Babych Please – November 17th, 2017

The Canucks are back at home and trying their best! This week, their off-ice antics include some mouthguard discussion, an arcade visit, and a fun gif!

  • Have you ever wondered why Brock Boeser’s mouthguard is always hanging out of his mouth? So has Brock Boeser.
  • The highlights of this week’s Behind The Lens galleries include Brock Boeser not knowing how to wear a hat, Bo Horvat hanging out with a child and a man with a very fun suit, Dan Cloutier carrying a comical but probably dangerous number of skates, a very rushed Ben Hutton, and this reunion that seems to have left Jannik Hansen very shaken. Check out the full galleries here.

  • The Boys™ spent their night off in LA at the arcade. That is a lot of tickets.

  • Anders Nilsson’s newest child is week-old Loui, who has a lot of hair for a baby I think. Fort Nucks wrote about Nilsson’s busy week and talked to John Garrett about when he became a father. A very wholesome article.

  • Brandon Sutter found a tricycle in the Staples Centre and it made for a fun video because he didn’t run any of his teammates over!

  • The Canucks are overall not very good at acting, which makes for weird but fun celebratory gifs. This one of Bo Horvat bashfully blowing kisses on a beach is amazing.

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  • DJ MDZ recovered from his jet lag by playing video games with his friends at the Ronald McDonald House and tweeting a fun joke about it! Sweet.

  • Steamer

    Why not let the Canucks do their own P.R.? This is a really boring feature, as evidenced from lack of comments. Suggest finding something fans are interested in rather than a ‘cut & paste’ corporate ‘scrapbook’ exercise.

    • JaniK

      Not the first time you complain about this feature. Why does it bother you so much? You can just ignore it, like I do with all the pieces JD and GraphicComments write. I personally like to see what the players are like off-ice.

  • Odyneiphobia

    Babych please is one of my favourite features here. It doesn’t get many comments because the content doesn’t push discussion like comments on the game’s themselves. That doesn’t mean it’s not still the best collection of trivial private life flavour stuff that makes big-time fans smile from time to time. Personally glad I don’t have to read 20 posts of “awww his dog is so cute”.