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Canucks Sign Reid Boucher to One-Year Contract Extension

The Vancouver Canucks and Reid Boucher agreed to terms on a one-year contract, valued at $687,000. It’s a one-way contract, which ensures that Boucher will earn his full salary, even if he’s playing games in the AHL.

The two sides were slated for salary arbitration, as Boucher filed on July 14th. Their hearing was set for August 1st. Given Boucher’s relatively modest salary, one would have to think that securing a one-way deal was the sticking point for the player’s camp.

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Boucher first joined the Canucks as a waiver wire acquisition mid-season, after bouncing between the Nashville Predators and New Jersey Devils.

In 27 games with the Canucks last season, Boucher tantalized a blistering shot and modestly positive impacts on his team’s ability to control play at even strength in a limited role. Boucher’s five goals and two assists don’t necessarily jump off the page, but it’s fair to suggest he had more to offer and was held back by the role that then-head coach Willie Desjardins forced upon him. Players with Boucher’s skill set don’t generally thrive on the fourth line.

Next year will be a big one for Boucher, who turns 24-years-old mere weeks before puck drop. It’s now or never for the pint-sized goalscorer. It’s an uphill battle in training camp, where the Canucks have taken a volume approach to plugging the many holes at the front of their lineup.

  • Fortitude00

    I am not sure WD was holding him back he is 24 years old and hit waivers twice last season. The price is right and he’s a decent in and out of the line up type of player.

    • Cageyvet

      I gave you a cheer for this, it’s an accurate comment, but I hope he doesn’t have to hit the waiver wire before he gets a decent look. This team can’t overlook any offensive flair they can put in the lineup, and with the caliber of goaltending in the league, a sniper-type of shot/release should be given every opportunity to succeed.

      • Fortitude00

        If he hits the waiver wire I think it is a good thing. Someone posted below and I agree that it means someone in the lineup and surpassed him. It means one of our prospects has taken that spot. Just don’t want it to be a press box spot.

    • Bud Poile

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  • wojohowitz

    The problem with Boucher was always his conditioning and a two way contract would have motivated him to work out. We might be looking at a Krutov situation.

  • Braindead Benning

    The fact there is even a write about this player who cleared waivers twice indicates how piss poor TLJB has drafted and managed player development

      • RoCkFaThEr

        She/he doesn’t…I blocked her/him in the province so I wouldn’t have to read her/his ridiculous comments.
        I wish I could do the same here, this site would be so much better without seeing the three trolls posting (Ron-Rolland-Cassandra)
        Anyways….good depth signing!

    • truthseeker

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  • canuckfan

    If he doesn’t make the team and is claimed on waivers means he just couldn’t make the team and will be someone else’s project. No sense keeping a guy around because he has promise if he can’t make the team then he goes to Utica, if he is claimed by another team so be it won’t be Benning’s fault that he couldn’t make the team. The AHL is full of players like Boucher who was a goal scorer in junior but when it came to playing against men just can’t cut it.

    • Killer Marmot

      If the Canucks are able to bring up a bunch of prospects this season then there may be a couple of players lost to waivers. That will be a good thing, for it means the rebuilding is coming along nicely.

      • Beef jyrki

        It is coming along nicely killer, as a canuck fan l am finally having a little bit of optimism for the future. We need to be little bit patient and get rid of the dead weight over the next couple of years

  • Normally, being on the waiver wire is a bad thing but not in Boucher’s case. NJ tried to sneak him down because they wanted to keep him but thought he needed more development. Nashville saw value and claimed him, and then tried to do the same thing. NJ claimed him back and tried again. Finally, the Canucks decided to snag him and hang on. The waiver wire is designed to keep talent in the NHL rather than being stashed in the AHL so the fact that 3 teams were claiming and reclaiming Boucher strongly suggests that Boucher is a worthwhile *free* project.

  • Tedchinook

    I think maybe too excited. Gaudette won’t even be at camp and it would be an absolute shocker of Petterson made the team this year. Plus, while I like the hiring of Green as our new coach he never won the Calder Cup with Utica.

  • Roy

    hahahahaha ohh man thanks for the morning laugh. Are you drunk? Canucks in the playoffs?? This reminds me of when they hired Willie after the AHL championships victory and everyone was in a tizzy, during the what, three-four year delusional “rebuild on the fly” era (with Sestito, Vey, Weber, Vrbata, Higgins, Corrado on the, lol, roster). Now we’ve just started rebuilding properly (despite the Sedins and Edler somewhat pointlessly stuck on the NMC flypaper) and fans are starry-eyed and delusional again. Can we just hope for some exciting hockey, instead? If that happens, I’ll be content, but I doubt it. No one in their first year coaching in the NHL is going to run and gun, they’ll just be super boring and conservative and gum up the lines with veterans while the kids watch from the press box.