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Nation Network Radio Powered by Shark Club — Ep. 15

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of Nation Network Radio, powered by our partners at the Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill.

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In the first hour of the show, our hosts Jon Abbott and J.D. Burke get everyone back up to speed on the status of the Vancouver Canucks, as they return from the NHLPA mandated bye week. They had a back-to-back set on the weekend against the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets, so they made sure our listeners were up to speed on all the factors going into that game. OilersNation’s Mike Gagnon joins the show to discuss the Oilers in the third segment and provides great insight into the state of the team as they were getting ready to host the Canucks.

Most important of all, though, they talk about Bo Horvat’s return and what that means for the franchise.

In the second hour of the show, JetsNation’s Jacob Stoller gets our audience up to speed on the state of the Western Conference powerhouse Winnipeg Jets. They talk about everything that’s made that team so successful this season, and why they’re a formidable foe for the Canucks.

Last, but certainly not least, Jeremy Davis joins the show to talk about the Utica Comets, and specifically, two of their better players at the moment in Zack MacEwan and Cole Cassels. It’s an informative radio hit by Davis, but what else is new? You’ll have to listen for the details!

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