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Canucks Army Postgame: Brock ‘Calder Finalist’ Boeser


Clayton Keller may have 10 goals – but have you seen this Brock Boeser kid?


The Vancouver Canucks came into their game against Pittsburgh hoping that a few things would happen; they’d see a great game from Jacob Markstrom, they’d find their scoring again, and they’d manage to stop their brief losing skid.

Luckily, they pulled off all three.

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In peak Jacob Markstrom form, the Canucks gave up the first goal of the game just two minutes in, allowing Jake Guentzel to tap the puck in back-door on the starter during a dynamic power-play sequence around the slot.

The next two goals, though, would come from not only Vancouver, but from Brock Boeser in particular.

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He’d manage to not only put the team up in the game, but would have pulled off a natural hat trick if not for a Greg McKegg (yes, he’s actually in the NHL now) goal five minutes into the third period.

He’d tally his third of the night just one minute after McKegg’s tying goal, firing around a beautiful screen by… Matt Murray’s own teammates:

Bo Horvat would give Vancouver the insurance goal with a little under four minutes left to play in the final period, and that would be that.


Vancouver fell victim to some really ugly score effects on their shots. They were outshot 16-8 in the first frame, but then took just nine shots the second period and four the third; they would ultimately walk away from the game getting outshot by a concerning 39-21 in 60 minutes of play.

Make no mistake; if they’re facing another team’s goaltender, this game goes quite differently. Matt Murray and the Penguins have been notoriously struggling both on defense and in net, and Tristan Jarry is unproven – but the only goaltender who seems like he may be capable of turning the season around at this point in time. Murray allowed four goals on 21 shots; if his final goal hadn’t come against so late in the third period, it’s possible he may have been yanked for those kinds of numbers.

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That being said, credit where credit is due; Brock Boeser is looking like the most talented Canucks draft pick in years. He, along with Bo Horvat, are what the team has desperately needed.

With his hat trick tonight, he moved to 45th overall in scoring across the NHL, tied with the likes of David Pastrnak, Sidney Crosby, and Jack Eichel. He’s second in rookie scoring to only Arizona’s Clayton Keller, and it’s possible that he could eventually surpass him if Vancouver keeps winning and Arizona keeps losing (although they did take home a 2-1 shootout victory Saturday night, nearly posting a shutout in Antti Raanta’s second game back).

On the other side of the ice, Jacob Markstrom was incredibly lucky to manage to stop Phil Kessel. The former Toronto Maple Leafs anti-hero and two-time Stanley Cup champion was playing like a man possessed – and if Markstrom doesn’t get a piece of those pucks, the game gets out of hand very quickly. That’s how Pittsburgh has managed to pull off so many wins this year; while their goaltending has been fifty shades of ugly, they’ve boasted the offense to make up for it.


We’ve been over this enough times by now that it’s really not even worth repeating.


I have to get up in about five hours for a race, so I’ll try to make this quick.

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Vancouver took tremendous advantage of the goaltenders on both ends of the ice tonight. It worked this time – but unless they hope that Markstrom and Nilsson can stand on their heads every night, this isn’t the way they want to get all of their wins.

Except for the Brock Boeser hat trick part. That part they can do again.

  • Me

    Re: Boeser “He’s second in rookie scoring to only Arizona’s Clayton Keller, and it’s possible that he could eventually surpass him if Vancouver keeps winning and Arizona keeps losing”

    Boeser has 13 points in 10 games, 1.3 PPG, Clayton Keller has 16 points in 15 games, 1.07 PPG. If both stay reasonably healthy and continue to produce at similar rates, Boeser will pass Keller in a few more weeks, no “could” or “eventually” about it.

  • That was a damn good hockey game. Canucks hockey really is more entertaining this year and something to look forward to.

    Brock Boeser won this game for us, but I also want to mention Gudbranson. When he says he’s tough to play against, he means it. Just ask Malken. Keeping Malkin off the score sheet could have won it for us. So, count me in as a Gudbranson fan.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Hopefully all the criticism and doubt about Markstrom being a number one goalie is over. The last 3 games he has allowed only 4 goals, and has played fantastic. People like to say he always lets in one bad goal, but that is true for every goalie in the league. Look at Lundquist and Price and the bad goals they have let in this year and they are still considered elite goal tenders. Markstrom stole this win for the Canucks and deserves the credit. I predict he will get a shut out this year. On a side note, this was not one of Hutton’s better games. I’m a fan of Hutton, but he bobbled a lot of pucks in the offensive zone and his own defensive zone. That said, he did make good plays getting the puck out of their zone.

    • Tennyson Woodcock

      Team is a revelation right now. I can’t wait to see Pettersson and Boeser together. It’s gonna be like Backstrom, Ovechkin, but better; more subtle and ridiculously lovable. Haven’t been this jacked since Bure, period.

  • TD

    Why do so many of the article have to have a negative slant. The Canucks scored because Murray was bad and should have been pulled. Markstrom was lucky that he made saves. I seek out Canucks content as a fan, but this site can be so frustrating.

  • myshkin

    having more points than the oilers and a better winning percentage than the leafs is sweet, really sweet. to win you need a few high talent snipers and a solid supporting cast. if boeser keeps it up and petterson is the real deal, the future looks bright.

  • neal

    Congratulations to Boeser and the team.
    On another note, I do hope the Canucks resign Gudbranson it has been quite awhile since the Canucks have had a team that has had heart, grit, and skill.

  • Doodly Doot


    The Cat came into reviewing the Canucks game against Pittsburgh hoping that a few things would happen; she’d conjure reasons to write a bunch of nit-picky things about the game from Jacob Markstrom, she’d score a hat-trick of backhanded comments about Canucks goal scoring on a struggling Pens defense and net, and again she’d manage to continue to develop her smarmy pedantic style of prose.

    Luckily, she pulled off all three.

    All that and she stayed up late too! Good luck with your race Cat. Run Cat. Run.

  • TD

    Without looking at the analytics, what I noticed was the BBB line is a legitimate first line and stats back it up. With 13, 11, and 11 points, all three of the BBB line are in the top 64 in NHL scoring. 31 teams x 3 players = 93 players. The shut down line also looked good doing a hard job. The Burmistrov and Sedin lines unfortunately were not as good in this game.

  • McGretzky

    Since the Canucks Army “process” truthers are quiet, the Canucks have been an above average possession team:


    Actually, this is the first game in a long time the Canucks haven’t been great from a possession standpoint.

    Since the Buffalo game, the Canucks have heavily outplayed opponents and been racking up the points.

    And let’s not forget the Canucks have been playing without two top 6 defenseman (and three according to those that do not value what Gudbranson does).

  • NeverWas

    What is with this website lately?!?! No analytics, terrible write up/analysis… basically just said it was a a lucky win. Did you see that drive and dish for the hat trick goal by horvat? Did you see his dirty bar down in right goal?!?! Horvat has a hell of an accurate shot!!! Probably the most exciting game I have watched in years!!!

  • TK Smith

    OK, enough is enough. Cat Silverman must go.

    She wrote in her previous article that Markstrom was “incredibly hot and cold” and in today’s wasted effort she writes that Markstrom was “incredibly lucky” to stop Kessel. She ignored analytics from Rob Vollman to make her first snarky comment and she ignored her own eyes to write the second slag on Markstrom (that’s assuming she actually watched the game and didn’t just read about it on the twitter hate machine). So we know she will never write anything positive about Markstrom and that she has a limited vocabulary.

    It’s a frequent point of speculation on CA that J. Dylan Burke has a herd of masquerading trolls that are actually some of the writers on the masthead. The suspicion is that he and/or his minions write inflammatory comments to boost the number of responses for some articles. Now it seems that he has employed Cat Silverman to write as a troll under her own name. This recap was devoid of analysis or trenchant observations; it consists mainly of inflammatory comments that ignore that actual occurences in the game. It is poorly written and must have been posted to only engender a torrent of replies that have answered her flawed swipes at various players.

    So any more comments merely fulfills JD’s goal of trolling the readers of this blog. Cat Silverman makes no attempt to provide accurate comment that inspires thoughtful discussion. She is simply a paid troll. Her bio states that she lives in Phoenix so her only exposure to the Canucks is on TV and by reading information that other people have written. If she has any personal contact with regular Canuck observers it is most likely limited to other CA writers. She claims to work for the Coyotes in their “Hockey Development” department yet there is no record of her name on their published list of 140 employees.

    I have no expectation whatsoever that Burke will remove this unqualified, possible fraud from his website. Each time she posts her uninformed, sensational material he is getting what he needs – more clicks and comments. I suggest the answer is for all the readers of CA to completely ignore anything authored by Cat Silverman. Post absolutely no comments to her next screed. If she is shunned by the readers then Burke does not get the stats he needs to use on his resume that he he is shopping to media outlets and hockey teams.

    As tempting as it is to post a rebuttal to Silverman’s click bait articles, I vow to ignore her until she is no longer a contributor to any Vancouver hockey blog. Who will join me?

      • Aguaymanto

        Tired excuse. Just because we don’t pay for it we can’t give our opinion? I for one come here a lot less these days and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

        • Killer Marmot

          You can have an opinion about articles, as in politely pointing out what you see as flaws. And suggesting that writers should not be relentlessly critical of the team is fine too. It is, after all, a fan site.

          But demanding that writers must go, however,, is over the line. Neither TK Smith nor Locust pay anything towards Cat’s salary.

          • TK Smith

            KM, you are correct that there is no pay wall for CA and the other Nation Network sites and that fact likely contributes to Burke’s decision to hire trolling writers such as Silverman and Graphic Comments. If he relied on subscribers do you think he could continue to present authors whose main contribution is to rouse the rabble rather than intelligently contribute to a discussion of issues?

            There is a precedent in Vancouver for removing a paid troll from the non-subscription public forum. TSN 1040 removed Jeff O’Neill from their free shows because he contributed nothing but unsophisticated attempts to be controversial. O’Neill made his stupid comments about Vancouver’s hockey team while sitting in Toronto. Cat Silverman from Phoenix has also abdicated the opportunity provided to her to write anything that adds to intelligent or entertaining Canuck discussion in Vancouver. She writes to fulfill a personal agenda of being inflammatory just to get more clicks and to reinforce her chosen caricature of a blogger. In her bio she states, “Yes, I hate your favorite player” plus she (falsely?) claims to work for the Arizona Coyotes. I firmly believe that there are Vancouver based writers who Burke could employ that can produce better material than Silverman. Getting rid of her would be a start to improving CA.

            Help me understand where your line of appropriateness sits in the spectrum of comments and what I said that crossed that threshold. In point of fact, I did not demand that JD Burke remove Silverman from CA. It is apparent that he supports trolls (and maybe has created a few) on his blog and paying one is just to be expected from him. I advocated for the readers of this blog to shun Silverman until Burke decides that she is no longer serving his sole purpose of creating traffic by responding to her click bait contributions. Maybe I’m just shouting into the wind but I believe that cry for change was needed and didn’t cross any lines.

          • Killer Marmot

            TK Smith:

            This issue here is not whether the writers at CA are doing their job well. The issue here is the appropriateness of readers calling for people’s dismissal over a product they get for free.

            Rein it in. Seriously. It’s a just a blog.

  • detox

    tbh, I laughed when I read the Corrado comment.

    but still don’t understand the negative tone or jabs. I guess we are still supposed to be tanking. don’t tell the kids.

  • BlazerFan

    Yet another CA article that leads me to believe they prefer the Canucks to do poorly as it confirms their belief they are the smartest people in the room.

  • Silverback

    Gee, Roy, weep, wallow and gnash their teeth? Yes, the uneducated masses that populate this site are inferior and uneducated boors, aren’t they? Too drunk or high to achieve the elevated plain of intelligence and awareness you possess? Give me a break…