Olli Juolevi and the 23 man roster

The Canucks placed Andrey Pedan on waivers earlier today while assigning Jayson Megna, Michael Chaput, and Richard Bachman to Utica. By doing so, the Canucks got closer to their 23 man requirement for the opening day roster on Tuesday. They should only have to make one more cut to get down to the required number, as long as the Olli Juolevi situation is figured out by then.

At this moment, it appears the Canucks are trying to get the young defenceman to leave the London Knights of the OHL and play the upcoming season somewhere overseas. Rumours suggest that is TPS Turku in the Finland where fellow Canucks prospect Petrus Palmu plays and one of the assistant coaches is Sami Salo.

The move makes sense as it allows Juolevi to play against men in a professional setting for the season while still being able to represent Finland at the upcoming World Juniors.

The problem is the CHL/NHL transfer agreement.

Unfortunately, that agreement is not publicly available, so the details of it can be hard to nail down. But the most important part is that Juolevi should be headed back to London as he was drafted by the Canucks when he was a member there. If the Canucks want to have their young Finnish prospect play somewhere else, the Knights have to agree to the move. This is probably part of the reason why it hasn’t been completed quite yet.

Furthermore, if the Canucks assign Juolevi to London now, he goes there for the season. From what I understand, and once again we can’t confirm due to not have access to the CHL/NHL agreement, if Juolevi is assigned to London Knights, he is there for the year. This is why the organization hasn’t assigned him back to the OHL as they work out a way to get him overseas.

How that affects the Canucks twenty-three man roster is where it gets a little complicated. Since the team can’t send Juolevi to the AHL because of the aforementioned agreement, he has to remain with the Canucks or go back to the OHL. All reports suggest that they are trying to work out a deal to get him overseas, they can’t send him back to the OHL. So, he’s on the NHL roster and counts towards the 23 player limit that has to be set at 5PM ET tomorrow.

It is worth adding that Juolevi’s contract does not count towards the 50 contract limit for this season unless he appears in 10 NHL games. Juolevi’s entry-level contract will also slide to 2018-19, if he doesn’t dress for those 10 NHL games this year.

This is all to say that it may mean that Darren Archibald isn’t signed to a contract until later in the week, if at all. Or someone like Jake Virtanen, who doesn’t require waivers, will be sent to Utica for a short period of time to buy more time to get the Juolevi situation resolved. At this moment, the Canucks have 25 healthy players, so regardless, something has to give somewhere.

It’s likely that the Canucks, London, and Juolevi are able to work out an arrangement for him to play overseas prior to tomorrow’s deadline. But if they are unable to do so, there could be a trickle-down effect. Luckily the Canucks don’t actually start their season until Saturday night, so there likely won’t be any issues other than some paperwork.


It appears that Juolevi is heading to TPS and should be loaned there prior to the 5PM deadline tomorrow. So the above isn’t impactful but it’s always good to explore how these things can affect other players and transactions.

  • apr

    Does anyone know if Archibald can sign with any NHL team if he does not make the team and sent back to Utica (and current AHL contract)? He may have impressed some other team that is willing to offer him a two-way contract.

  • Killer Marmot

    A team needs an expert in asset management, someone who knows all of the rules concerning trading, drafting, signing, waivers, injuries, free agency, emergency call ups, the different rules for various leagues, and so on, and advise the manger on how best to deal with it. At least this year there’s no expansion draft.

  • Dan the Fan

    If JV gets sent down on paper, doesn’t that affect his paycheque? I don’t know how many days an NHL year is, but if it’s 200, that could be $3800/day. The guy’s probably going to make millions over his career, so I’m not saying we should feel too bad for him, but that would still kinda suck to have to take less pay so they could sort out someone else’s problem.

  • Steamer

    Interesting – thanks for the clarification explaining some of the problems facing management. Hope it’s Turko – best place for Juolevi is with Salo – maybe 2 years.

  • I don’t mind Juolevi going back to London if they actually play him as a top pairing defenceman. The main problem was that he was getting second-rate ice-time with second-rate partners. Reminds me of Virtanen, who was getting sub-optimal shifts with Calgary before they kept him with the big club.

  • PenHawk King

    Typical Ca-sucks fans, a supposed franchise Defenceman and he can’t even make the second worst team in the league two years after going top five. Humiliating. Keep getting the poor excuses in though, it makes all of us laugh at you even more. Epic fail.

      • LTFan

        Bud, I’ve been through this with you before. It is true he was 18 in May, for the first 4 days, then he turned 19 on May 5th. Still at 19 he is very young to make any NHL team. For everyone else who wants to make an issue about this – remember – there was only one Bobby Orr.

    • crofton

      Explain Puljujarvi within the context of a top 3 draft pick not making his team for the second year. Sergachev? How about DuBois? Has he made the Blue Jackets this year?

      • johnno

        wow couple of ill informed stiffs here. juolevi is 19, sergachev is the same age, same position and was picked four spots below him. he has made the cut for the Bolts and is on their nhl roster after playing a top four role in pre, so is DuBois on a stacked columbus team. keller, tkachuk, chychrun and mcAvoy all playing nhl hockey from same class and picked below juolevi. the original poster is correct, its humiliating for the canucks that their prized defencesive asset cannot crack the line up.

        • crofton

          No reason to call anyone names is there? Sergachev was picked below Juolevi, but quite a few of the talking heads had him as the far better draft choice….as in “boy did Benning ever FU” . I asked a question about DuBois, who didn’t play last year, but was picked ahead of Juolevi, and you conveniently ignored that Puljujarvi, who was picked ahead of Juolevi, is also starting his second year NOT with his NHL club. Wasn’t he picked as the next best thing to a generational player? So I guess there are several humiliated teams, at least by your standards.

    • Dan the Fan

      Yeah, it doesn’t look good. No way around that. Not just that he didn’t make the team, but he wasn’t even close to be in the running. It’s not just that he’s 8th on the depth chart and could make the roster but wouldn’t get much playing time, he’s probably 12th or so after the 8 on the roster, and Pedan, Chatfield, McEneny. There’s not many high picks that don’t make the roster for 2 years and then go on to be a #1 defenseman. Sometimes late bloomers come after the first round and go on to great careers, but you’d expect that a #5 pick would at least be in the running for a roster spot by d+2.

      Hopefully he dominates in Finland and plays some NHL games at the end of the year. We could use some good news. I’ll stay optimistic.

      • johnno

        No man it doesn’t look good at all. I thought Juolevi was a step behind in pre-season and it’s worrying. When your top D prospect cannot get a sniff ahead of Biega and Wiercoch that’s a serious issue and there are no excuses for it. No point comparing to other picks that haven’t made it either because Columbus and Edmonton are both stacked and can afford to wait, Vancouver is not and we are desperate for help right now from the drafting table. Julovi isn’t delivering, the nucks know it and they don’t even know what to do with him. Total mess.

        • Ex Canuck Fan

          Nice post and agreed. Four years of draft picks and only Boeser to show for it. Good kid but hardly Bure. Where is the talent level we are used to in Van City? It’s not even funny at the prices paid to watch the game.