The Vancouver Canucks return after a long break to take on the visiting Dallas Stars. Dallas is just behind the Canucks in the standings, but they have played one more game so far.

There has been lots of chatter online about the recent injury to wunderkind Brock Boeser and the call-up that will take his spot. One thing is for sure in Canucks nation: there’s always a story. The Canucks and Stars have combined for some beauties, and some stinkers here’s hoping it’s the former.

Let’s do this!






Just in case your internet connection has been out, or you wait until the next day to read the paper for your Canucks news, Boeser is day-to-day with a foot contusion after blocking a shot against the Capitals. In the likely event that Boeser sits tonight, Jayson Megna has been called up and would take his place. He practiced on the Alex Burmistrov line while Sam Gagner moved up to play with Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi.

Life comes at you fast.

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The educated guess would be that Anders Nilsson continues his run of great play.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

Stephen Johns (concussion) is still out of the lineup. The top line of Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, and Alexander Radulov have combined for 32 points through 11 games thus far. Vancouver will have its shutdown line on these guys tonight.

Kari Lehtonen should start this evening.

Dallas Stars lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

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  • Good stats have arrived! Through 11 games, the Canucks rank seventh in point percentage with .650, an astounding third in GA with 24, eighth in PK% with 84.2, and second in SA/gm with 29. Travis Green has put together a system that the team has bought into and they aren’t all that boring either. Is this for real?
  • With one, heck two more power play points, Boeser will be tied for fourth in the league. This has to be a talking point for the coaching staff. If Boeser isn’t involved as the trigger man every time he’s on the power play, something is seriously wrong. He’s injuring players every time he shoots the puck, and he’s not getting enough credit.
  • Let’s stick with Brock for a second. Boeser is averaging just over a point per game so far, and that’s good for second among rookies. Hopefully, this foot contusion thing isn’t too serious because this guy is shaping up to be one of the greats. For one night, life will be a bit more boring.
  • Since Oct 1/14, Thomas Vanek has 12 points against the Stars with two power play goals. Don’t be surprised if he has a game tonight; he likes playing some Texas hockey.
  • Erik Gudbranson is slowly becoming a fan favourite this year. He isn’t the most responsible guy on the ice, but he’s starting to add the grit everyone has long awaited. Look for him to be a game-changer tonight.


It’s like Stranger Things… but you know real life, and it’s the Canucks.


Somehow, the Canucks are one of the surprising (in a good way) teams to start the NHL season. I firmly believe if this team is for real, at least for this year, they’ll follow the same path that the 2014/15 Flames did: Overachieve, make the playoffs, and set the bar too high for next season. There is a definite progression plan becoming visible, but it IS still early, so it’s tough to get too excited. Regardless, it’s been fun so far.

Canucks win in OT.


Megna/Sedin mentions (+/- 2)    I feel like going over on this makes sense even if he doesn’t play. This story is just too hot not to mention.

Thomas Vanek breakaway slappers (+/- 0)  Take the over as well. Vanek has flirted with this move now, and it will get its place in the Canucks Oddball Hall of Fame.

  • Killer Marmot

    Jamie Benn childishly slagged the Sedins a few years ago, and later apologized. The best way for the Sedins to show that they hold no grudge is by popping a few.

  • TD

    I get Chaput being called up to sit in the box for cap reasons, but Megan being called up when it possible he will play? Can someone say Goldobin, Boucher or Rodin?

    • Killer Marmot

      Megna ain’t that bad. He’s a reasonably sound hardworking fourth liner who won’t mind being in the press box collecting an NHL salary once Boeser is back.

    • TD

      If Dorsett or Granlund went down on their checking line, then Megna may make sense. When a top six forward gets hurt they shouldn’t be calling up a top six forward.

    • Green’s probably thinking that he has enough firepower left in his line-up while Utica is really just Goldobin, Boucher, and for the time being, Gaunce. If Green requests Goldobin or Boucher, then he’s screwing over Cull like Desjardins had been doing over the last few years by taking away their best player-prospects.

      Megna and Chaput are now playing the roles that they were supposed to be playing, the Utica depth veterans who are the first call-ups when there’s an NHL injury rather than the prospects who should be leading the Comets and continuing to develop on the farm.

      • Nuck16

        How would you feel if you were the best player on a farm team but didn’t get called up because the NHL coach was worried about screwing over the farm coach?

  • Roy

    Canucks nation challenge: just one article and comments section without mentioning that idiotic, overused, ineffable term, “grit”.

    Also, on behalf of hockey fans and in particular Canucks fans, please, Brock – don’t block shots. Leave that to the journeymen – heck, let’s only let anyone who has the term “grit” appended to them block shots. Apparently, grit is synonymous with disposable, as I’ve never seen it applied to a player with actual skill.

    • Sandpaper

      So, a term you don’t want to see in the comment section, you mention twice afterwards.
      Pretty sure that term has been used many times when talking about skillful players like Crosby, Getzlaf, Malkin, Ovechkin, Perry, Toews, Marchand etc.

      • Roy

        it’s a lazy term with no clear definition. I think it’s fair to call out a self-defined statistics and analytics-driven website when they use silly words that are non-quantifiable to describe the playing characteristics of the athletes they track.

        Also, that the term has been applied with precedent to other, better players is meaningless. That’s a tautological – and ignorant – argument, but that’s par for the course in the comments section here.

        • Sandpaper

          It is maybe non-quantifiable to people who only use analytics to evaluate players, but to the fans than use the combination of eye test and analytics, plus other information,such as player/management reports to evaluate a players worth, then not so much non-quantifiable.
          If it makes you feel better, there is a movement afoot to change this si-called lazy term too be named gritalytics.

    • Silverback

      Okay everyone, since Roy is so sensitive, we don’t use the word “grit” on CA. From now on sandpaper is the go to term. We must be sensitive to his/her sensibilities.

  • Gregthehockeynut

    The Dallas roster averages just over 208lbs so this game is a litmus test for the smaller players on the Canuck’s team. The term “grit” refers less to fighting these days and more to effective physical play in puck battles and just raw determination and competitiveness. Not many players can slide by on raw skill and be soft in other areas. Chaput and Megna despite all their detractors have some grit but are not suited for top 6 duty they were forced into because of the silly amount of injuries last year.

    • apr

      Its not Megna or Chaput’s fault that WD put them in prominent roles on a terrible team that could not score. The fact that there is better team depth is a really good thing. Goldobin looks ready, and Boucher is killing penalties. As noted earlier, if a top 6 player goes down, they will get their chance. Shuffling Chaput/Megna up and down for emergency purposes is the right call.

    • Killer Marmot

      He’s an NHL fringe player for sure, but he’s really not that bad. Through no fault of his own, he became the poster boy for everything that people thought was wrong with Desjardins.

  • Killer Marmot

    With Edler and Stecher out, and Tryamkin moved back to Mother Russia, this is not the defense I envisioned last spring. The Canucks will need some solid performances from their remaining D.

  • Josh Misfeldt

    Why is Sedin line always at the top of the lineup list in these pre game articles? Is it just a habit, because they have been first liners for so long?