this group has made nor serve as a predictor of the future. And the ‘supposed fans’ comment? You think anyone who wastes as much time on here as us aren’t fans of this team? Were the people who took part in the Cleveland Browns 0-16 protest parade ‘supposed fans’ or are they just being miserable for the sake of it. Now obviously there’s no parades happening here yet but to sit back and watch the last four years and be ok with it says something about those ‘fans’ in my opinion.

          • defenceman factory

            No I’m not confused about blind loyalty. I celebrated Canucks success as Gillis mortgaged the future and missed almost every draft pick. Just called you out to see if you could still be objective and enjoy some minor successes. You know it will be a big party in Cleveland with just one win. Hopefully you noticed that one of the others who is always negative just changed his user name again and posted the same down in the dumps crap.

            You are right the record of this management group is not particularly good. Between ownership, Linden and Benning, Benning is the least of the problem leading to poor management decisions. He is the easiest to replace and the easiest to scapegoat. Heres to a good deadline and another strong set of draft picks.

    • liqueur des fenetres

      Was that you shivering out on the corner of Georgia and Granville this morning? Before game 1 I said that the Canucks were going to finish with 77 points this season. It looks like I might have been 1 or 3 too high, but far closer than whatever you forecasted.

  • I never realized how big Chara really is until he stood next to Henrik during the ceremonial face off. That man is a giant. I want Tryamkin back.

    You just need the right kind of bear spray against the Bruins. The Edler – Gudbranson kind.

    Nilsson had himself a nice game.

    We regained our rightful spot, ahead of the “no BC wine” Oilers.

  • Nuck16

    Although I’d rather see our younger D get opportunities before MDZ, I do like the intensity he plays with. I was thinking a good nickname for his would be The Punisher due to his hight hit count and the fact he looks a lot like the actor from that series. Also, as a member of team tank, I’ll happily take the W last night. Stetcher was great…put him on the PP…he would be a great zone entry guy and wouldn’t do the plan B back pass every time.

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      Upset we still havent seen Holm play…we know what Biega is i dont want to see him play the rest of the season hes a 7,8th dman ffs. Thought Goldy had some moments but still not consistent enough (like JV) and hes running outta time to prove himself on this team.

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        Just happy that JV is showing improvement and Goldy played better but still not enough to make an impact, hes Waiver fodder next year we may be better off packaging him this deadline with hutton,guddy,vanek to sweeten a deal or something.

        • argoleas

          Goldy is still young. A rebuilding team should not be giving up on prospects. Sure, if there is a deal to get a better player that fills a need and is young, then by all means, use him as an asset, but I think that is unlikely.

          Most likely, you trade him for another project, or a question mark. Either way, Goldy or this player likely need waivers and thus a roster spot. Goldy needs to keep developing, and next year possible line of Goldy, Gaudette, and Virtanen could be very good for this purpose. Or Gagner if Gaudette is not yet ready. One full year, and then see if you want to extend him past his ELC.

          Again to reiterate, this is no time to prematurely give up on a still young and raw prospect.

  • Missing Luuuu

    How when the Canucks lose there is always a catchy slogan like “struck by lightning” etc… we stomp the Bruins and its like Post game: Game 18 blah blah… get behind the team you write about. I know they aren’t winning or making the play offs… but DAMN you can’t just jump on and off the bandwagon. Canucks fan for life!

  • Ex-Season Ticket Holder

    As a former season ticket holder who spent thousands but has long since seen the light after the Gillis-Gilman glory days, can i just remind posters that whilst these kind of games are a cup final for the Canucks and non game going fans, it means nothing and it is very hard for contenders like Boston, Washington and Pittsburgh to get up for a bottomfeeder like Vancouver. They are already thinking playoffs see.

    It also serves no purpose to gloat or win these type of games because it’s all about securing the best possible odds now for a generational talent like Rasmus Dahlin. I therefore urge all you small minded armchair watchers to think about the bigger picture because Boston are going to the big dance regardless, while Vancouver is already on the golf course. So who is laughing last yeh?

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      Of course its team tank at this point we want the best odds for Dahlin thats all that matters and its super close which helps our odds. Still get excited for our prospects when they have good games our future depends on them lol! But yeah when i see Beiga in the lineup and Holm is in the pressbox i just dont get it…

      • Hack-smack-whack

        We’re also getting to the stage of the season to measure how we stack up for next year; who can play well against the tougher teams, who has the character to compete in adverse situations etc. Decisions to be made.
        I loved the growl our team played with in this one, and want to see a competitive culture built here in advance of next season.
        Even the most recent losses had some things I could get behind.
        Also really liking what Edler and Gudbranson are bringing lately. What they lack in footspeed they make up for with sound positioning and the smarts on when to jump into the play. I’ve felt when EG has looked bad in the past, it’s often been because of trying to be too many places at once, as a result of Hutton’s free spirited play. The confidence he has in Edler seems to allow him to just play his own game. Which despite not having the best set of hands, can be effective.

        Also the Sedins are fantastic to watch lately, and win or lose, ultimately as a hockey fan it’s about being entertained for me.
        I’m not going to get all wound up about their decline, and just enjoy the last years of what they have been treating us with in Vancouver the last decade and a half. What they’ve brought is so unique and special to the game and city, let’s just enjoy every shift while they’re still around; we’ll probably never get to watch the likes of them again.
        And yes to a resign, if they want to, as I think there is a place for them on this team in a supporting role.

      • Tedchinook

        Guess you didn’t notice Biega was plus 4 yesterday and whether or not you think plus/minus matters longer term, plus 4 in one game is awesome. Plus neither Holm or Biega are long term Canucks so it doesn’t really matter which one plays.

    • DJ_44

      PQW…give up already; Benning is has be re-upped for three more. Instead of spinning up a bunch of new user names with the same ole same ole, take a big break; everyone will be thankful.

      You can continue your clown act in a year and a half, when the time to renew Benning’s contract is coming around again.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    This was Gubrandson’s best game by far this season. He actually was a physical force out there, and defended well on the penalty kill. He did alright on getting the puck of the zone to. I hope scouts from other teams chose this game to watch him.