Photo Credit: Image: Candice Ward / Calgary Hitmen

Canucks reduce training camp roster by four

The Canucks have reduced their training camp by four players this morning.

None of these cuts are surprising given that they all had not played since the Young Stars Classic in Penticton.

Jakub Stukel had made the trip to Calgary with the Canucks, but did not suit up and remained there to join the Hitmen as their WHL season opens tomorrow. The 2016 6th round pick will look to round out his game after posting 23 goals and 30 assists in 70 games for the Hitmen last season. The Canucks retain the rights to the Surrey, B.C. native until June 1, 2018, so Stukel will have to prove that he worth an ELC and taking that next step to the AHL next season.

Anton Cederholm is in the final year of his ELC and is looking to stick in North America after spending last season with AIK in the Allsvenskan league and Rogle in the SHL. Known for his physical play, Cederholm could carve out a depth role for the Comets this upcoming season.

Like Cederholm, MacKenze Stewart is in the last year of his entry-level contract and hopes to stick in the AHL after spending all of last season in the ECHL. Given the depth on the back end, it’s unlikely that Stewart will be able to secure a spot with the Comets and will likely spend another season in the ECHL.

Lastly, Moynihan was another player that spent all of the 2016-17 campaign in the ECHL but he was one of their best players. He ended the season with 22 goals and 30 assists in 71 games for the Alaska Aces. Obviously, his goal will be to make the leap up to the AHL and stay there, and that isn’t far fetched given how well he played last year, his speed and his versatility. He is currently signed to an AHL deal with the Utica Comets.

With the Canucks playing a pre-season game in Edmonton tomorrow, and then the other game in China early Saturday morning, it’s fair to believe that a larger round of cuts will occur on the weekend or early next week. We will then have a better idea of how things will look for the Canucks and for the Comets.

  • Doodly Doot

    I could see Stukel having a good year and setting himself up for an ELC. I think there’s something very good there. The other guys are wildcards for me.

    • Rodeobill

      From watching the young stars, he had some facets of his game that looked really promising, but looked like he had some work to put in on other ones. hopefully he can work it all out!

  • wojohowitz

    Cederholm is an interesting case. He came back because he believes he has game. He probably won`t make the Canucks but he will play for somebody, like bouncing around the AHL for a couple of years until he gets his chance.

    MacKenze Stewart can`t skate well enough. I have to wonder what Benning was thinking when he gave him a four year contract.

    Stukel skates well but avoids traffic. He might get there but this is a make or break year for him.

    Moynihan I like. He could be a third line center in the NHL in a couple of years.

    • DJ_44

      Can’t say I disagree with your appraisals. However Mackenzie Stewart was not given a 4 year contract; he is on the last year of his ELC. I would imagine Benning was thinking he might improve more than he has shown to date.

      • wojohowitz

        Quite right – a three year ELC. It just seems like longer.

        A tweet says the Canucks are scouting Duchene this evening. Is Benning thinking three young players might get it done. Ed Willes writes Green is trying Burmistov at third line center – an obvious hole that needs filling and Duchene would fit right in. Hummm; Hutton, Gaunce and Goldobin to the Avs.

        • truthseeker

          I’m sure a ton of teams are scouting him.

          I wouldn’t be opposed to getting him that’s for sure, but I don’t think the players you mentioned will get it done. Having said that, I probably wouldn’t be willing to give up much more than what you said. Certainly not Stetcher, Virtanen, Oli, etc….none of our very best prospects.

          Duchene is would be a bit of a strange get for us. He’s 26, so he should be right in his prime, but in some ways he’s already a bit old for what the canucks are trying to do. He’s good, but it’s not like he tears up the league. It’s almost like for the canucks, he’s not really worth what his should be worth.

          Of course, if they can snatch him for a package like you mentioned then by all means, but I kind of think they should just let this one go otherwise.

          Also, I’m not sure I want to give up on Hutton just yet. Ultimately he could be more valuable than Duchene in just a couple of years.

          • defenceman factory

            have to agree. No way Duchene moves without a 1st round draft pick going back. A young player or strong prospect will need to go as well. Just don’t see how that makes sense for the canucks.

  • Esa Tikkanen

    If rumours of Sakic’s demands are true, I would think the ask from COL would revolve around Brandon Sutter + top 4 D (Gudbranson/Hutton) + 1st round pick/ or legit prospect. (like Goldobin)

    This would explain why Duchene is still in COL.
    If Sakic eases on 1 of the 3 criteria I think VAN will bite.
    Right now, the top-6 in VAN is an absolute mystery meat sandwich.
    Duchene would be an opportunity to lock up 1C/2C while the Sedins ride into the sunset over the next 2-3 years on the 3rd line, and also give Pettersson the opportunity to properly develop.

    From a revenue point of view, it might be worth it for Acquilini.
    The market in VAN is money as long as the Canucks have legitimate chance at contending.
    The hard years that EDM and TOR went through just won’t work here.
    Priority #1 is keeping a very fickle fan base in their seats.
    Priority #2 is the same (cup) as the other 30 losing teams.

    • truthseeker

      Don’t forget (if the rumors were true) that Sakic turned down Hamonic for Duchene. And there were those rumors that they would have wanted Tanev (who is much better than Hamonic) as a part of any deal.

      I think Sakic is valuing Duchene a little too high. The guy really hasn’t produced like a “#1” Center since 2013/2014. He barely produced at a level better than Horvat.

      To me Duchene is not worth throwing in a first rounder. Especially considering where the canucks will probably finish. Sutter, Gudbranson and Goldobin sounds tempting to me though. Again though…Sakic would probably get a better offer from some other team. And I wouldn’t want to go more than that.

      I do agree that a Duchene type with Bo and Henrik would be a pretty deep group of centers. And would be a good holdover for Pettersson. He also fits what I think the canucks should do with salary. No guys over 6 or 7 million. Build a talented deep team with no big “superstars”…just good solid players all over the place.

      I guess in the end I think someone is going to overpay on the idea that this guy still has the smell of “franchise center” on him.

      • Big D, little d

        Since it’s a slow day today….

        Based on even strength point production from last year, Duchene immediately slots in as the #4 center on the Canucks behind Horvat, Henrik and Gagner. Being able to roll four second line centers is certainly something, I just can’t see that being enough to induce the Canucks to part with the kind of package that Sakic is looking for.

  • wojohowitz

    Benning would be insane and probably lose his job if he included the first round pick considering that the Canucks are closer to a first overall pick than they are to the playoffs. Sakic has to be feeling the heat and Duchene should be dealt before the season begins in two weeks.

  • Fred-65

    The Canucks should sign Danny Moynihan’s brother Connor. I watched a game recently ( Mooseheads ) and he’s big ( 6’4″/210 ) and he one punched a St John player