Which Canucks Will be at World Junior Evaluation Camps

It’s almost the end of July, and it’s hot and sunny! That doesn’t matter, there’s hockey to be played.

The World Junior Evaluation Camp runs from July 28th-August 5th in Plymouth, Michigan at the USA Hockey Arena. This year features Canada, Finland, United States and Sweden in a round robin format that allows teams to take a look at some of their hopefuls for the 2018 World Juniors this winter in Buffalo.

The full schedule of games is as follows:




Sat., July 29 USA White vs. Finland 1 p.m.
USA Blue vs. Sweden 4 p.m.
Sun., July 30 USA Blue vs. Finland 1 p.m.
USA White vs. Sweden 4 p.m.
Tues., Aug. 1 Canada Red vs. USA White 4 p.m.
Canada White vs. USA Blue 7 p.m.
Wed., Aug. 2 Canada vs. Finland 1 p.m.
USA vs. Sweden 4 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 4 Sweden vs. Canada 1 p.m.
Finland vs. USA 4 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 5 Sweden vs. Finland 4 p.m.
USA vs. Canada 7 p.m.

The players will then separate to their various leagues around the world, where they hope to continue to impress their respective countries coaches and receive invites to the training camps in December.

The Canucks will be well represented this year at the camp. There are some locks for their respective countries, some long shots, and some notable absences.


The Canucks will have a few of their 2017 draft picks trying to make a name for themselves for Team Canada Brass. The full roster can be found here.

33rd overall pick Kole Lind was not initially invited to the camp but was a late add in early July. It’s fair to think that he is a long shot to crack the roster in December, but getting an invite to this camp shows how far he has come. He was cut from the Ivan Hlinka roster to start his draft season, then started a little slow and took off from there.

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Obviously, a lot of things could change between now and puck drop in Buffalo, but it would be an uphill battle for Lind to secure a spot. Given that the USA and Canada start with split squads, it’s fair to believe that Lind will get at least one game during this camp.

Since Lind has an early birthday in his draft season, he will be unable to represent Canada in 2019, so this is his last chance to represent Canada at the World Juniors.

55th overall pick Jonah Gadjovich was part of the original invite list and given his physical play could secure a bottom six role. He has the ability to play gritty, pot some goals and work well with others. Those all should work in his favour. This doesn’t mean he is a lock to make the roster, but his versatility is something that should help his case.

He will need to hit the ground running to start the OHL season after an impressive showing at the development camp this month. He is definitely someone to watch.

64th overall pick, goaltender Michael DiPietro is another Canucks draft pick that could make the final roster for Canada. However, it’s worth mentioning that the starting job is Carter Hart’s to lose. That means there is the backup spot up for grabs, and DiPietro is the most likely candidate over Stuart Skinner and Dylan Wells. Another goalie could emerge in the coming months, but I think it’s fair to believe that a Hart-DiPietro tandem will be there for Canada.

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United States

The full United States roster can be found here.

2016 3rd round pick William Lockwood will be representing the United States at the Summer Showcase. He has previously represented the US at the U17 in 2014-15 and U18 in 2015-16.

The tireless and speedy winger is recovering from shoulder surgery that kept him off the ice for the Canucks development camp. As Ryan Kennedy mentions above, he will be in attendance but won’t play in any games.

The United States has shown a tendency to go with more skilled and speedy players to fill out their depth, rather than the bruising plodders. That means that Lockwood has a very good chance to secure a bottom six role that helps out on the penalty kill.  He brings a speed element that can burn oppositions in transition.


The full team Sweden roster is below:

5th overall pick from the 2017 NHL Entry Draft Elias Pettersson will be there. It’s fair to believe that he will be a big part of the Swedish offence and is almost essentially a lock to make the team. The Swede’s are only bringing 14 forwards to this development camp, so you can already see where the roster is heading towards.

Another Canucks prospect Jonathan Dahlen is ineligible for this winter’s World Juniors as he turns 20 years old on December 20th. It’s unfortunate, as it would’ve been fun to have both Dahlen and Pettersson representing Sweden this winter.


Last but not least is the noticeable absence.

Canucks first pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, Olli Juolevi is not listed as attending despite being eligible to play in Buffalo in December. At first glance, that may raise some eyebrows, but it’s fairly clear why he isn’t there.

Juolevi has been a mainstay of the Finnish defence at the World Juniors for the past two seasons, and he has gone through development camps, training camps and tournaments already. He really doesn’t have a lot to gain from attending this years development camp in Plymouth. His absence allows some other players a chance to prove themselves.

Juolevi likely has his eyes on securing a spot with the Canucks this fall and is focusing on the summer training with that prize as the focus. If Juolevi is available for Finland for the World Juniors, he will be there.

The Canucks could have as many as five prospects at the World Juniors this winter. That isn’t the likely outcome, but it is possible.

It’s fair to believe that Juolevi and Pettersson will be there, with DiPietro being the next likely option. Gadjovich and Lind have a chance, but given the depth of talent for Team Canada, it could go either way.

Once this development camp is over, it’s only a few short weeks until leagues in Europe start their seasons and CHL training camps open. From the draft eligible angle, the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament starts the day that this World Juniors Camp closes.

For teenage players, hockey has become a 12 month a year endeavour with limited amounts of downtime. Who said Millennials are lazy?

  • wojohowitz

    I look at that photo and Pettersson sure looks like he has put on some weight then I scroll down to the roster and he`s listed at 186. That`s 18 pounds in four weeks. Maybe the explanation is the kid loves Five Guys burgers and shakes.

  • Dud

    Look at the picture of this kid, his helmet is too big for his pea sized head and his gear swamps him. Having seen him close up i promise you he is no bigger than 160 soakin wet and his shoulders are so narrow i really can’t see him getting much bigger. We all know the league always exagerrates weight and height but cmon even listed at 165??. What a f-kin embarrassment.

    • Killer Marmot

      Doug Gilmour was 140 lbs (!) in junior hockey. Although he was listed as 175 lbs while in the NHL, I’m pretty sure they weighed him with his equipment on.

    • ADS

      Know who else was 165 at their draft? Another Swede by the name of Erik Karlsson, you might have heard of him… If we’re solely judging on the weight of a player when they’re 18 years old then he’s another f-kin embarrassment right?

      • Bud Poile

        Shorter and thinner than most of his peers, the blonde, young blue-eyed Orr dazzled the coaches of Parry Sound’s bantam league team with his skill, speed, and tenacity, rather than brute strength (even in his prime years in the NHL Orr was a solid but unprepossessing 5 feet, 11 inches, and weighed 175 pounds).
        Read more at http://biography.yourdictionary.com/bobby-orr#xAhYCZjpC2H2p7OO.99

        We all know who the obnoxious f’kin embarrassment is.

        • Dud

          “Last year Marner, Tkachuk, Provorov, Matthews, Nylander, Laine,etc. jumped straight from the draft table into making an impact at the highest level. The Canucks need players that can contribute out of the gate. I would take Liljegren or Heiskanen. Glass or Vilardi if they go for the future. Hopefully it’s a player that is close to NHL ready come September” – Bud Poile

          No MENTION of Petterrson whatsoever from the bi-polar trolling multi account loser. Who is the f’kin embarrassment here…YOU are dipsh*t.

          • Bud Poile

            Yeah well I guess you got me. Benning blew it but what can i do. This site is all i got and I have to keep up my act. Dude i’m lonely and a recovering alcoholic so that’s how it is. Sorry everyone, i never meant to get this carried away but CA is my drug and i am addicted.

          • Bud Poile

            I’m ok with the pick.This team needs a gifted #1 and everything I’ve read and seen since the draft supports that view.
            The .org has far more insight,knowledge and capabilities than I can dream of ever having.
            So,no,I don’t hate Benning or Linden or the scouts for making it.
            I certainly wouldn’t denigrate the young man or the pick process.
            #1. I would be ignorant.
            #2. I would be mean -spirited and obnoxious.

          • Bud Poile

            Nice that CA now allows you to post in my name.
            I guess that’s your level.
            “Yeah well I guess you got me. Benning blew it but what can i do. This site is all i got and I have to keep up my act. Dude i’m lonely and a recovering alcoholic so that’s how it is. Sorry everyone, i never meant to get this carried away but CA is my drug and i am addicted.”

        • Bud Poile

          Once he bulks up to 200 lbs I could easily see Elias being a better player than Bobby Orr with mentorship from his Swedish countrymen the Sedins and Lou Eriksson.

          • defenceman factory


            I like the Petterssen pick and can believe there is a chance he could become the best centre from his draft year. I

            Bud your optimistic view of all things Canucks often stretches to the outlandish but this is too far for any reasonable person to believe. Dial it back a notch please.

          • LTFan

            Bud, you crossed the line by saying, “I could easily see Elias being a better player than Bobby Orr”. There was and is only 1 Robert Gordon Orr. I saw him play at the Pacific Colesium and he was unbelievable. His stats are the proof of how good he was.

            Pettersson, we all hope will become a very good player, but that is a couple of years away. He will be bigger and stronger, but IMO what he will bring to the Canucks is skill with the puck and finding other players with his passes.

          • Braindead Benning

            Yo Bud. If you really meant what you said about addiction and such then fully commend and support you, however if you are lying Just to get simpathy then I will continue to roast your sorry stupid @ss

          • Bud Poile

            Thanks agan CA for allowing your troll to post using my user name.

            re:Once he bulks up to 200 lbs I could easily see Elias being a better player than Bobby Orr with mentorship from his Swedish countrymen the Sedins and Lou Eriksson.

      • Braindead Benning

        Yep… Like the same meaningless statements made from Dim Jim and Spineless Trevor….let’s wait!!!!

        I can’t for the life of me believe how inept these two clowns are after almost 4 years… These idiots had to basically sign a full line of UFA just to fill a roster that has been decimated by 4 years of stupidity with drafting and player development… we all expected this team needed a rebuild however, with all the high draft positions and seasoned veterans ready for a move all we have to looking forward to is another 25th or lower placement…

          • Braindead Benning

            Hahaha… your right I am boring !!!

            And after a marathon conversation/buggery session with your mom and sister we also “came” to the same conclusion about YOU… except we couldn’t continue the conversation after they informed me about your MICRO_ _ _ _ _ and how everyone laughed themselves to tears once the caught a glimpse… oh and BTW, you are complete idiot… especially when you beat that dead horse about Tanev fetching 7 first round picks and 15 roster players… i mean come on….
            How f-ing stupid are you !!!! Clearly you were not only dropped on your head on a daily basis but then picked up and flung across the room…

            BTW, have a nice day ??

          • truthseeker

            ooohhh…..wow….aren’t you a boring cliche. mom and sister joke….small….joke….

            You really cranked up the brain power for those huh? And dropped on my head to boot! Wow. A regular Mark Twain you are….

            Seriously….Are you this boring in real life? Your life must be horribly atrocious. A big fat non contributing zero. Your friends and family must hang on your every word.

            Go ahead…toss a few more 10 year old level “insults” at me. Have you ever had an original thought? Ever? Even just once in your life?

            How does it feel to live a life like that? I can’t imagine.

    • Bud Poile

      Olli is being carefully managed so he can measure up well against players like Burns, Doughty and Fowler in our division. This is smartt asset management by Benning and the main reason I expect Olli to win the Calder, Norris and eclipse Erik Karlsson in his first full season. He is that good.

      • Bud Poile

        This is the fourth time today CA has llowed their troll to post in my name.
        I guess JD hates all things Canucks he allows his site to be this messy level of incompetence.

        Re:Olli is being carefully managed so he can measure up well against players like Burns, Doughty and Fowler in our division. This is smartt asset management by Benning and the main reason I expect Olli to win the Calder, Norris and eclipse Erik Karlsson in his first full season. He is that good.

  • Fred-65

    With all these one way contracts for basically AHL players you have to wonder how much money is Aquaman willing to invest into plan “B” If I was Aquaman I’d be questioning Bennings thinking

    • Fortitude00

      When there isn’t a lot of positive to discuss people get bored. A lot of people choose to be optimistic during these times but the truth is the Canucks still are looking for a #1 d man, #1 centre and a #1 goalie for the the next core. So until the Canucks find 2 of those three we will have lots of down time much like the Oilers the last ten years.
      Pettersson and Demko are probably three years away from making a case for either of those two spots so hold on tight. I think we have a lot of middle 6 forward prospects much like Toronto had for the last ten years. Toronto couldn’t find that #1 centre until last year and they struggled because of it. So I am glad Benning went after the guy he thought could possibly fill that role down the road.

        • Fortitude00

          Really hard to say with goalies and I hope you’re right. Roughly looking at his rookie AHL season last year without going too fall into detail he was 27th in save percentage 10th in GA and 25th in GAA in 39 games played.