Babych Please – October 27th, 2017

Out of all the unexpected things the Canucks did this week, beating the Washington Capitals may have been the most surprising. However, there’s something to be said for adopting sitcom personalities and appearing on Hottest Bachelor lists.

  • Here is a complete list of the Canucks’ personalized goal songs (via this Sportsnet article). There’s a fun mix on this list – respect to Brandon Sutter for sticking with Callin’ Baton Rouge after all of the grief he (justly) received last season. I don’t know why Brendan Gaunce’s choice was so surprising to me but I love it. 

  • Bo Horvat made a self-deprecating joke about having a big head. King of irony.

  • DJ MDZ is on HELLO! Canada’s list of the nation’s 25 hottest bachelors. Congrats to him – I hope he finds love one of these days. Del Zotto’s comeback to his teammates’ chirps is a little weak though, considering both Gagner and Dorsett are married and therefore obviously couldn’t be included on any list of bachelors.

  • Jake Virtanen is Jim from The Office if Jim played hockey. Like Jim, he didn’t seem to take his work all that seriously at first, but is getting himself together. Also, his friends call him Big Tuna.

And he can even do the look-into-the-camera-like-Jim-from-The-Office thing!


  • Chris Tanev, who does almost nothing poorly, chose Tyrion Lannister as his favourite Game of Thrones character. He’s one of three players asked who didn’t pick Jon Snow or “The Dragon Lady”, so props to him there. His reason for liking Tyrion is that he’s “always around and in the mix” which, yeah, I guess. Overall, Chris Tanev has good Game of Thrones opinions.
  • Brock Boeser and Pheobe Stecher are friends and there is an Instagram to prove it. They are both superstars.  

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  • Young Jack really wanted a stick from the Canucks and Sam Gagner made it happen. Jack then sent Gagner a thank you video. It was all very sweet.

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