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Jonathan Dahlen to remain with Timra IK in Allsvenskan

Canucks prospect Jonathan Dahlen announced today that he would be remaining with Timra IK in the Allsvenskan for the remainder of the season, rather than making the leap to the SHL. There had been a few rumoured SHL teams interested in his services, including Farjestad, but the winger ultimately decided to stay with the organization has been with since 2014.

Dahlen has 19 goals and 16 assists in 30 Allsvenskan games. He is currently tied for first in scoring despite playing 7 fewer games than Emil Molin.

Dahlen announced his decision following Timra’s 2-0 win over Modo today:

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In a separate interview, CanucksArmy writer Janik Beichler reached out to Patrik Bexell from Habs Eye on the Prize, to have it transcribed and translated:

A couple of takeaways from this.

  • Love his thought process and his compassion for the program that he has been with for a few years.
  • Personally, I am not surprised that Timra’s possible promotion to the SHL was one of the main reasons for wanting to stay. Timra has been really good this year and it makes sense that he would want to help them as best he could before he embarks on hopefully a long NHL career.

From a development perspective, it’s multi-layered. Obviously, going to the SHL would provide Dahlen with a higher quality of competition but there is a very good chance that he would see less ice time. He is playing a lot for Timra and leaned upon to produce offence. At times, he has played with 2018 draft eligible forwards Jacob Olofsson and Filip Hallander. They are a treat to watch as they push the pace, and all three have balanced skillsets that make their line dangerous.

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Over the last few games, Timra’s coaching staff has had one of them on each of their top three lines. Creating waves of attack that are entertaining to watch. They reunite the trio for the powerplay and that’s where the fun happens.

Where Dahlen plays really depends on what you think is more important for his development. In the Allsvenskan, he is able to play a lot of minutes, gain confidence, be a leader, and hopefully help Timra go through a long playoff run. While going to the SHL would give him a chance to play against better players on a nightly basis. With that being said, the gap between the SHL and Allsvenskan isn’t huge, so the tradeoff of less ice time might not worth the increased level of competition.

There are quite a few good players in the Allsvenskan, but there is also a lot more young skilled forwards getting a chance to play. Personally, I believe that a player as young as Dahlen should be playing as much as possible and if that’s in the Allsvenskan, then so be it.

The added motivation of trying to get Timra to the SHL for next season gives Dahlen something to strive for every game. It will be exciting to follow what they do over the next few months.

It’s fair to expect Dahlen to play in the AHL next season as he will be entering year two of his entry-level contract and is technically on loan to Timra from the Canucks.

  • apr

    As much as people are pining to see Demko play for the Nucks, I’d like to see him and Gaudette in a couple of games first. Great character guy – thanks Alex for waving the NMC.

    • Cageyvet

      Thanks for the nod to Burrows, waiving for that trade was merely the last of his many unselfish contributions to this organization. Dahlen looks like a lock to be a top 6 player for us for years to come.

      • tyhee

        Dahlen is tracking really well and there is good reason to have high hopes for him and I certainly hope he does become that top-6 NHL forward.

        Otoh, imo no small forward can be so impressive in the Allsvenskan as to be a lock to make the NHL, much less be top 6.

        • Cageyvet

          No argument, a lock may have been a bit of an overstatement, although I said looks like a lock, but it’s not just based on his play in that league. It’s also based on the overall assessments we’ve heard of him as a player from all fronts, both when we acquired him and this season, from many informed sources around the league. He’s got top 6 potential, and on this team if he achieves that he’s in, we don’t have many who fit that bill right now.

  • Bud Poile

    I’d love to see EP and JD on a line together in Utica next year.
    With an increasing number and quality of Benning picks scheduled to play in Utica next season the team will be a must follow.
    This year’s draft should add to that interest.

    • canuckfan

      Perhaps they do not make the Canucks next year but I think the Canucks are drafting player with drive and heart to get better. From last summers draft the players the Canucks selected have all put their heads down and worked their butts off and are excelling now. They got a taste of the NHL may not have been in game situation but how the players are treated compared to the level they are at now.
      I think we can see one or two of these players on the Canucks next year and can hardly wait to see them push for a spot.
      Benning has not just been drafting better players he has built a support system to help those players succeed and has hired people with the right personality to build these players up and help them adjust to the pressures of playing as a pro. To not sign Benning will take the organization in a different direction Canucks are on the right track the owners and fans want instant success but that won’t happen just look at Edmonton they have some great young players and are struggling because of the lack of support whether it be from the right veteran players to help them through the rough spots or management that are hired to help their development.
      We all thought this season was going to be tough, which it has but there are far more reasons to be optimistic about the future as Green has got the players he has to work hard once the players he has to select from have a bit more speed, and talent things will be fun again.

  • tru north

    Like his logic … and love his motivation!
    IMO playing lots, and more specifically, playing big minutes as a leader and “go-to guy” is far better for development (and confidence) of a young player than less playing time and significance in a slightly higher caliber of competition. (His current team is on a path to qualify for that level of play … it’s can’t be that much better of a league.)

    • Johan J

      As a big Timrå fan I have been following Jonathan Dahlén and Elias Pettersson for a few years now.

      EP has played well and developed his game since joining Växjö in SHL this season. However, I believe JD is stronger in front of the net. If he can gain muscles until next season he will be an addition to Vancouver rather than Utica.

  • Nuck4U

    Both sides of the development argument are presented and reason for Timra decision is logical and noble. It’s also easier for player to stay where they are when season is going well then to change things up and go elsewhere. Being a top dog has its advantages to development.

    Next season with Lind, Gadjo plus others on Comets Dahlen would have an easier or more probable success rate to adjust to NA play and bond with future Canuck players.

    Though don’t know where Dahlen would fit into a 2020 Canuck roster. Is he a top 9?!? Lots of wingers to compete with so maybe someone gets moved for a young D who can play top 4.