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Jonathan Dahlen signs with Timra in the Allsvenskan

Jonathan Dahlen has found a home in Sweden for the foreseeable future, as he has signed a one year contract with Timra in the Allsvenskan

The deal includes an out to head to the SHL or back to North America after January 31st, 2018.


The Canucks had announced last week that Dahlen would be pursuing options in Sweden and ultimately it appears that he couldn’t find an SHL team that could make room for him. Vaxjo, Brynas, and Linkoping had been rumoured destinations.

Dahlen had come down with mono over the summer that forced him to miss Young Stars and training camp. He had appeared in the two pre-season games for the Utica Comets but saw limited ice time. Given the recovery time that mono usually requires, it isn’t surprising that Dahlen wasn’t able to play a lot.

Moving to Sweden, for at least the fall, allows Dahlen to play a lot of minutes for Timra. That is something that may not have been available in the AHL to start the year.

Dahlen had 25 goals and 19 assists in 45 games for Timra IK last year and was named the junior player of the year for Allsvenskan.

Ideally – Dahlen will go to Timra, play a lot of minutes over the next couple of months and then make the move up to the SHL or head back to the AHL. Injuries happen and opportunities may open up to allow Dahlen to move to another team. But this move allows Dahlen to play a lot of minutes in the near term.


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According to Ben Kuzma, Dahlen will just play for Timra for the month.

  • Ranger2k2

    I was really hoping to watch Dahlen in some Utica games this year but with the glut of “veteran” status players this is probably the best thing for him.

    • tyhee

      Of course, it may be easier to get playing time in the Allsvenskan than in Utica regardless of whether or not Utica is sitting out veterans.

      Otoh, I’m curious what I”m missing-how does the glut of veterans status players (of whom only six can play in any one game, so they have to platoon) make the Allsvenskan the best thing for Dahlen?

      It seems to me that the Comets will be playing a maximum of 6 veteran skater per game and that would be the case even if they had fewer veterans. Dahlen would be competing for playing time with non-veterans such as Michael Carcone and Cameron Darcy regardless of whether there were additional vets who had to sit in the pressbox or not.

  • canuckfan

    This will make sure that he gets back playing gradually as he recovers from Mono. Most say that he got over it faster than anyone has before. Monitor his fitness to be sure he doesn’t overdo the training and drag his body down. Get better and back into the game by gradually increasing the intensity

  • Cageyvet

    I really don’t care where he plays at this stage, I’m just excited to see him hit the ice, period. As a late acquisition last year, combined with the mono, we really haven’t had a chance to follow him. I’m looking forward to watching highlights, analysis and seeing how he tracks. I don’t know enough about his physical readiness but he seems to have the skill to maybe push for a post-trading deadline cup of coffee in the bigs. He needs to get a lot of ice time in the meantime, and hopefully if he doesn’t get brought back to the AHL they can find a way to reunite him with Petterson.