Canucks cut seven players from training camp

The Canucks have further reduced their training camp roster this afternoon, sending 7 players to Utica for their training camp. The full press release was as follows: There are no real surprises amongst this group as it’s largely made up younger defenceman and forwards who were long shots to crack the roster to begin with….


WWYDW: White House

Politics dominated the news cycle this week. A number of NFL players and teams following in the footsteps of Colin Kaepernick and electing to kneel during the national anthem to protest state-sanctioned violence against people of color, as well as the disparaging comments President Donald Trump directed towards players who kneel during the anthem. President…


Points are a Bonus For Well-Rounded Defender Jalen Chatfield

After a preseason game against the Calgary Flames last week, Comets coach (and temporary Canucks bench boss) Trent Cull said something that caught me by surprise: “Every time I see [Chatfield] play, he scores. He seems like a kid, if I get a chance to coach him, I’ll be excited to have him.” If that first…


Athletes didn’t drag politics into sport – it was already there

The Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves in an untenable position this week. The 2017 Stanley Cup champions had a choice to make. They could tour the White House and meet the President of the United States, as previous winners have done, thereby enraging his many vocal detractors. Alternatively, they could skip the event, provoking the same…