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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: July 24th – Part Deux

I feel like the only way to do that question — and it’s a damn good question — justice would be with a full article response.

Where to start? Philosophically, I think the Canucks suffered that series for years afterwards. I feel like they strayed from what made them so great a team for so long a stretch. They stopped emphasizing skill and started to place a premium on size.

I also sometimes wonder if Roberto Luongo’s poor performances in Boston might’ve impacted their willingness to part with Cory Schneider before the situation turned toxic. That then-head coach Alain Vigneault went to Schneider the very next playoff run suggests that might be a possibility.

A Stanley Cup doesn’t change NHL ageing curves, and I think it might make the franchise even less willing to do a full rebuild, so the impact it has on this team, at this moment, might not be so distinct as you’d hope. Then again, we’re dealing in a world of hypotheticals with the ability to cause chain reactions, so who knows?

In that same vein, I’d think the league would react in the short term to the Canucks victory by playing a pure skill game that was based on puck protection and possession. One would certainly hope so, in this reimagined NHL. Perhaps we could avoid the awful Stanley Cup Final of the next season if that was the case.

I’m not even going to lie, that’s pretty low on my list of demands to improve the NHL experience.

I’d check back at some point later in the week for an article on something of this ilk.

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As firm a believer as I am in the merits of the #TradeTanev movement, I wouldn’t say under that Chris Tanev can’t be of any benefit to the Canucks as they work their way back towards contention. My argument’s always been that the assets the Canucks could secure for a player like Tanev would be of more use to them when they’re working towards that end than Tanev will be. If the Canucks were to trade Tanev for a package of futures, one should also consider the cap space that frees and the many ways they can leverage it to secure even more futures.

I don’t think that’s the likely outcome of the season for the Sedin twins, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Bo Horvat took over as the anchor to the team’s top line.

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But also, check out Grainne’s article on that very topic!

  • Dirty30

    If the Canucks had won …

    1. Bettman fired as Commissioner.
    2. No Vegas.
    3. No Torts, No Lindenning, No Agony of Willie D.

    Maybe a different exit for Kesler … and Luongo.

    There would be no “it’s not a rebuild” rebuild.

    There would be an extremely old and expensive team full of no-trade clauses, pitifully poor prospects, if any, and a team that was headed to the basement for a decade of high drafting as those contracts worked their way through the system.

    It has been bad enough with management believing this team could contend, it would have been infinitely worse had they kept going trying to repeat by picking up more Free Agents, trading futures and drafting Zambonis …

    Regardless, the team needed to start rebuilding much sooner but at least it’s finally underway.

    • Kanucked

      I don’t disagree with your overall conclusion regarding a rebuild, but there could be some significant differences.

      I think Gillis would not have been fired so quickly and would have earned more latitude from ownership and the fans. Gillis may have become President and promoted Gillman as his GM.

      Aquillini may have fulfilled his dream of a cup and may even consider selling the team to maximize his investment.

      Also in this alternate universe, maybe no riot, Canucks’ fans satisfaction for another 40 years and statues for everyone (except maybe Pat Quinn)

    • Killer Marmot

      I got an email today from The Nations Network saying…

      We’re taking steps to up our security as these troll types have clearly found loopholes in our web security. Behind the scenes, we’re beefing up our ability to rid the sites of these annoying commenters and it is something that we’re taking very seriously.

      Thanks again for keeping in touch and my promise to you is that we’re taking this type of feedback to heart. We will solve this dilemma and it is actively being worked on as we speak.

      • Locust

        Boy – a lot of weasel words in that reply.
        I complained over a year ago = no action.
        As I have said, many other Nation sites DO NOT have this issue. They also don’t have the issue of their teams commenters and contributors unnecessarily slagging their team in almost every article – but that’s another issue.
        Maybe just a coincidence but I have called out a few of these trolls and made note of some stylistic similarities and posting replies but using another troll accounts to do it and shazam …. they stopped replying or commenting to me….. Hmmmm…… makes you wonder …..

        • Bud Poile

          I supect that until this site becomes independently moderated nothing will change.
          The troll with ten accounts that despises the current regime has been posting here for almost two years.

          • Bud Poile

            Good God Freud,
            One writer with thin skin is not “writers” as you would prefer.
            Last week he was ready to stop writing because readers wanted to read.
            Pride has nothing to do with being heckled and cajoled,man.

          • Braindead Benning

            Lol it’s unbelievable what a hypocrite you are special bud. The fact is you are the only poster ive seen asked to leave by staff and i really don’t get why you haven’t been banned yet. as freud says man have some pride and leave, you are the biggest troll here.

          • Freud

            So, if I’m to get this right. Bud is here begging for this site to be moderated against the mean kids while calling writers thin skinned? I still can’t tell if you’re that obtuse or just a flaming, unashamed hypocrite.

      • crofton

        Isn’t this the site that when you were signed in and commented, your post header showed your user name in green? Not sure why they got away from that, it kept others from posting under that user name, or at least it didn’t show the imposter in green

  • truthseeker

    Think about how pathetic someone’s life must be, that they actually take the time to create a fake account on my name and others here. lol. Not too mention their own accounts where they struggle to come up with even the most boring troll comments.

    Talk about an absolute zero of a human being. Someone so totally devoid of originality, that he can’t even make his fake posts interesting. He can’t even make a believable strawman! hahaha….

    Someone that pathetic really should consider more drastic measures to deal with their utter lack of creativity and originality.

    But I don’t even care! Let them post here under my name. I enjoy it. Cutting them down is fun. Easy…but fun. As they really don’t pose any kind of intellectual challenge. They’re not even at a beginner level of an on line brain training game. haha….I’m so happy I don’t live a life like that. Where their only form of entertainment is this….haha…

    • Rodeobill

      one of the best parts of this site is the genuinely thoughtful, informed, and perspective some of the commentators pitch in for the kinda dialogue that you might have sitting at the pub with your buds, at least that’s the hole it fills in my life (I live in a country without hockey over in Asia). Even though I don’t comment as often as others, I always read them if I can. There used to be some really good posters here that I don’t see anymore (like steampuck is one that comes to mind). I wonder if they just gave up after getting drown out amid all the poo flinging.