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Canucks Army Roundtable: Buy Low

The NHL season is almost upon us, but there are still some free agents left on the market. Who should the Canucks pursue that’s left? Our writers take a look in the roundtable!

Jackson McDonald

If the Canucks are really serious about overcooking their prospects in the AHL, they might as well just sign Jaromir Jagr. Everybody likes Jagr. He’ll put asses in seats and if he has a decent year you can flip him at the deadline to a contender. Why not?


Jarome Iginla. For one year he could do a bit of damage. He is willing to fight he is a great passer and honestly, why not?

Taylor Perry

Cody Franson. This seems like an annual refrain, but hear me out. He’s a solid right shot defenceman who has historically put up decent offensive numbers for pretty awful teams. He is a BC boy and former Vancouver Giant. Although the Canucks appear set at right defence, signing Franson to a one-year deal is a low-risk, high-reward venture. Either he or Gudbranson could then be flipped at the deadline (or both), and – given the premium teams place on right shot defensemen – this a move that would only benefit the Canucks. These are the types of deals and players the Canucks should be targeting at this stage in their rebuild.

Matthew Henderson

I’m also team Franson, and Taylor outlines why above. I love that fit for the Canucks, and I hope it’s a cheap option they pursue.

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  • natevk

    I’ll answer the question posed by Always90Four:

    The Canucks should not sign Iginla because he is no longer an effective scorer and can no longer keep up with the pace of the game. His trade value is minimal and he likely would not yield a return at the deadline — unlike a player of Vanek or Jagr’s ilk. At the last deadline, the Avs retained 50% of his salary for a conditional 4th which they knew was unlikely to take place — so basically the Avs had to give Iginla away for nothing to part with him. I highly doubt he’d somehow have more value this coming year.

  • Bud the Dud

    The only sensible suggestion here is Jagr for all the reasons Jackson states. At a time when Canucks fans have NOTHING to be excited about – other than the imminent firing of the Benning clown show – Jagr with the Sedins are a prime time circus show many would pay top dollar to see and shirt sales alone would make the Aquas very happy owners.

    As for Franson, when will you bloggers realise that this guy is DONE in the league. His poor skating (no speed) and lack of point production from the back end are the two biggest reasons why there are no takers. No thanks!

    • Dude had 36 points in 14/15, and prorated about 25 points /82 the last two seasons on a terrible Buffalo team.

      He’s not an elite point producer, but he certainly doesn’t “lack point production” for a defenceman.

      • Bud the Dud

        What he did in TO 3 plus years ago is irrelevant, the game has changed since then thanks to Pittsburgh. 3 (nsh), 13(buf) and 15 (buf) points he last few seasons is truly bad for a so- called PP specialist point man.

        Besides,Toronto don’t want him back and neither does a bottomfeeder like Buffalo… so why should we. He’s done.

        • Uh… you know you’re looking at only assists and only partial seasons there duddy?

          His point total (you know, goals + assists) in 2014/2015 split between Toronto and Nashville was 36. His point totals the following two years in Buffalo were 17/59 and 19/68.

          • Canucks Realist

            Amazes me how so many posters on here will argue that black is white. Every team in the league has passed on Cody Franson as a UFA, yet goon is telling us he’s good enough for the Canucks? Mindboggling. We are trying to rebuild from being one of the worst teams in the league here. This kinda move won’t help us.

          • Where did I say the Canucks should sign him?

            I’m merely pointing out that our resident genius poster can’t count.

            Franson’s a solid depth defenceman by every metric and he’ll be signed at some point. I do not think and I don’t think I’ve *ever* posted anywhere that the Canucks should sign him.

    • Rusty bucket

      I work with Cody in the summer. Last time I talked to Franny, which was early last week, looks like Aves and Chicago want him. Chicago has already offered him a spot, the catch is they are at the salary cap and need to wait for season to start so they can put Hossa on LTIR. That caps space is to be used for Franny. They sign him to a PTO then when cap space is there, sign him.

  • Holy crap Always90Four you need to lay off the wacky tobacky. Iginla had 14 goals and 27 points last year and was below replacement level pretty much across the board. Iginla has had an amazing career, but he literally can’t play at the NHL level anymore. Jagr and Vanek have their issues, but Jagr’s still a dominant possession player despite being slow, and Vanek can still score at a top six level. Used properly, both players could make your team better. Even in a fourth line role, Iginla is likely going to make you worse.

  • Ronning4ever

    I’m all for armchair GM’ing and understand the analytics nature of the site. But if a guy with Franson’s numbers is passed over for a contract by every team in the league, a league that puts a high premium on cheap “solid right shot defenceman” then you have to assume that there’s something else going on. Could be impossible to coach, locker-room nightmare, drug issues, etc. but IMHO while we often focus on the data available – boxcar stats, analytics ‘intangibles made tangible’ – I think a lot simply comes down to personality. In fact I think that was the main driver behind getting Gudbranson (loved in the room) and trading McCaan (hated).

    • I think the easier answer is that Franson is a slow skater. That’s also why Jagr isn’t signed – he’s slow and struggles in overtime (Jagr declined the All-Star game because he said that the skating kills him).

      • Ronning4ever

        Again, I can’t imagine he’s so slow to be completely passed over by every team in the league, especially not with his cost and numbers. With Jagr, it might have something to do with him also being 46…I think thats more the issue.

    • Bobaner

      Was there ever any actual sourced reporting about Jared Mcaan being a cancer in the locker room? Please provide a link if so. To be clear I’m not saying your wrong because I heard the same rumors. Just curious if it was ever confirmed beyond speculation.

      • I think the attitude is implied. Right from the draft, McCann did not endear himself by responding “it is what it is” during his post-draft interview. Then Bartkowski’s mom and Pedan making negative comments. Probably other reasons for trading him but if a bad attitude means a lesser effort, it’s a good reason to move a guy.

    • Rusty bucket

      Just because the lay public doesn’t know if there is no interest in Franson, doesn’t mean there isn’t. Heck he doesn’t even know half of the inquiries until they are really serious. Agents don’t bother their clients with that info because it distracts them from training. Just because the media hasn’t caught wind of potential signings, doesn’t mean their aren’t any. In fact I guarantee Franny plays in the show this year. My bet is Avalanche or Hawks.

      • Ronning4ever

        Take a look at how many defenseman remain. Look at how aggressive the Canucks have gone after Dman throughout the league. Agree there is some level of interest in Franson and I also believe he’ll be playing, but he’s played well, is 30, posted good numbers, is pretty cheap and has a high upside. Makes no hockey sense to not have a dozen teams lining up. I could be just a terrible armchair AGM, but really think it has to be something other than slow skating or size.

  • wojohowitz

    Jagr would help sell tickets but it would also mean Aquilini is sticking his nose into hockey business again. Iggy tried to carry the Kings on his shoulders for the last two months of last season and that`s leadership. Which big dumb palooka did he fight late in the season when it didn`t matter? When Iggy talks everybody listens and the Canucks could use some of that – respect. Vanek floats and Franson is a pylon.

    • Canucks Realist

      He has every right to stick is nose into hockeybusiness, he owns the franchise and writes every check for christ’s sake.

      Jagr would deffo be an excellent PR and money making move for the Canucks and as stated, you flip him at the deadline.

      • wojohowitz

        You`re absolutely right. Aquilini can do whatever he wants. A rumor I just started says Aquilini wants to suit up for the Canucks this year and by signing Jagr he won`t be the slowest player on the ice. After all it`s his team and he can do whatever he wants.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    The Canucks have already loaded up on “buy low” free agents this year. As it is, a few guys who really should be in the NHL will probably be starting in Utica just owing to the numbers. Don’t see much need to make that any more logjammed just for the “asset management” argument of trying to add conditional 5th rounders at the deadline. All things being equal, one could say there’s no downside, but I’d argue that putting up barriers to the NHL for guys like Boeser, Goldobin and Juolevi et al could have downside if it stunts their long term development. And if you need to waive guys or eat salary or draft picks in trade to make room for prospects on the big team, that’s a downside too.

    Having said all that, if Jagr would agree to sign in Vancouver, I’d totally take him on.

    • Peter Niss

      Nice one Chris, a quality post from one of the better commenters on the site.

      Agree that Jagr would be a very smart signing for the organisation and I believe he still has alot to offer the league, as his recent numbers/stats continue to prove. Not too mention his standing as one of the best to ever play in the NHL.

    • Dahlenfan

      Imo the canucks don’t need to bring in anyone unless they are under 27 yrs old. We are stacked moderate players. They only kind of player I want to see them bring is a legit top 6 scorer under 27 yrs old. Let our young kids battle it out with the vets we already have. It’s a rebuild. Is like to keep going I the direction of youth. Enough stop gap players already. Unless they part of the future core don’t bring them in

  • Dahlenfan

    Imo the canucks don’t need to bring in anyone unless they are under 27 yrs old. We are stacked moderate players. They only kind of player I want to see them bring is a legit top 6 scorer under 27 yrs old. Let our young kids battle it out with the vets we already have. It’s a rebuild. Is like to keep going I the direction of youth. Enough stop gap players already. Unless they part of the future core don’t bring them in