CanucksArmy Post Game: Rocked like a Hurricane

The Canucks entered the second half of their back-to-back in Carolina depleted, to say the least. Earlier today news broke that Chris Tanev, Markus Granlund and (welp) Brock Boeser were both out after being injured Thursday against Tampa Bay.

Puck Drop

It wouldn’t take long for the Canucks to fall behind — just 14 seconds in fact. For the seventh time this year, the Canucks gave up a goal on the first shot of the game. Two behind Edmonton’s league-leading nine.

After Alex Edler’s breakout attempt was broken up off after Vancouver won the opening faceoff. Carolina had the Canucks outnumbered entering their zone. Despite Bo Horvat’s best effort to get back and nearly break up the play. Carolina would go up 1-0, on Brett Pesce’s second goal of the year.

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Darren Archibald, fresh off signing an NHL contract with the Canucks, suited up in this one, and he wasn’t shy. With just over eleven minutes left, he flattened Jordan Staal along the boards. Archibald is a player Green is very comfortable with from their time in Utica, and can bring some of the edge the Canucks need.

With 5:17 left in the period, the Hurricanes took a 2-0 lead. With the puck behind the net, Jacob Markstrom was caught looking over the wrong shoulder. With Markstrom off his post and looking the wrong way, Phil DiGiuseppe was able to chip to puck over Markstrom’s leg.

The goal was DiGiuseppe’s first of the season, and his first in 43 games dating back to last year.

With just under a minute left in the period, it was Sebastian Aho’s turn. Jaccob Slavin made a great pass from his own goal line to spring Aho on the breakaway. Troy Stecher gave chase, but couldn’t close on Aho in time to stop him from beating Markstrom five-hole. 2-0 Carolina.

2nd Period

Michael Del Zotto and Jeff Skinner took offsetting roughing minors late in the first, so it was four-on-four to start the second.

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Back at even strength, Reid Boucher ran over Justin Faulk down the left wing, the Canucks regained possession and went to work in the offensive zone. Now out of the penalty box, it was Michael Del Zotto getting on the board for Vancouver. Putting the point shot past Nic Dowd’s screen, beating Scott Darling. 3-1 Carolina.

After killing off an Erik Gudbranson interference penalty, the Canucks were lucky not to be shorthanded again. Teuvo Teravainen caught Gudbranson out of position, with the pass coming Gudbranson laid out to attempt to it. He did not, and “accidentally” clipped Teravainen with his skate, knocking him off balance enough to prevent what looked like a goal.

With five and a half left in the second, it was Teravainen taking one of Slavin’s gorgeous stretch passes. Luckily for Vancouver, Brandon Sutter was able to get back in time to knock Teravainen off the puck preventing a possible scoring chance.

The Carolina power-play caused Vancouver problems much of the night, no more than after a soft looking holding call on Bo Horvat. The Hurricanes first unit had possession for nearly the entire penalty, but the Canucks did a decent job of keeping the puck to the outside.

Carolina kept up the pressure after the power-play, but the period would end 3-1.

3rd Period

With the ink still wet on his new contract, Darren Archibald got in his first scrap. After barging in on the forecheck, Archibald sent Hurricanes defenseman Klas Dahlbeck to the ice. He then began to try and dig a puck loose from Scott Darling, something an already surly Dahlbeck took exception to. “The Gooch” was more than willing to engage Dahlbeck.

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Neutral zone turnovers plagued the Canucks all game. With twelve and a half minutes left, it cost Vancouver again. Nic Dowd made a poor pass that was picked off by Jeff Skinner. Skinner slid a backhand pass to Justin Williams who walked down the right-wing and beat Jacob Markstrom, a goal Markstrom can’t be pleased with.

It took Vancouver till midway through the third to register their second shot of the period. At 9:22 the Canucks best chance to make it close came, as Bo Horvat centred off the rush to Loui Eriksson who directed the puck on net.

With a 1:20 left Noah Hanifin was called for high-sticking. It was too little too late for Vancouver who fell 4-1 in this one.

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The Numbers

  • The Hurricanes had 63.79% of expected goals at five-on-five
  • High danger shots were 7-3 in favour of Carolina
  • Vancouver had just 28.77% of all-situation expected goals.
  • Jacob Markstrom gave up 4 goals on 14 medium danger shots.

Quick Hits

  • Due to injuries, the Canucks dressed 7 defensemen and 11 forwards. Despite showing a willingness to play Biega at forward earlier this year, the elected to play just 11 forwards. With the crowded blueline, Ben Hutton was the odd man out most of the night.
  • Playing his first NHL game in four years, Darren Archibald didn’t look out of place. He was physical all night(4 hits), killed penalties and got a fight in the third period. He’s not a game changer in any way, but he does bring a mentality the Canucks lack.
  • The Canucks are currently averaging a league-low 6:16 of power-play time per game.
  • Brock Boeser underwent an MRI on the wrist he had surgically repaired last year after Dan Girardi fell on it Thursday in Tampa Bay.

  • Travis Green summed it up well: “Not good enough”

    Giving up the first goal so often is killing me. You can see the deflating effect it has on the guys. It takes the wind right out of their sails.

    Archibald had a good game, welcome to the big show.

    Canucks are doing to hockey, what I’m doing to grammar and the English language.

  • Nuck4U

    A deep good team would struggle with the injuries that keep hitting the Canucks. A talent thin group that would be hard pressed to compete at full strength going full tilt becomes road kill if beset losing its top players.

    That said is there really a reason to hang on to any of the vets? Move what you can and hand the Sedins a retirement party. Make a commitment to bring in the top prospects and sign UFA’s to fill in for those not ready for the NHL.

    • Puck Viking

      Why would anyone want a physical player who had a great previous year in the AHL for the league minimum and that would be more than happy to be a 13th forward. Oh thats right its because he would take time away from jake who should have spent the entire year in utica. The amount of interference from all levels on the level below is ridiculous and makes this franchise look stupid. Not saying Archi would have been outstanding but he fills a toughness role for the league minimum that so many brain dead canucks fans think gud should fill for 5 million a season.

      • netminder50

        I don’t think brain dead fans are the issue here bud, more like management. But maybe they’re just putting lipstick on Guddy before the market closes.

  • Rodeobill

    Yeesh. Rough night. Feels like our team is made of glass. felt like we didn’t have even one good line tonight. Arch looked good, kept the canes on their toes when he was on the ice.

  • TheRealPB

    Archibald, Horvat, Baertschi. Stetcher at least gave an effort. The Sedins on a few shifts. Otherwise the team was complete garbage. Injuries happen but the play of Gudbranson, Sutter, Vanek, Markstrom, all the rest was completely inexcusable. At least earlier in the season you could point to a decent effort. It is hard to see what value we can get at the TDL for most of these players and the notion that we should hang on to any of them is laughable, given the results they have brought.

    • Dirty30

      You could almost excuse Vanek:

      1. He’s not a ‘foundational player’ he’s a glorified asset to trade for better assets and,
      2. He’s collecting more in salary from his buyout to stay in bed than the Canucks are paying him to get out of bed.

      He gets a pass for an ‘off’ night.

      The other guys? ‘Hole in One’ Markstrom, ‘Sweaty Balls’ Sutter and ‘Not Gud Enough’ Gudbranson should all be on the trading block for ‘future considerations’ like no one gets to laugh at Benning for signing these guys.

      I’m going to take up golf … can’t be half as frustrating as this team and twice as likely I’ll see them on the course before I ever see them on the ice.

  • Lemmy Kilmister

    Seems like this team is destined to finish around about the 27-28 which doesn’t give the best lottery chances. Goaltending and lack of preparation/effort cost the team another loss.

  • WiseCanuck

    Another year, another Canucks trainwreck and NO playoffs… meanwhile Colorado are 9 games over .500 with a plus 12 GD after the worst point total ever just last season… and clowns here want Benning back wtf????!!!

    “This is a team we can turn around in a hurry.” Jim Benning May 23 2014

    “I like our goaltending, I like our defence now and I like our centre ice. I can’t wait until the season starts.” – Benning

    Wake up blowhards…tick tock

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        Cant argue against him hes bang on. The lack of speed and skill on this team is ridiculous! Where has Loui E gone? 6 million dollars to score goals and hes burried on the checking line now with Sutter? This is unacceptable something needs to be addressed with this half a$$ effort from these veterans on this team . Over or under 5 years till we make the play offs? think i am taking the over…

        • argoleas

          Here’s how I believe Eriksson can actually earn him money. Anytime there’s a mgmt meeting, and someone leaps out of their chair about how some expensive UFA will solve all their problems, Eriksson should walk into the meeting and beat that person with his stick until nothing but pulp remains.

    • JawKnee

      Colorado has been on the luck train before. Maybe they’ve turned it around permanent, but I’d be trying to steal next years draft picks from them at this trade deadline

    • argoleas

      A reminder that the guy who is the GM in Colorado that engineered this turnaround is the same one that’s been there for the last few years of the complete wreckage that it was. And it’s not like Colorado did not have a great season a short while ago before sinking into the abyss again.

      • Canuck4Life20

        He just uses whatever team is currently hot to try and prove his point. At the start of the season all he could go on about was the brilliant management of the Oilers and how quickly Chiarelli had turned the team around.

  • young van fan

    as a passionate younger fan of the canucks i am devastated to see us this bad after growing up watching us contend for so many seasons under coach AV. Why cant we turn this around like other NHL teams seem to, it’s really frustrating and upsetting. What has gone so very wrong for us?

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      We have too many lack luster veterans who cant keep up with the speed of the game and are defensive liabilities 5on5. Youth and speed please….

    • argoleas

      We started the proper rebuild too late, if at all. Trouble was that there was this idea, whether in mgmt or ownership or both, to give the Sedins one more try. So in came Vrbata and Miller, and the team got into the playoffs, then got their heads handed to them by the refreshed Flames. So onto next year, hoping to build on a playoff season. But now, Sedins and other pieces are one year older, and there are no reinforcements, because the team botched drafting for a decade. Horvat is just 2nd year into being pro, and Virtanen and McCann were too young. So, after a bad year, the team goes off, gets Eriksson because they got deluded by the chemistry he had with Sedins in World Championships. They also got Guddy hoping he will be a top-4 D man that would complement their emerging star Hutton. Instead, Eriksson is a bust, and Hutton is slowly wrecked. And Sedins keep on getting older.

      Finally, it looks like the team gets it, and has a very good TDL, trading aging assets for young talent: Dahlen and Goldy. They have a very good draft. And no new long term UFAs, just some patches. As such, you can say that the true rebuild started last summer.

      And now, the Sedins are 38, and the team is talking about bringing them back, resigning Guddy and Vanek. Hope it’s all posturing, but if not, the rebuild is over, and a new Dark Age begins.

  • Burnabybob

    At this point, losses are wins as far as I’m concerned. Maximize those odds in the Rasmus Dahlin lottery.

    Hopefully Archibald can fill a role with the club, and ownership/management will let Green do his job.

  • myshkin

    few weeks ago visions of sugar plums danced in our heads as we dreamed of pettersson and a few other rookies joining the team next year but things have changed. i think it’s most frustrating that we have no clue who is actually running the team this year and next year is a total black hole as far as management goes.

  • wojohowitz

    What`s going on right now with this team is the same as a year ago. It`s not the players – it`s the coach. Consider Pouliot when he first arrived. He was told not to worry about mistakes but to just `play his game` and now he is just like the other young players; afraid to make a mistake. Remember when Hutton was `happy go lucky` playing the game he loved and enjoying every minute of it. well now he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and whose fault is that. The young guys are afraid to make a mistake and the veterans have tuned right out. Green has spent so much time yelling and screaming that nobody hears him anymore. He has lost the room. This team does not get to 69 points because Green makes Willie look good.

  • Fred-65

    Here’s my question. At the beginning of the season the team was playing a fast upbeat system. Frankly they looked better than I had expected, I was lulled into think the money I spent for the Season Tickets might have been a decent bet, the goal tending was good. What happened I se a roster of disinterested players now. Have the players tuned out Green ???

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      For TG system to be effective you have to be fast and aggressive, and its just not sustainable with the slow ageing veterans we have to keep up. Sedins will have a few games where they look somewhat fast then slow down the next few and thats expected for them to decline given their age, lack luster guys like Sam Gagner and Vanek have always coasted throughout their playing years and never had speed to begin with. Guddy is a prime example why he fails here hes just too slow to be successful, whether thats breaking out of his ozone or trying to pinch. I enjoy his system very much its exciting to watch but he needs faster players and more aggressive guys too take full advantage of it.

      • Nuck4U

        SJL has a point on slower older players. That’s why when the faster and younger ones get injured that they can’t maintain the Green system. But more so getting scored on early is a hole most teams can’t dig out of let alone this one depleted by talent and injuries.

        Don’t think it is apathy among the players or they aren’t trying. Just a sense of not having any bullets in the chamber to overcome the odds.

        We’ll see what management winds up doing but looking at all options is really a search of what will fall their way. They can’t force favorable trades or stingy deals with UFA’s being a bottom dwelling team in high tax zone market. Plus they don’t know if their high end prospects are ready (or willing like EP/Gaudette/Tryamkin) to make the NHL.

        All this is in flux. It doesn’t matter if new management comes in or not they will have the same challenges. The only difference is in the world of results time works against you and being new buys you more of that precious commodity to work things out.

  • Holly Wood

    This road trip has been an absolute disaster. The vets have mailed it in, now even the young guys have taken their foot off the gas. Has anyone seen anything positive from Bo during this rough stretch? The stats community still doesn’t want to acknowledge the lack of grit that reared it’s ugly head when Boeser got drilled by Lewis, yes Bo was on the ice for that hit. Future captain my @ss

    • Holly Wood

      Archibald would have dealt with it and we all know it, but all the peacemakers out there don’t want to see any form of pushback. That boys and girls is a part of the problem. Teams that stand together play a lot harder.

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        Agreed, think that culture will shift when the Sedins leave to be honest. Archibald played a great game, had some solid hits that led to a couple of turnovers and thats what you want.