CanucksArmy Postgame #14: Standing In the Shadows

Sometimes it pays to play a full 60 minutes. Overall, the Canucks played well enough to get the win tonight, but a flat start and a late goal from Tomas Tatar conspired to keep this one out of reach for the home team. That goal gave the slumping Tatar his 200th point, and wouldn’t you know it, anytime a player has a milestone to reach, the Canucks are happy to oblige.

The Canucks clawed back in the third to make a game of it, but it wasn’t enough as they fell 3-2 to the Wings to end a five-game home stand.






Quick Hits

  • Shortly after Jacob Markstrom credited Chris Tanev for eliminating his early-game gaffes, Tanev decided to repay him by potting the Red Wings’ second goal of the night. It looked as though Henrik Zetterberg may have interfered with Markstrom on the play, but after a Travis Green challenge it was ruled a good goal. This sequence of events generated some good responses, as you’d imagine.

  • That goal ended up being credited to Martin Frk, who has no vowels in his last name. Don’t you find that unnerving?
  • The Gudbranson-Del Zotto pairing had a rough night tonight, with both players hovering around the 30% mark in even-strength corsi. To Green’s credit, he realized it wasn’t working and switched the pairings up late in the game. Del Zotto ended up scoring the game-tying goal shortly thereafter.

  • The calls did not go the Canucks’ way tonight. The goalie interference challenge could have gone either way but a pair of infractions on Canucks players were missed at a crucial point late in the game and fans were rightfully upset. Someone should make sure the memo about Alex Burrows getting traded last season circulates among NHL officials so they know they can lay off now.
  • The Sedins accounted for one of the goals tonight, but that line easily could have had another two or three. Travis Green must have noticed, because their minutes tonight were much closer to their career averages than they’ve been for much of the season. The goals haven’t come as much for the twins this season, but if they generate chances like they did tonight, that will change soon.
  • The Granlund-Sutter-Dorsett line has been useful at times this season, but that was not the case tonight, which made tonight’s second intermission segment all the more entertaining. Apparently somebody thinks Brandon Sutter’s plus-minus is an indication he’s been “impressive” this season. More on that at a later date.

  • DJ_44

    I wonder if Hutton adopting his all to normal position of on the hip of the opposing forward, trailing a half stride behind him as he pots the winner is even worth a mention in the write up. And as usual, Hutton managed to lose his check in a defensive zone face-off. Edler is back when?

    Perhaps this was covered by Jeremy Davis with the blanket “makes the occasional egregious error”.

    Yet we are subject to not one by two articles critical of Gudbranson, who was not on the ice for any goals against this evening.

    “Get yer top 4 d-man here!!!!!”

    • Bud Poile

      I follow CDC forums online during games.
      The concensus from homers tonight is Hutton is soft and shoots pucks similar to a Bantam house-leaguer.
      It’s consistently more than occasional.

    • Rodeobill

      Hutton has looked rough lately. I’m kinda falling off the Hutton train as Biega has looked better than him the last few games (although i’m sure he’s not getting matched up against the competition Hutton is paired with Tanev). Gudbranson is like a big handsome zamboni, at least he cleans the ice in front of the net if not much else. Pouliot and Del Zotto made some good plays tonight, and I would really like to see Gaunce come in next game for maybe Burmistrov or Gagner

  • Canuck4Life20

    I think it’s time to switch the lines up. Bring Gaunce in and take Burmistrov out for a game.


    I would keep a heavier lineup agains

    • Doodly Doot

      It would be pretty cool. He’s got to get blooded at some point. Even better it’s a local rival! And JM can always jump in to save the day if necessary.

  • Acronix

    Hutton is so overrated by Canucks fans. Watching him for a 3rd year it’s like he gets worse every year, other than tonight he never gets his shots through traffic, soft on the body in the D zone, makes risky passes/turnovers in our zone. Sell him or gudbranson elder and Pouliot, stecher need to be out there.

  • Locust

    “Brandon Sutter’s only a plus-two now.”

    “In case you’re wondering how Gudbranson’s night is going, he just failed a dump-in entry from the red line with almost no real pressure.”

    JD, gotta admire the pluck you have when you want to ruin someone – you never stop.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      If JD was the GM, his incredible hockey acumen would insure that we’d have only great players on the roster. And if he was coach, he’d deploy them all perfectly. I do agree with him about Gudbranson though. I don’t put nearly as much stock in analytics as most of the nerds on here, but the body of visual evidence is simply overwhelming at this point.

    • Bud Poile

      JD’s minions pick up on his mantras and it’s a non-stop pile on.
      Lots of positives to write about,but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
      Same old,tired negativisms.