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Canucks recall Michael Chaput from Utica

With Loui Eriksson sidelined with a knee injury, the Canucks have recalled Michael Chaput from the Utica Comets. The full press release is below:

The recall of Michael Chaput may cause some angst amongst Canucks fans simply because it feels like it’s the same thing as last year. Safer players with limited upside getting the call before players with more upside, like Nikolay Goldobin. With that being said, recalling Chaput makes sense from the penalty killing standpoint as Eriksson was a mainstay on that unit. Something that Goldobin wouldn’t be asked to do.

Furthermore, Chaput would likely see limited minutes or games in the foreseeable future simply because the Canucks have 12 other healthy forwards that are ahead of him on the depth chart. Jake Virtanen was a healthy scratch last game and should be given the chance to earn his spot back before Chaput gets in.

From that standpoint, the recall of Chaput makes sense. As having Goldobin sit in the press box with the Canucks wouldn’t be the best development tool. But if Chaput does start to see regular minutes and the Canucks struggle offensively, the ire from Canucks fans will likely be warranted. Goldobin has been playing a lot of minutes for the Comets, and should continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Chaput is on a one-way deal making $687,500 this year. He can remain on the Canucks roster for up to 30 days or appear in 10 NHL games before requiring waivers to go back to Utica.


  • Ranger2k2

    I realize the strategic part of this call-up but it still pisses me off.

    Why is the arena half empty? Why won’t fans support a rebuild? Are the Canucks rebuilding?

    This, this is why. You don’t instill hope or excitement in your fan base by bringing up the most vanilla player you have on your farm team. Sure he kills penalties but you know why he kills penalties?.. Because he was not good enough to be a scorer so he had to learn a skill to keep himself employed as a hockey player. That’s good for Chaput but this is awful for the Canucks and so so so frustrating. This team is going to lose, I’d rather watch them lose 10-7 than 2-1. I have yet to say this but the sooner Jim Benning is fired the better, this team has been spinning it’s wheels since the day he got here.

    • truthseeker

      The arena is half empty because this team has basically been losing for 5 years. Goldobin or Rodin or Subban, they aren’t going to sell tickets.

      In Vancouver winning sells tickets, not “hope” for the future. And frankly I see no problem with that. It’s what fans should do. Cities like Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, feel like they are held hostage by the owners and the league cause they know their teams will be moved if they don’t support. Who knows what Leafs fans think for always supporting a loser. Some people think that’s noble. I think it’s stupid.

      You don’t get a prize for “sticking with your team through the dark points”….lol….it’s just in your head. You think any of the “fair weather” canuck fans are going to enjoy winning any less because they didn’t pay attention through the worst times or because “real fans” try to act like they are more important?

      Not supporting the team is a great way of telling them you don’t agree with what they are doing. Personally though, I think it’s more a situation that people in Vancouver simply have better things to do with their time if the team is not going to be more interesting than those options. That’s a GOOD thing. It’s just pro sports. It’s really not that important.

    • DJ_44

      I realize the strategic part of the call up but it still pisses me off.

      This is what a responsible rebuild looks like. Developing players must play. Whether Chaput sits in the NHL or NHL does not matter. It is four games into the season ffs.
      The Leafs, often touted as a model rebuild, kept all of their prospects in the AHL for a season or two, only bringing some up at the end of the season. Keep the prospects down, let them score, play 200’ hockey and build confidence.

      You need a pool of players and prospects to move forward. Don’t rush them in because the ignorant in the twitter world are calling for it; the same ignorant that wrote off Jake Virtanen because he was not scoring in the AHL, but now realize excellent player development was occurring.

      There is a reason why Goldobin, despite great AHL numbers, has not cracked an NHL roster: he has flaws in his game. Utica provides opportunity to put him in situations where he can develop those skills. He will be up soon enough, just not soon enough for some.

    • Cageyvet

      Smartest response of the bunch. The situation may be of their own making, but they still have to manage it correctly. This makes a lot of sense, I hope you’re right.

    • truth hurts

      the leafs got lucky in the lottery draft and got Mathews ,such bs about being a model rebuild ,The canucks have some skill coming down the road until then rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      Yeah I was thinking that too. Call up a veteran to open his spot in the lineup in Utica, especially as he should mostly be in the press box. If BB or JV is scratched in favour of him, however, I’m going to be annoyed.

  • Steamer

    After so much hope. this season is beginning to look much like last year’s; MDZ & Gagner no improvement, Eriksson true to form – a bust! – & now Chaput returns. My guess: 71 points, good for 30th

  • Roy

    Oh man, Edler out, Eriksson out and now we get Chaput-branded hockey? LOL.

    Also, please delete “with that being said” from your lexicon. Please. There are so many dozens of better transitions.

  • Fred-65

    If Chaput is brought up or any one in fact as an injury replacement I thought he didn’t need to go through waivers when Ericksson is ready to play again ?

  • Not sure what’s the deal with the Chaput-hate. Bringing him up to cover for injuries was why he was signed in the first place. It was Desjardins who ruined it by using him as a regular rather than telling Benning to get real NHL players to fill the gaps caused by injury. Besides, Sutter is the one who’s injured, not sure why we’d want to bring up Boucher or Goldobin, two scoring wingers, to cover for a defensive centre.

    • Holly Wood

      agree that when you bring someone up they need to have the skills to replace whomever was injured. lets hope its not long term. But not a Chaput fan regardless