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CanucksArmy Monday Mailbag: December 11th – Part Deux

We should evaluate the trade on the merit of the assets that are changing hands. General managers make trades, sometimes with the consultation of their coaches, but often of their own volition. What the coach does with the player after the fact — especially when they’re this low on the totem pole — shouldn’t factor in too heavily at the time.

I don’t think Dowd is going to play when Bo Horvat and Brandon Sutter are healthy. And there aren’t any obvious options in Utica as far as centres are concerned — certainly not prospect centres. If you want to talk about any Canuck that might specifically be blocking Canucks prospects from playing, it’s still Thomas Vanek.

You might be in danger of overthinking this one. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Canucks put Dowd on waivers by the end of the season. The way I see it, they gave up a prospect they didn’t see a future in to bide time at centre while two of their most relied upon players are down with injuries.

Now, if you want to argue that Alexander Burmistrov is having his ice-time stolen by Dowd, that’s another story.

I don’t even need to channel my inner fan to be upset about Dowd and Michael Chaput playing ahead of Nikolay Goldobin and the like. I love the game of hockey. I wouldn’t work twice as much as the average person for a quarter of the pay to cover this sport if I didn’t. I have a vested interest in watching a good product that goes beyond rooting interests.

That’s my long-winded way of saying: yes, this is frustrating, on so many levels. Now, that said, I like Chaput as a 13th forward and Dowd far out-performed him in that role last season. It’s not insane that Canucks head coach Travis Green sees them as viable NHL options. It’s maddening, however, that he sees them as viable options ahead of Goldobin.

I’m a huge fan of Quinton Hughes game. I’ll be advocating for him increasingly as we get closer and closer to the draft. Been following him for years now, and he always impresses.

I don’t think the Sedins are expected to retire. Not that I know of, anyway. It doesn’t seem like anyone knows what their exact plans are beyond this season. I think you can include the Sedins in that group of people, too.

And if the Sedins don’t know what they’re doing next season (to the best of everyone’s knowledge) how could I possibly have a clue what their plans are? I could lie and give you an answer, but that’s just not my style. Sorry, man.

I’ll be honest — I wasn’t a big fan of the Jack Rathbone pick for the Canucks. I loved the Rathbone story. He seems like an awesome kid. Truly, a salt of the earth type if there ever was one. It’s just that players coming from American high school are extremely difficult to project using statistical models, and based on the statistical assumptions we can make they don’t carry a high rate of success.

I’ve read some scouting reports of Rathbone, and I have to admit, they’re generally quite positive. I read somewhere that he might’ve been a first-round pick if not for playing high school hockey. If I were to guess — I just haven’t watched Rathbone play that much — Rathbone probably checks out as having third-pair, puck-moving defenceman upside.

With the success that the Canucks have had mining talent from the United States in Canucks general manager Jim Benning’s time on the job, I’m willing to give them a pass on this one and assume they’ve done their homework. With Adam Gaudette and William Lockwood well ahead of our original projections on CanucksArmy, they’ve earned the Canucks the benefit of the doubt in this region.

Seeing as Brock Boeser is a highly productive player in the NHL currently, I’d say the best NHL comparable is probably Brock Boeser.

Just to humour you, though, I’ll answer this question as if he were still a prospect. I heard the Kyle Okposo comparison a lot for Boeser, but I’ve always thought he had more Patrick Sharp to his game. Turns out, he’s going to be better than both of those players.

  • defenceman factory

    Wow JD is in a good mood today.

    I hope with Sutter’s return Chaput goes back to Utica and Dowd goes to the pressbox then everyone can relax. Green has had his look. Doubt he needs to see more.

    It is clear Subban was done here. Written off as a missed draft pick just like the majority of later round picks around the league. Dowd adds very little value but was a reasonable shot at a needed stop gap centre.

    Green has been clear he thinks Goldy is still taking short cuts and as a young player you will not displace a veteran if you take short cuts. Not sure I agree but it’s Green’s call and he has been decisive. Goldy has the power to change his situation.

  • Dan-gles

    I don’t like the trade. But I also don’t like Jordan subban as a player. I feel I for you didn’t like his game there could have been a more optimum time to trade him. If for some reason now was the time, then I think he could fetch a forth rounder, and I would rather have that lottery ticket than dowd. I also find it hard to believe there isn’t a depth centre of at least dowd qualit available as a free agent somewhere.

    • defenceman factory

      While I agree Benning deserves 0 credit for improving his club with this trade I don’t believe Subban could have fetched a draft pick at all never mind a 4th rounder. Dowd is clearly just a stop gap (admittedly probably a weak one) but he is cheap and with the trade there is no increase in the number of players under contract.

  • I’m starting to compare Boeser to Ovechkin in terms of his on-ice scoring prowess as well as off-ice positive demeanor (e.g. Ovechkin’s passion/promotion of the game, Boeser and the prom date and taking care of his parents).

  • beers after

    ” I read somewhere that he (Rathbone) might’ve been a first-round pick if not for playing high school hockey.” JD Burke
    Pettersson-top 3
    Lind-first rounder (top ten)
    Gadjovich-first rounder (Judd)
    Rathbone-first rounder?
    Three first rounders taken by Benning and his scouts.
    Four potential first rounders.