Canucks reduce training camp roster by 6

With some pre-season games in the books, the inevitable camp cuts were soon to follow. That happened today as the Canucks assigned six players to their junior clubs this morning, the full press release is as follows:

Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning announced today that the Canucks have reduced their pre-season roster by six players.

The following players have been assigned to their junior clubs:

Matt Brassard                 Defence                     Oshawa Generals

Cole Candella                Defence                     Hamilton Bulldogs

Michael DiPietro             Goaltender                 Windsor Spitfires

Jonah Gadjovich            Left Wing                   Owen Sound Attack

Kole Lind                       Right Wing                  Kelowna Rockets

Dylan Plouffe                 Defence                     Vancouver Giants

Plouffe was here on an ATO, and thus would’ve also been released.

None of these cuts are surprising, as the OHL and WHL seasons kick off this weekend. By making the cuts now, all of the aforementioned players can make it back in time to suit up for their junior clubs.

Michal DiPietro will assume the starters role for the Windsor Spitfires, while Kole Lind and Jonah Gadjovich will look to take that next step and force their way onto Team Canada’s WJHC rosters. Cole Candella took a step back last season for the Bulldogs, and with this being the last year that the Canucks have his rights, he is playing to earn an ELC. Matt Brassard returns to the Oshawa Generals and hopes to take on a larger role for them.

It’s worth mentioning that Kole Lind and the Kelowna Rockets will play the Vancouver Giants at the Langley Events Centre on November 18th and 24th, January 13th, and March 16th.

The Canucks will face the Calgary Flames tomorrow in pre-season action, before the team in China plays the L.A. Kings early Thursday morning.

    • Jabs

      Lind sure demonstrated that he has a very high skill level. He just needs to get stronger to be able to handle NHL checking. He is definitely a very good prospect imo

    • Ragnarok Ouroboros

      Sedin’s can’t be traded. They have a no trade clause and have stated quite emphatically that Vancouver is their home and they will retire as a Canuck.

    • WT?

      Not that I don’t feel the same frustration, but I don’t agree with this angle at all.
      Benning’s job is asset management- letting (the Sedins) go for nothing (to early retirement) isn’t going to help player development, create (needed) cap space, or win games. The Sedins have made it abundantly clear they will not be traded, therefore they are only an asset as long as they are still playing for this team. Strategically speaking, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of them until you have better assets to replace them with. Next year, the Sedins can easily be serviceable as 3rd liners at a fraction of their current salary. They are future Hall of famers, current top 100 NHLers and they are an excellent mentors for players like Boesser, Virtanen and Granlund. Until Dahlen and Pettersson are competent enough to take this role from them- the Vancouver fan base has gots to chill. How does replacing them with Lind/ Gadjovich, Chaput/Megna or Upshall/White make the team any better?

      • Forward Thinker

        Exactly. They will only be traded if the request such a trade and they have said they will not. They are good players and should make a great second line this year and next. The year after they might still contribute as third liners. No reason to keep bringing up a trade. They have earned the right to decide their future this year.

    • KCasey

      The near sightedness of all the people the people who would so easily cast the Sedins off to another team for peanuts is just disturbing. Sometimes theres more to the life of pro sports than just bean counting and being a robot making shrewed business deals. Did you know that since the inception of the NHL there have only been 108 players to play an entire career with one team. The memebers of that list is a pretty remarkable ensemble of players. Joe Sakic, Nick Lindstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, Mario Lemiuex, Rocket Richard to name a short few. The only ever Canuck was Stan Smyl who with all due respect, never had the accolades that not one but both Sedins have had in there careers yet all this time later he is still talked about as some mythical being in Canucks history. That is what is at stake for these 2. Trevor Linden should have been part of that heritage here but got shipped and in a small part now has an asterisk with him as an all time Canuck. Wrap your head around the fact the Sedins are about to join the company of some all time classy players and legends of the game. You wanna be cut throat businessmen than work on wall street where stepping on people pride is rewarded. This is Hockey, theres a code and honor that runs deeper than mere wins and losses.

    • truthseeker

      I think you guys are missing the point of “that’s my point”

      He’s a moron. A troll. A moronic troll….

      This has nothing to do with the sedins. It has to do with an idiot posting on an article.

      See…treat it like that and you won’t even feel the need to respond.

  • Angry Anderson

    After that humiliating debacle against the Vegas prospects they should all be cut except Boeser who should be flown to China while Dorsett is flown the other way. Time to stop messing around with these pathetic split squad games and ice your best possible team. We need to more than the 30 other teams, that’s a given.

      • Angry Anderson

        The split squad games in North America which as we have seen are full of sub par scrubs should never have been scheduled in the first place, end of. They are an insult to the paying fans, as we saw at Rogers against Vegas. Ice your best team in China then finish back in N.America and stop trying to mug us fans that actually pay money to watch the team.

    • TD

      This is the China effect. Normally both split squads have lots of vets, with the top players stacking the home exhibition games. This year, the majority of the vets and top players are in China. I would expect two more weak performances against Calgary and Edmonton this week. There won’t be much NHL experience or talent in the Canucks line up.

  • Steamer

    Thanks Ryan. Is Stukel still in camp? Think he & Candella are both needing a big year to earn an ELC; would not be surprised if either or both go back into the draft unless this season sees a dramatic improvement.

  • Forward Thinker

    The price to watch the Canuck squad in NA should be minimal since the talent on display is not up to par as shown against Vegas. I get they want to show case NHL hockey in China but preseason is not the time yo do it if you are still charging for second rate talent here. Maybe they should hold the World Championships in Asia or the Allstar game. But if you are charging fans yo watch, you should be icing a competative team and that is not what is happening now in Vancouver.

    • DJ_44

      But people have been screaming ad nauseum about letting the kids play. You get to see the kids. Preseason Tix are a lot lower proceed than reg season.

      It is not like they didn’t publish the preseason schedule a while ago… You thought there NHL would send rookies and ahlers to China to showcase the sport?

      • Confused Canuck

        I’m confused. Why would the NHL want to showcase the game in China using the second worst team in the NHL, Vancouver?

        To be fair, why would the LA Kings be the other choice as well because they are one of the dullest teams in the league. Why not at least use the Pens or Hawks (6 cups), Oilers or Leafs for the wow factor (generational star players). Vancouver and LA is a bizarre, confusing choice… isn’t it?

        • SJ

          They’re using LA and Vancouver because they are huge market teams on the west coast, with huge Chinese populations (Vancouver is 18% Chinese-Canadians, LA has over 500,000 Chinese-Canadians).

          • Bud Poile

            Iv’e been to China via YVR (and vice-v) dozens of times.
            1% caucasian,99% Asian.
            We are a Pacific Rim nation and China is directly across the pond.
            SJ is right on the money.
            Dud (now Angry Dud) has no clue.

          • Rodeobill

            I live and work in Taiwan (Republic of China), and Hockey is more exciting than any sport in the world, with so many facets to appreciate, but most the people here don’t get behind it because they don’t come from a place where the ponds freeze in the winter, and skating (or skiing) hasn’t been part of their history. Once i have some friends over and explain to them it becomes a great game to watch for them, they just need some exposure and to learn about it. I would assume with the success of the KHL Kunlun team, the NHL is thinking toward the future. The NBA and MLB are so popular over here, and growing up in Canada you can’t even imagine how densely it is populated over here – full of people, no, families (because that’s how people work and subsist over here), the have money to spend on stuff they are interested in. If the NHL can tap into a fraction of what the NBA has over here then they have struck gold. Especially the Western seaboard teams with high populations of Chinese people.

        • WT?

          Not really confusing at all…
          Which teams are closest (in proximity and accessibility) to China?
          Which of these cities have the largest Chinese demographic?
          The two teams that are currently in China.

          • Confused Canuck

            I’m still confused. Research shows that San Francisco/Bay Area (Sharks), New York (Rangers) and Chicago(Hawks) have the largest Chinatowns and overall Chinese populations outside of Asia in the US. LA is comparable to the bay area, but the Sharks are a far better, more marketable team than the Kings.

            In Canada, Toronto has 500,000 Chinese compared to only 300,000 in Vancouver, and a team light years better with bigger stars.

            To suggest that the Chinese are going to hop on a plane to Vancouver to watch a dull, cr@ppy, non-playoff bottomfeeder team thousands of miles across the ocean over the aforementioned bigger and better teams is arrogant, ludricrous, laughable and a downright lie… isn’t it?

          • Eamon

            What relevance does this have to selling the game in China guy? The NHL want to sell their product to the Chinese in CHINA not LA, Vancouver or Salem Oregon. 2 billion Chinese don’t give a hoot how many of their ethnicity live in Van or LA, therefore the league would be better off actually showcasing some top NHL teams with genuine superstars to excite the locals. North American based Asians are already in the loop so it’s totally irrelevant.

          • Gerald Diduck

            Hockey is still an acquired taste outside of certain countries and it is admittedly hard for the untrained eye to follow the puck on tv – remember the glowing puck on Fox in the 90s – lol, but I think the Asian demographic would perhaps be more interested if they had a star player they could relate to like Yao Ming was in the NBA and Guo Allun is now. There are a few Chinese players in the NHL, so maybe the league needs to focus on that angle to make it work in the future.

  • natevk

    Does anyone know what is going on with 2016 pick Brett McKenzie? He wasn’t on the Canucks training camp roster after playing in young stars. I’m sure the info is out there I just can’t seem to find why he wasn’t at main camp.

    • Eamon

      He is another Benning bust guy. Did you know that the Canucks have zero picks in four drafts on their roster right now? Not one is in China. That’s a success rate of 0%. Tragic isn’t it…

      • Bud Poile

        Re: L.A.(San Fran) and Vancouver

        What is the significance of Metro Vancouver becoming the most “Asian” city outside Asia?

        Forty-three per cent of Metro Vancouver residents have an Asian heritage, which is a much higher proportion than any other major city outside the continent of Asia.

        Based on Statistics Canada reports, the number of those with Asian roots in Metro Vancouver will continue to grow at a faster rate than the non-Asian population.

        Around the globe, the only major cities outside Asia {*with more than 1.2 million residents} that come close to Metro Vancouver for their portion of residents with Asian backgrounds are San Francisco (33 per cent Asian), London, England (21 per cent), Metro Toronto (35 per cent), Calgary (23 per cent) and Sydney, Australia (19 per cent).

        • Eamon

          A bust is a failed draft pick who is not making the neccesary steps towards playing for the NHL team he was chosen to play for. No excuses, “i picked you so show me”!

          Zero players making the big team in four drafts on a rebuilding team desperate for ‘any’ draftees to step up is as bad as it gets. That’s a zero per cent success rate in FOUR drafts. It’s so simple even simpletons should be able to comprehend and acknowledge it…

          • Bud Poile

            You’re mindless trolling is confusing you again.
            Tryamkin-3rd rounder
            Baertschi-2nd round trade asset
            There’s five draft picks that play(ed) for the Canucks via Benning’s drafts.
            Simple trolls that can’t count,let alone acknowledge reality are boooooring.

          • Rusty

            Bud Poile said
            “You’re mindless trolling is confusing you again.
            Tryamkin-3rd rounder
            Baertschi-2nd round trade asset
            There’s five draft picks that play(ed) for the Canucks via Benning’s drafts.
            Simple trolls that can’t count,let alone acknowledge reality are boooooring.”

            Bud “GMJBTL jockstrap” Poile is at it again! LOL
            If one were to use your measurements for what counts as a “successful” draft pick, GMMG would have to his credit:

            Christian Ehrhoff – Patrick White
            Keith Ballard – S. Bernier/M. Grabner/2010 1st rounder
            Chris Higgins – Evan Oberg/2013 3rd rounder
            Zach Kassian – Cody Hodgson/ A. Sulzer

            To but name a few… And we all know that GMMG was not great at the draft (LOL). LAME BUD LAME…

      • Cageyvet

        How could anyone who follows CA regularly not know this? No matter what name you use, you bring it up time and again. I suspect the real tragedy here is your sad little life.