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Report: Benning to Appeal Derek Dorsett Instigator Penalty from Canucks Loss in Anaheim

According to The Province’s Ben Kuzma, Canucks general manager Jim Benning has met the 48-hour window to appeal Derek Dorsett’s instigator penalty from Thursday night’s 4-1 loss to the Anaheim Ducks.

In the third period of the Canucks Thursday night loss to the Ducks, Dorsett left the Canucks bench and went immediately for Ducks defenceman Josh Manson who’d attempted to hit Bo Horvat on the same shift. The referee served Dorsett with 17 penalty minutes on the play, including five for fighting, a ten-minute misconduct and two-minutes for instigating.

Dorsett drew his first minor penalty for instigating in an October 17th win over the Ottawa Senators. As Kuzma alludes to in his tweet, one more instigating penalty and the league will automatically assess a two-game suspension to Dorsett. Given his role and the rate at which he’s accrued that type of penalty thus far, it’s not an unrealistic scenario.

The NHL’s (dysfunctional) website outlines this scenario in their Department of Player Safety FAQ page.

Since Benning has appealed the ruling on that penalty within the 48-hour window provided under the league’s rulebook, he’ll have the opportunity to have the NHL rescind Dorsett’s two-minute minor for instigating. If Benning is successful, that will leave Dorsett with a two-instigating penalty cushion before the league suspends him.

  • crofton

    Not sure on what basis he would hope to be successful. If he does get 2 games, and it seems entirely possible, I’d like to see the rest of the team chip in to cover his lost wages. They should have his back just like he has theirs

    • Roy

      since when has that stopped knee-on-knee hits, cross-checking in front of the net, dangerous hits, and so on? That happens every game. No one is afraid of Dorsett, he’s tiny and a terrible fighter, and Gudbranson skates like a drunk in molasses. It’s baffling to see commenters keep moving the goalposts to argue for these anachronistic spurts of meaningless violence, now occasional at best. If you need to see real carnage, just go to Liveleak, you bloodlusting neanderthals.

    • jaybird43

      I don’t know that they’re “failing miserably”. That’s tough to measure that. I’m no fan of Gundbranson as a hockey player, but I do think he intimidates many other players. And Dorsett always “finishes his check” as they say. What evidence supports your contention?

  • defenceman factory

    Manson looked foolish trying to throw that hit. All Dorsett accomplished was to give the kid the opportunity to redeem himself. I don’t want to ever see Dorsett fight again. Dorsett is fearless but having to beat him up isn’t that big a deterrent against throwing hits on Canucks. I really hope it wasn’t Green’s idea to send Dorsett out to fight.

    • Bud Poile

      “Kudos to Dorse,” said Horvat. “I’ve got to thank him for doing that. When guys take runs and you have a guy like that step up, you have respect.”

    • KCasey

      Disagree. Even if they have to ‘beat up’ Dorsett which isnt ever really what happens, they still have to throw and land punches to helmets and visors while also taking punches to there faces. Even if they ‘win’ the fight, they do so aquiring bumps and bruises along the way. Dorsett is a blue collar hockey player that laughs at the bumps and bruises of fights where as the average forward doesnt. In short, throw a heavy hit at someone I am paid to watch over and you will have to answer for it in a manner that you are not comfortable with.

      • defenceman factory

        Manson looked more comfortable with that fight than Dorsett did. Next time he will be a lot more worried about missing the hit than having to fight Dorsett.

  • Killer Marmot

    From the clip, Dorsett may have dropped the gloves a fraction of a second before Manson, but it’s awfully close. It seemed like the two knew they were going to fight the moment that Dorsett came on the ice.