23Cheers and Jeers!
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Cheers and Jeers: December 5th

I’m bringing back one of CanucksArmy’s staples of old, Cheers and Jeers, a weekly feature where we look at a couple of items we like and another few we don’t like so much.

According to the CanucksArmy archives, Cheers and Jeers first hit the ground in the summer of 2011, following a lost season of NHL hockey that never happened. It was Cam Davie, former Managing Editor of CanucksArmy, who started it back in the day, and Thomas Drance carried it on from there. Davie brought it back last spring, but couldn’t continue it into this season.

Well, without any further adieu, let’s hand out some cheers and a couple of jeers, too.

Cheers to Daniel Sedin for hitting the 1,000 point mark last Thursday night in the Canucks win over the Nashville Predators. I’d hoped going into this season that he’d be able to hit that milestone in front of the Rogers Arena faithful, but if it had to be on the road, then I’m glad it happened on the final game of a road trip. At least the next game was at home and the milestone was still fresh in the hearts and minds of Canucks fans.

Jeers to Shaw Cable for apparently cutting out in the third period of the Canucks game in Nashville last Thursday, forcing many Canucks fans to miss Daniel’s 1,000th point as it happened. I mean, shit happens, and obviously it wasn’t intentional on Shaw’s part. I guess, jeers for poor timing? Like, could their coverage have cut out at any worse a moment?

Cheers to the Vancouver Canucks for their excellent pre-game ceremony in honour of Daniel’s 1,000th point — noticing a theme? It was great from start to finish. Having Markus Naslund narrate the video was awesome. Same goes for Derek Dorsett coming out to hand Daniel an award for the milestone. All the way through, full marks to the Canucks organization. They nailed that moment.

Jeers to the 4 PM start time on Saturday’s Canucks game against the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s just so blatantly catering to the Maple Leafs, which is understandably nauseating to Canucks fans. It sucks. When they’re on the Canucks’ turf, it should be played at the normal time home games are played in Vancouver.

Cheers to November’s rookie of the month, Brock Boeser. Boeser put up 16 points in 15 November games for the Canucks and spent a solid chunk of the month at the top of the NHL’s rookie scoring leaderboard. At this rate, Boeser has a legitimate shot at winning the Calder Trophy. Wouldn’t that be a nice development?

Jeers to the Carolina Hurricanes, just because they’re the Canucks opposition for tonight, and if you’re at CanucksArmy, I have to assume you’re a fan of the team. And I can guarantee we’ll have post-game coverage for this game, too.

Cheers to Derek Dorsett for carving out a successful NHL career and living out his dream. I hate the Dorsett news as much as the next guy. You don’t want anyone to get hurt, much less suffer a career-ending injury. That part of this sucks, and definitely doesn’t qualify for cheers. But I think Dorsett’s careers is worth celebrating on the whole. Dorsett was a seventh-round pick who still managed to carve out a ten-year career that saw him play 515 games and amass 1314 penalty minutes in that span.

When you remember Dorsett’s career, though, don’t focus on the fights or the penalty minutes. I mean, sure, that’s fine, I guess — if you’re into that kind of thing. For me, that’s a sidebar to the fact that Dorsett was a good fourth-liner who had legitimate utility on the penalty kill and in a checking role for the majority of his career. Dorsett was a warrior and he filled a role that most of the league’s general managers still covet, certainly, but he was a lot more than a fist-chucker for a significant portion of his career, and by all accounts an awesome guy from start to finish. I wish him the best in whatever follows.

  • Roy

    Cheers: stats
    Jeers: the “eye test”
    Cheers: articles
    Jeers: the comments
    Cheers: talking about Boeser’s hair
    Jeers: griping endlessly when a mediocre players gets criticized
    Cheers: your team is doing better than last year with interesting rookies playing well
    Jeers: still highly unlikely they’ll make the playoffs.
    Cheers: Winnipeg
    Jeers: Edmonton, lol

    • defenceman factory

      Cheers: stats
      Jeers: analysts endlessly whining about those who don’t believe stats always tell the whole story
      Cheers: articles
      Jeers: an un-moderated comments section full of trolls and wrought with personal insults
      Cheers: Boeser’s point production
      Jeers: griping endlessly about a mediocre player
      Cheers: your team is doing better than expected
      Jeers: hoping your team will falter so you can say “I told you Benning was an idiot”
      Cheers: Winnipeg
      Jeers: claiming Edmonton and Toronto are the model on how to turn a franchise around in a hurry

      • Dirk22

        Cheers: Juolevi and Petterson
        Jeers: being against ‘tanking’ for picks
        Cheers: Dahlen and Goldobin
        Jeers: making excuses for not being ‘sellers’ in 2015, 2016
        Cheers: Lind, Gadjovich
        Jeers: defending one 2nd round pick total in first 3 drafts for Benning
        Cheers: rebuilding
        Jeers: retooling
        Cheers: Horvat and Boeser
        Jeers: Sutter and Gudbranson

  • crofton

    Jeers to JD as editor in chief of CA for not having a T.O./Vancouver post game article, and for continuously harping solely on Corsi, even though we are supposed to take stats “as seen in macro”

  • Holly Wood

    From a marketing perspective, I can see the 4pm start, but it does partially negate home ice advantage. But here is one that has alway baffled me, western teams playing matinee games in the Boston Gawden while on a multiple game road trip. Talk about throwing your body clock out of whack.

      • jaybird43

        Ah Holly Wood, there’s a three hour time difference, not 6. So that’d be equal to a 1pm start for Toronto (unless I’m missing something subtle about your comment). And they were out west for a few previous games, so they’d be a bit more used to a western time slot than as if this was their first game in Pacific or Mountain time zones.

        • Holly Wood

          I guess you missed it or I didn’t explain my point. Western teams on a western “body clock” playing out east have real difficulties adjusting, throw in a matinee and that’s the issue. Let’s say 5 players have trouble with that adjustment you are likely to lose that one, hence advantage eastern team. A lot of people don’t deal with jet lag very well, so try playing hockey with all the variables, then throw in a matinee to a player accustomed to playing at 7pm Pacific and ask him to fire it up at 10 am pacific. Since junior these guys have geared game day to those times. I just feel that matinee games should involve teams from the same time zone.

      • Holly Wood

        Do you have any idea why they have a morning skate? Or even what a morning skate consists off. Why do I engage with dickheads that don’t have a frickin clue what their talking about. Stay playing video games in your moms basement Roy, commenting on hockey is not your strong suit.

      • KCasey

        Except in practice you dont have to worry about being sat in the press box the next day if you dont produce….you can show up to practice half asleep and the worst that will happen is you get a bag skate to wake you up. If your half asleep during game action your toast in the coaches books. Maybe think before you make clueless assumptions.

        • Roy

          Wow haha let the triggered drooling commence. Your collective assumptions about athleticism are fairly standard for the mouth-breathing, sedentary and uneducated.The time of day one competes makes almost no difference if it isn’t at night. Do some basic reading. Better yet, try some exercise yourself (p.s. I am a competitive athlete). Smh.

          • KCasey

            Okay Roy how do I say this in regards to what you refer to as being a competitive athelete, I would be as they say…less than convinced. If the opportunity was awarded to, I would emplore you to ask any professional athelete, not competitive, but truly professional if they would rather compete in the early morning or there standard mid day/night time schedule. Despite whatever deludes to think otherwise, you may be surprised what responses you recieve. Later starts provide you with more time to pre hydrate, recieve proper nutrition and time for meals to digest and get your body and nervous system fully function. Theres more time to warm up and prep for physical contact. These are merely basic points that are standard practice in any professional atmosphere. If you consider beer leauge hockey to be your competitive athlete enviroment than I can see the misinformation and what you have most likely been recieving is actually what they call broscience.

        • Roy

          You can’t spell and *your* grammar is atrocious. You are babbling – or should I say, “your” babbling. Note the difference between “your” and “you are” and “you’re”.

          “If the opportunity was awarded to, I would emplore you to ask any professional athelete, not competitive, but truly professional if they would rather compete in the early morning or there standard mid day/night time schedule.”

          LOL. What on God’s green earth does that sentence even begin to mean. Do you hit yourself on the head with a hammer before you post?