5Cheers and Jeers!
Photo Credit: Matthew Henderson

Cheers and Jeers: January 30th

We barely return from the NHLPA mandated bye week, and the league hits us with the All-Star break. That’s more an observation than a complaint. Keep those breaks comin’!

Unfortunately, the Canucks went into this one on a losing note, dropping their last game by a score of 4-0 to the visiting Buffalo Sabres, and oh, what an ugly game it was to watch at that. It’s one thing to lose; it’s another when the games are as painfully dull as that one!

It’s back to business though as the Canucks play host to the red-hot Colorado Avalanche at Rogers Arena tonight at 7 PM. CanucksArmy has a new, dedicated recap writer and he’ll be making his debut with post-game coverage of tonight’s matchup.

Cheers to Brock Boeser winning the All-Star Game MVP in his first All-Star Game as the sole Canucks representative with the game-winning goal and two assists. The accolades just keep on coming for the humble superstar. Boeser won the accuracy shooting competition, as well.

Jeers to the NHL’s video review format. I won’t go into a goal-by-goal recap of last week’s silliness because if you’re even a casual hockey fan, odds are you’re fully aware of how it all went down. All I want is a little consistency. Is that too much to ask for? That, and an end to the offsides review. The NHL needs to kill that with fire.

Cheers to Alexander Edler’s renaissance season. I can’t say I saw this coming, but now that it’s here, let’s just go ahead and enjoy the ride. Canucks head coach Travis Green has reunited Edler with his primary partner from last season, Troy Stecher, and the two have taken off right where they left off as an above average first pair. Edler, though, has been driving their success with his offensive output which has seemingly come out of nowhere.

In ten January games, Edler has eight points and has amassed 39 shots. In October, November and December combined, Edler had nine points and 50 shots.

Jeers to the notion that the Sedins future should have any bearings on the Canucks plans at the trade deadline. If the Canucks just want more information, then that’s fine. If they change their targets based on some apparent need for seat-fillers for next season, that’s another thing entirely.

  • Frasier Crane's Voice

    Ah yes, Cheers, the erstwhile watering hole I spent many an evening in. When I was a regular psychiatrist (I daresay Niles would scoff), I would stop in at Cheers to quaff a pint or two with the regulars who, I daresay, had killed some collective billions of brain cells. And the bartender, Sam, would sexually harass the waitress, until she left, and then he sexually harassed the owner until…I can’t remember how it ends, unfortunately. Here I am, in Seattle, and remarkably, it feels like I can turn on a television and just flip channels until the memories come flooding back. Oh and as for jeers, there were jeers aplenty. Woody would get jeered for his almost unbelievably deep stupidity, Cliff Clavin’s questionable encyclopaedic knowledge of trivial information would regularly be subject to heckles – even I, yes, loveable gadfly that I was, was mocked for my well-educated trove of quotes, educated advice, and philosophical non sequiturs. Yet if it weren’t for the occasional jeer, we’d never understand the grounding principles of humility. None better than I, mind you.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Relax, JD, no one saw the Edler renaissance coming. 28+ minutes tonight. Boy, he sure would bring a nice return now if he waived that NTC. Possibly a low first rounder.