Blackfish – CanucksArmy Prospect Report – January 4,2018

It’s a brand new year and Canucks prospects continue to impress.

Two Canucks prospects battle in WJHC Semi-Finals later today, while a snub from Team Canada continues to go on a tear. Adam Gaudette was not named to the USA Olympic team but is having a strong season with Northeastern. Another prospect’s season might be done while Utica is starting to round the corner.

The trade deadlines in the CHL are fast approaching with one Canucks prospect already on the move.

Let’s dive into that and more in this week’s Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report

All the images of stats are from Elite Prospects.


Western Hockey League

  • Kole Lind continues to be on fire, picking up an assist last night – which extended his point streak to seven games. He has points in 15 of last 16 games and hasn’t registered a point in four games this year. Amazing to see how consistent he has been this year. Since our last update, he had three goals and three assists in three games.
  • Jakub Stukel had himself a good week with 2 goals and 5 assists in four games since last Thursday. I’ve been hard on him as a prospect recently, but he does have NHL speed. There is a chance he gets moved in the next few days before the WHL deadline (On January 10th). His goal last night was a great display of the speed that I have been talking about:

Ontario Hockey League

  • As you probably know, Team Canada plays the Czech Republic at 5:00 PM PT tonight for a ticket to the gold medal game. Gadjovich has continued to have a solid performance in a third line role for Canada. Ideally, he’ll have a big game tonight and help get the Canadians back to the gold medal game.
  • Cole Candella with only one assist in three games for the Sudbury Wolves.
  • Brett McKenzie has finally leap frogged Matt Brassard into the third place in Canucks OHL prospect scoring. He was traded to the Owen Sound Attack yesterday and should be given a good opportunity to prove that he is worth an ELC from the organization. He had one goal and four assists in three games in his last week for the North Bay Battalion.
  • Yes, Brassard was passed by Mckenzie, but he still had a good week with three assists in three games. His decision making in the defensive zone needs to improve but has been good so far this season.
Name Pos Age League Team GP Record GAA SV% S/O
Michael DiPietro G 18 OHL Windsor 26 18-9-1 2.60 0.920% 3
  • Despite going 1-2-0 over the past week, DiPietro was able to improve his GAA and SV% over the past week. That is in large part due to picking up his third shutout of the season. There are rumours that DiPietro could be moved before the OHL deadline, but it seems that it could go either way. If he does get moved, hopefully, it’s to one of the big horses in the league.


  • Gaudette with one goal in one game for Northeastern this past week. As mentioned above, he was not included on the USA Olympic Team roster. I am not shocked by this but merely surprised that he wasn’t selected over some of the other NCAA players that were chosen.
  • William Lockwood’s season might be done. He reinjured his shoulder in the outdoor game and there are suggestions that surgery may be required, and if not, then done for the year. It’s really unfortunate for the young winger.


  • Rathbone appears to still be sidelined with a knee injury.



  • Sweden and USA meet at 1 PM today – with the winner going onto the WJHC gold medal game tomorrow. Elias Pettersson had a good effort in his game against Slovakia, but was unable to put up any points. With Lias Andersson battling an injury, it’s not surprising that that line was held off the scoresheet. Hopefully, Petterssson has a big game today. He has four goals and two assists in 5 games.
  • Rodrigo Abols with zero points over one contest this past week. He was loaned to the Allsvenskan.
  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson is still looking for his first point of the season.

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  • Jonathan Dahlen is up to 15 goals and 14 assists in 25 games with Timra IK. There has been rumours that Farjestad in the SHL is interested in adding Dahlen and it’s purely up to the Canucks prospect now. Timra is currently tied for 2nd in the Allsvenskan and are hoping to punch their ticket to the SHL by winning the Allsvenskan playoffs.  Given that Dahlen has been a part of the Timra program since 2014-15 (part of the U18 program), you can understand why he might want to stay and help get them into the top tier.
  • As we can see, Abols has been loaned to BIK Karlskoga in the Allsvenskan and was unable to register a point.


  • Petrus Palmu with one goal in three games since our last update.
  • Olli Juolevi’s WJHC is over after Finland lost to the Czech Republic in shootout. Juolevi ended the tournament with one goal and three assists in five games. There has been a lot of criticism placed on him, but he played very well throughout the tournament and had a really good performance in that quarterfinal game. Yes, he missed the shootout attempt that lost the game but Juolevi isn’t a player I would’ve picked. No word on when he will return to TPS but I would assume we see him in their lineup soon. They play tomorrow and on Saturday.


  • Nikita Tryamkin with one assist in two games this past week. We will see if BFG will be named to the “Russian” Olympic team soon.
  • Dmitry Zhukenov did not appear in any games this past week.

Czech Republic

  • Lukas Jasek with zero points in one game this past week.


  • Since our last update – Marco Roy and Andrew Cherniwchan were signed to Professional Try Outs.
  • Michael Chaput was recalled by the Canucks.
  • Nikolay Goldobin and Reid Boucher remain with the Canucks.
  • If you are looking for in-depth post-game reports about each Comets game – go to Cory Hergott’s author page here.


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  • MacKenze Stewart had one assist in four games for the Wings

  • Fred-65

    When Canucks picks play in the WJC I pick up interest in the tourney. One thing that has stood out to me is the Canuck picks are not the talk of the tourney. In the 2017 draft at the #5 slot Vcr. looking for a centre had to choose between Pettersson and Mittelstad and guess which has looked the better player so far in the WJC. No excuses it’s been Mittelstad hands down

    • Puck Viking

      They both might be wingers in the NHL but I get what your saying. Its just one tournament though where he has been playing sick and if you compare that to what Petterson is doing in the SHL it makes things a little different. Petterson has been more dominant in the SHL than Casey has been in the NCAA.

      You also have to factor in the rumors that Casey was talking about staying in college for 4 years which could make him a UFA.

      Both will be good and only time will tell.

    • True but don’t forget that the US and Swedish teams are super-stacked and each player is taking a different role. One CA article pointed out how Nylander hangs onto the puck more so less play for Pettersson. Back in the SHL, Pettersson is carrying a men’s team on his back whereas Mittelstadt is playing with super-prospects against other teenagers. But at least we have prospects in the tourney unlike many other years.

    • Locust

      Mittelstad is a recreation of Kessel.
      Has all the tools but “apparently” lacks the motivation, drive and plays ‘soft’ both physically and mentally. Unlike baseball and basketball players, most hockey players don’t let “their stats” get in the way of being successful. Has a rep as being a “it’s all about me” kinda player….
      We don’t need any more ‘problem children’, glad we passed on him.

      • Holmes

        Think it’s fair commentary that Pettersson has been the slightly inferior player to Mittelstad this tourney. The lacking motivation thing? Based on what? Kid can’t do a chin up or benchpress. Great. Imagine when he gains strenght how good he’ll be. He looks like Kessel though.

        • Green Bastard

          But an 18 year old ATHLETE that can’t do 1 pull up?? And managed only 1 bench press of 160 lbs? If he’s a badminton prospect this is fine. McJesus managed 6 pull ups and 9 bench presses. Much closer to the numbers of my 19 yr old daughter at 5’4″ 125 lbs

    • Bud Poile

      Olli was raved about.
      Lockwood was a human freight train.
      Gadjovich was getting great reviews early on.
      Lind is ripping part the WHL after being snubbed.
      Pettersson leads the tournament in goals having battled through the flu and a suspect pivot man.
      TV is not the best choice for information,Fred.

      • truthseeker

        Looks like scrawny Elias got it done. In a big way. Scored a goal. Mittlestadt apparently chose to do it alone on a 3 on 0 and blew it. Elias moves on to play for gold. Not that I think one game matters, but you seem to. So…you were saying?

        • Green Bastard

          Easy there. Casey had a good tournie, and a decent game today. You think he was better today Fred? Hands down? Nope. And no, one game usually doesn’t matter, but today it kinda did.

        • Mittlestadt claimed that he didn’t know it was a 3-0 but it’s hard to believe that if you slow down the replay. It’s pretty clear when he gets the puck in the high slot position that he has two teammates to the right and no Swedes in their path other than the goaltender. Either he was selfish or he had tunnel-vision and didn’t see his teammates. Either way, in the context of his statement, it only reinforces some of the black marks he had on his draft scouting reports.

    • Puck Viking

      I like the guys we added last season and both are playing well this year.

      Id be more interested in the NCAA UFAs. Most tend to be more ready. Hopefully they put out an article on the top guys available in both leagues shortly. That Brickley that was talked about last season as someone the Canucks wanted went back to school so there is him.

      • Sandpaper

        I am game for any signings that can help the organization fill some holes.
        As we have seen the last couple seasons, signings of players to PTO’s after All the injuries at both levels, just shows how thin we are in the prospect level.