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Canucks sign Thomas Vanek to One Year Deal

It was announced this afternoon that the Canucks have signed 33-year-old forward Thomas Vanek to a one year deal for $2,000,000. The full press release is as follows:

The Canucks have been linked to Vanek for the better part of week and it appears that Austrian forward opted to go with Vancouver.

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It is a peculiar signing simply because it means that another young Canucks forward will be pushed down to Utica. This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing, as it will allow those players more opportunities in bigger roles. But on the flip side, it doesn’t allow them any reps at the NHL level.

The one year deal is beneficial as the Canucks could choose to trade Vanek at the trading deadline with hopes of acquiring more draft picks. If that is the hope, then the signing is justifiable as it insulates the Canucks youngsters.

But if the hope is that Vanek will help push this Canucks to the playoffs, that optimism may be misguided.

We obviously don’t know the full plan for the signing and will have to see how it shakes out.

With Vanek on the books, the Canucks now have 46 contracts on the books for the 2017-18 season with RFA Bo Horvat left to sign. Assuming that deal gets done, that gives the Canucks 47 contracts out of the 50 contract limit.

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The Canucks are well below the salary cap and will create more space once the forward situation is sorted out.

  • Gregthehockeynut

    Any updates on the off season surgeries to Granlund, Gaunce and Dorsett? If these three are not ready for training camp it will be an interesting dogfight for spots.

    • DJ_44

      Are you showing off you counting ability, or do you not understand what one way and two way contracts mean? Wait a minute, Tony Gallagher, is that you……again?

        • DJ_44

          One way or two way is irrelevant. It only makes a difference to what they are paying a player if he is assigned to the AHL for anything other than conditioning. Any cap implications are next to meaningless, especially for player that would be offered such contracts.

          For the record, Hutton is not on a two way contract. The others you mentioned are technically not on two-ways; they are on ELC’s.

          • DJ_44

            A one way is less likely to be picked up when waived pal….

            Not for a player that you do not want to “lose” on waivers. The claiming club would have to place that player on waivers in order for the lower tier salary to kick in anyway.

            The only case, and marginal at that, would be a reclamation throw in on a trade.

  • Bruuntuun

    This signing is win win. If they are out of the playoff hunt, which they will be, then they sell for picks and pray for a lottery win.

    Plus, look at all that cap space next year! Decent prospect pool AND cap space? How is that not a rebuild? I can’t wrap my head around some people’s thought process…

  • Almo89

    Speaking hypothetically since none of us has seen him take a stride in a Canucks uniform, if VAN is less than 10 points out of a playoff spot and Vanek sits at 20+ goals, what do you do at the trade deadline? What do you then tell the Sedins?

  • Roy

    Develop and protect/shelter the (finally) growing prospect pool for another year, especially Boeser and Virtanen, Gaunce, Goldobin, Rodin, plus the young defence. Gagner, Vanek, Eriksson, the twins will all have fun playing with each other and maybe light up the power play finally – let Bo season himself in a semi-leadership role and on the first PP unit. I like it.

  • NucksWyn

    Soooooo sick of Benning signing old ass players that he had a hand in drafting 10 years ago. should’ve signed Yakupov or Jagr give the faithful something to cheer for. even though jagr is supe old who wouldn’t want to see him in a NUCKS jersey ?