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CanucksArmy Roundtable: All I Want for Christmas…

This article is going to be among the last on this side of Christmas, so let me wish to you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. Your continued attention and engagement at CanucksArmy is valued by everyone involved, and we look forward to bringing you excellent, detailed and thorough analysis of your favourite hockey team into the New Year and beyond.

Since it is the Christmas season, though, let’s spice up our coverage of the team with some of that good ol’ holiday cheer. Lord knows, the Canucks could use some. They’ve lost seven of their last eight games since Bo Horvat left the lineup, including some awful blowout losses. They could use a Christmas gift, or even a Christmas miracle, at this stage.

So I asked the CanucksArmy staff, what would they gift the Canucks on Monday.

Tyler Horsfal

To the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas, Rasmus Dahlin

Cory Hergott

The first thing that came to mind was a new medical staff/trainers and a healthy roster. Then I thought maybe a young, legit 1C. But I think I’d have to say that more than anything else, the Canucks need a true, number one stud defenseman. One who is offensively creative and can run a power-play. I would settle for any of the above options, but would prefer that number one defenseman.

Darryl Keeping

Manual tracking services at a reasonable rate.

Grainne Downey

there are a lot of things they need but it would be nice to see elias pettersson tear up the WJCs. just to give the fans some optimism and stuff!

Jackson McDonald

I’m gonna go with a decent return for Erik Gudbranson. I think it’s fair to say regardless of who sits in his stead, it’s not a good situation for what’s quickly becoming a young blue line. Jim Benning has shown an inclination towards getting a prospect back as the main chip in a trade, I’m interested to see what he can swing for Gudbranson.

Vanessa Jang

I’m going to say a Calder-winning season for Brock Boeser. Not only because he’s been playing phenomenal, but also because he just seem like a really great guy. His story is pretty mindblowing and it really puts things into perspective. Boeser winning the Calder wouldn’t just be an award for being the best rookie – it would also be a huge props to him for remaining humble and just a good overall person despite the adversity he’s faced.

Catherine Silverman

If I could gift the Canucks one thing, it would be a fully healthy season. I feel like the team has been trying to get this retooling off the ground for the last two or three years, but they’ve dealt with some real stupid injuries to players we actually need to see and evaluate.

Oh: and I would gift them the knowledge that Thatcher Demko will never get traded away to an Eastern Conference team that doesn’t deserve him. May he stay a Canuck for life. #BobbyLu #WhatIsDeadMayNeverDie


I would give the gift of health to basically the entire team. Even if it lasted a week, it would do wonders. Or a better save %. Either or