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WWYDW: Erik Gudbranson


As far as content is concerned, we’ve reached the dog days of summer. That means I have to reach further and further for questions to ask our readers. So, unlike previous weeks, there was no impetus for today’s question other than my own idle curiosity. Expect this to be a theme for the next month or so.

Reports trickled out during and after the draft that the Canucks and Panthers had a deal in place to swap Erik Gudbranson for Jason Demers, but Demers refused to waive his no-move clause to come to Vancouver. Gudbranson recently inked a one-year $3.5 million deal, but is rumoured to be looking for a hefty extension heavy on both money and term. With the Canucks signing two defensemen in free agency, and Olli Juolevi likely to join the team within the next couple of years, where Gudbranson fits is unclear. So what would you do with Gudbranson? Extend him, trade him, or let me him walk?

Last week I asked: Which players would you have start the season in the AHL?

Billy Pilgrim: 

The easy answer is “anyone who doesn’t earn a spot”. I think the Canucks do have the luxury of giving roster spots to their prospects if they think that they are ready and that it would fit with their development. They also have a coach that likely has player development as part of his mandate. So any or all of Boeser, Goldobin, Dahlin, Virtanen could make the opening day roster at the expense of any of Boucher, Rodin, Burmistrov, Megna, Chaput and possibly Gaunce. If I was a betting man, I would wager that Boeser and Goldobin have the best chance of making the team at the expense of Boucher, Rodin, Megna or Chaput. Potential lineup:
Sedin – Sedin – Eriksson
Baer – Bo – Boeser
Gagner – Sutter – Goldobin or Rodin?
Gaunce – Granlund – Burmistrov

Boucher, Megna, Chaput, Dahlin, Virtanen and one of Rodin/Goldobin get sent down.

Defense is pretty set without a trade. I don’t see a lot of sense in promoting a prospect to be the 7th defenseman. So barring a trade, Juolevi (SEL?) and Subban (Utica) stay down. I think Pedan or Holm have a shot at beating out Wiercioch for #7, but probably get sent down (possibly lost to waivers in the case of Pedan). Juolevi might force a trade.


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Burmistrov, Gagner, Rodin, Wiercioch and Del Zotto are all on one-way contracts which means Benning has every expectation that they will be on the NHL roster now. Let Boeser, Goldobin, Dahlen, Virtanen, MacEwen, Labate, and Molino gel as a cohort in Utica and experience success as a team against lesser competition. As they filter into the NHL roster over the next two years, they’ll be excellent reinforcements for Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund, Sutter, Gagner, the Sedins (if still willing) and Eriksson. No need to hustle during the trade deadline or free agency to fill spots in the roster. And that doesn’t even include forwards like Pettersson, Lockwood, Gaudette or the 2017 draft class.

Ragnarok Ouroboros:

Goldobin has played enough in the AHL, he needs to cut his teeth in the NHL now or they should just trade him. I would rather he play than Chaput, Megna, Boucher, or Virtannen who I think should all be sent to the AHL.

Boeser should be given a chance in the NHL as well. He tore it up in his 9 game stint last year. It would make no sense from a PR stand point, or a team stand point to send him to the AHL right away. They have to sell tickets some way, and Megna and Chaput are not going to sell tickets.

When watching Gaunce last year, I felt he was on the verge of breaking out but had awful puck luck. I definetly want him to play in the NHL this year to show what he can do.

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Canucks seem to have a tonne of forwards signed, so I’m not sure where they all will play. The Utica Comets will be a good team this year though.

Chris The Curmudgeon:

Obviously the key piece here is Boeser, as the best player on the bubble. Starting the year in Utica wouldn’t hurt him one bit. Goldobin has already showed that he’s too good to keep in the AHL, and at Rodin’s age and with his recent experiences, I think you give him his shot in the NHL on his 1 year deal and find out, yes or no, if you’ve got an NHL talent there. So, I think Goldobin, Boucher and Rodin should all start the season with the big club. Along with the Sedins, Eriksson, Granlund, Gagner, Horvat, Baertschi, Sutter, Gaunce, Burmistrov and Dorsett, that makes 14 forwards. Boeser, Dahlen, Virtanen, Molino, MacEwen, Megna and Chaput should all be in Utica, with the expectation that Boeser and Molino could be top 6 or bottom 6 injury callup replacements, respectively, fairly quickly. Megna, Chaput, Virtanen and Dahlen should all spend most or all of the season in the AHL.

On D, with Edler, Stecher, Tanev, Del Zotto, Gudbranson, Hutton and Wiercioch all on one way deals, it probably means Pedan, Holm, Subban, Biega and Chatfield will be in Utica, and Juolevi might even end up in junior for another year. That’s sort of the downside to some of these NHL free agent signings, that there really aren’t that many roster spots available for younger players like Subban unless you want to either lose a valuable piece to waivers, trade a veteran or bury salary in the minors.

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  • Freud

    Benning played hundreds of games as a defence man in the NHL. He knows how to evaluate d-men. Look how valuable Vegas thought Sbisa was. They snapped him up.

    A smart GM like Benning would never give up a 1st and a 2nd for a d-man approaching UFA unless that d-man was an elite, foundational player.

    So let’s pay him like he’s elite! 8X$8M a year.

  • wojohowitz

    Six years in the league and some people still see upside. I see a $3 million dollar Pedan clone with massive holes in his game. Make him look good and then get rid of him. Dale Tallon saw Guddy for what he is, turned on the hype and suckered Benning. Guddy is laughing all the way to the bank. 25 years old with $10 million in the bank. I`d be smiling too.

      • wojohowitz

        You believe that Guddy for Demers schtick. Sure Tallon would love that deal. Maybe he could re-sell him to somebody else for another first and a second and there`s Benning looking like a complete fool. Who dreams this stuff up – the Toronto media?

        • Dud

          Yah wojohowitz, but Isn’t this the same schmuck who actually believed it when JIm Benning said ‘this is a team we can turn around in a hurry’ 4 off seasons ago? What a douche.

    • I agree with the first half of this, but there’s no reason to attack Gudbranson personally. It’s not his fault GMs have overvalued him, and by all accounts he’s a decent guy.

      • wojohowitz

        I`m not attacking Gudbranson personally. In fact I congratulate him on convincing the so-called brains of the hockey world that he can play. I`m just stating the harsh truth – he can`t. Before you know it he will be a free agent looking for a minimum salary contract like Cody `The Pylon` Franson but that`s if he doesn`t just walk away with his ten mill which he probably will when the GMs smarten up.

    • RoCkFaThEr

      Ummm… I could be wrong but… Wasn’t it a different GM that traded Gudbranson?
      If memory serves me correct Florida went through that whole analytics thing and let Tallon go prior to the trade..
      Was the GM’s name Rowe?

      • wojohowitz

        You are absolutely right. Rowe was GM from 1/16 to 11/16 and the trade was 5/16 so if Tallon did not like the trade and wanted to undo it what would he offer; Demers straight up or something Benning could swallow?

  • apr

    CA writers lambast the guy for his play and call him a third pairing d-man, but still expect Benning to trade him for what was originally given up (ie late first round pick and a second). If he’s as bad as this site insists him to be, then how could Benning get anything remotely to a first and second? I say let him play and if you don’t want to give him the 5 and $4.5-5 million that he will likely ask for, then trade him at the TDL for whatever you can get. McCann looks like a bust, and Dahlen is a better prospect than what Florida drafted, given that a lot of people thought Burrows was just going to be bought out.

    • Ragnarok Ouroboros

      I think CA writers are saying Gubrandson’s perceived value across the league is high, so they should be asking for a 1st and a 2nd round draft pick. Perhaps Canucks could get this much in a trade before the other GMs in the league realize this emperor has no clothes.

      • Fortitude00

        So trade him and then we have no big D men, down a right handed shot and we would have no physical D men. With Sbisa gone he is the only regular with his skill set. He is 25 years old and has all the tools to turn his game around. Patience.

        • Confused Canuck Fan

          I’m confused. Why would GMJB still want to hold on to Erik after admitting that the league has now moved towards puck moving D who can join the rush and put up points. I guess this is why GMJB wanted a puck mover like Demers instead, but alas he didn’t want to know. The search therefore continues, but surely this means Erik is no longer a foundational piece after just half a playing season for us?

          Is this really how you successfully run a hockey club at the NHL level though?

          • redrocket

            saying the league has now moved towards puck moving d who can join the rush and put up points doesn’t mean we should get rid of anyone who is not that, it means we should find someone who is that.

  • natevk

    For some reason it sounds like Gudbranson is in the rare position of being valued more by other teams in the NHL than he is worth to the Canucks (although you might argue that he may assist in a tank for next year, which makes him quite valuable to Vancouver…). For that reason, he should be traded and such a trade should be given higher priority by management than a play to move anyone else on the roster, even Tanev (given the perceived vs actual value realities for the two dmen).

    Trading Gudbranson isn’t even really about next season, but rather the years down the road when we hope the Canucks will be competitive again. Having $5million or so locked up in a player that maybe will be an effective 3rd-pairing dman on a contender is not a prudent use of resources. If his value is unlikely to improve (which seems to be the case), then the Canucks should cut-bait now and take the pick+prospect that is rumoured to be his potential return.

  • TheRealRusty

    I would try to get him signed to a team friendly 4-5 year contract (while he has little leverage coming off an injury) in the $4-4.5 million range but nothing more. Such a contract will give the player a bit of security while providing the team a cost controlled asset to play or trade.

    • Pat Quin Way

      Mate, you’re not even half as confused as Benning so don’t sweat it!

      Not only does this utter fool change his tune on players after five minutes he is also the only GM in the league who gives away six draft picks in return for two on a rebuilding team – you know the one “we can turn around in a hurry”.

      “What’s even more disconcerting is how freely the Canucks have been handing out draft picks under GM Jim Benning, which is surprising considering he was hailed as a scouting savant when he arrived”. – sportsnet.ca

      #gobenning and take bud with you

      • Confused Canuck Fan

        I’m confused. So you are saying that Guddy is a bust after half a season, because it’s clear he has no offensive upside whatsoever. Why even make this trade in the first place and then realise it was a mistake after half a season. This is so bizarre, in fact i would call in gross incompetence at management level from GMJB.

        • Bud Poile

          Yes,you are confused.
          When you inherit a devoid prospect pool and ageing roster the goal is accumulate NHL calibre assets so they can be roster ready and able to be turned over,if desired/necessary.
          McCann is a tweener and Benning threw in a second.
          That 38th pick has a 34.3% chance of playing 100 NHL games.
          The fourth and fifth round picks exchange was an inconsequential whatever.
          Guddy is a defensive d-man so the asset is an NHL seasoned defender with marketable value vs. a McCann and prospect with questionable future value.
          Your evaluation conclusion is so bizarre you must be confused.

      • ENFORCER

        B*llocks. Erik Slugbranson is worthless. At his age/size and as a third overall pick he should be challenging for a Norris. Instead he is challenging for permanent goat horns. These type of outdated D who don’t rack up points and just chip off the glass instead of passing the puck up ice are as outdated as Benning’s hair style. Let this bum walk. Brutal f*king trade.

        • truthseeker

          So you are saying he was “worthless” at the time the canucks traded for him? You’re saying Florida couldn’t have gotten anything for him from any other team and would have had to waive him?

          Again…you don’t seem to even have the slightest clue what D is worth in the NHL. Even “bad” D has some value if they have consistent NHL games under their belts.

          It’s why Sbisa was taken over Gaunce. It’s why Larrsson fetches a Taylor Hall. Why Shattenkirk…a 3 month rental, brought back a huge package and cost the capitals dearly.

          And you applying hindsight (a common event around here for the illogical minds) about the trade at the time it was done, is just ridiculous.

  • Kanucked

    I would trade him during the season probably at the TDL.

    It would be difficult to sign him. Either he performs well and wants market price >$4.5mm or he doesn’t and would settle for around $3.5mm.

    In the first scenario, it would be difficult to pay him that price given he would have a small sample size. In the second, why would you pay a third pairing defenceman $3.5mm?

  • Betty

    Given that before his injury, Gudbranson and Hutton were one of our more effective defensive pairings, I’d find room for him. If you look at the stats from season start to Nov 30 (a couple weeks before he was removed from the lineup because of his wrist problem which had been bugging him for a couple of weeks), he and Hutton are 2nd and 3rd in SAT, 1st and 2nd SAT ahead, 1st and 2nd SAT tied.

    Not to mention, he’s a big defensive guy, the kind who can crush players along the boards, which is extremely helpful in the playoffs (I’d say the only reason Ottawa pushed the Pens as far as they did was because they kept injuring Pens players with big hits.) When he’s healthy, he’s one of our better defenders. Maybe not a top pairing guy but a fantastic 2nd pairing guy.

    Gudbranson is a young guy, entering his prime years, Tanev won’t be around forever etc. Let him play this year, see if we can sign him to a 4.5 sort of deal.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    I don’t think any decision regarding Gubrandson can be made now. He looked really bad last year, but how much of that was due to injury, line mates, and coaching.

    Gubrandson needs to be re-evaluated at the trade deadline to see if he fits in with the new system under green. We need to consider how all the young players are affecting the team as a whole since defence is a team game. Gubrandson needs to be healthy so he is performing at his peak abilities and we can get a decent sample size of his play in order to collect some useful analyitic metrics.

    Bottom line is we should know at the trade deadline whether we should fish or cut bait with Gubrandson. Given his analytic history to date I’m leaning towards trading him, but I want to see what he can do when healthy.

  • Plan A: Target the teams that would likely try to sign Gudbranson in the offseason and start a bidding war now for his rights.

    Plan B: Hype up Gudbranson to make him the most coveted defensive rental for the trade deadline.

    Plan C: Work out another trade with Tallon to send him back to Florida for pennies on the dollar. Gudbranson’s contract situation is exactly what Tallon was trying to avoid when he traded Gudbranson in the first place.

    Plan D: Offer Gudbranson a deal that matches his performance and meets the Canucks’ needs, cap and term wise. Watch Gudbranson’s agent tear up the offer and laugh at our faces as he gets overpaid in free agency.

  • Sandpaper

    He is a big aggressive fairly responsible player, why would we want that? Trade the bum. We can have Stecher and Subban and Biega and Rathbone and Hutton and Tanev patrolling our Blue line for the next 5-6 years. That would be a pretty imposing group. I am sure teams like Los Angeles Anaheim Philadelphia Edmonton Calgary would be pretty intimidated facing that defence corps.

    • Fortitude00

      Ya no idea why most here want to trade him after one season the whole team was bad including his partner Hutton. Gudbranson offers a skill set the team needs badly. Can’t be bad and get pushed around nightly the fans will stop watching completely.

  • FireGillis

    I would trade any 2 of tanev edler Hutton gudbranson, as juolevi needs a spot; if we give him one next year I have no doubt he’d be our best defenseman. Boeser obviously needs to stay up, and I could see goldobin grabbing an NHL spot. Dahlen should go play with pettersson in the SEL then (hopefully) step in and play in the NHL the following season.

  • Swedish Chef

    Boys and Girls, why not look at what Benning has said he’s going to do with Gudbranson? Didn’t he say that he was going to re-evaluate his contract in January? That’s the whole reason for giving him the one year deal now.

    You can bet that the negotiations went something like this… Gudbranson’s side asked for really big first pairing money. Benning likely countered with something in the 4s with term. Gudbranson said no, leaving the one year “show me” extension as the only way to go. They’ve likely already pre-negotiated the next contract as Gudbranson’s side knows what things he needs to demonstrate in the first few months of the season. Benning trying to trade him was likely an unexpected plot twist if it’s seen as him trying to get out of the framework the two sides reached during this most recent negotiation.
    bork bork

    • Braindead Benning

      Sure if you believe that ?

      However, if the rumour was true that he was dangling Gudslug for Demers at draft day then evaluating him come January contradicts everything Dim Jim”s says.

  • TheRealPB

    I get the frustration with the acquisition cost of Gudbranson (which seemed like a decent bet at the time but his performance has not justified to this point) but as CA has pointed out I think in earlier articles, you have to just get over the sunk cost of a given player and deal with the now. If he is worth trading, then you have to try and see what he’s worth now, not what he was worth when we acquired him. That’s a fool’s errand — we “lost” in trading a late 1st round pick in Shinkaruk for a 2nd rounder in Granlund and “won” getting a 3rd and 7th for a FA like Lack or getting a prospect and 4th rounder for a late pick like Hansen. Other GMs (or ours) might overvalue Gudbranson because he was a 3rd overall or was worth a prospect and two picks two years ago, but we have to figure out what to do with what we actually have on our hands. I have not been impressed in the least with him yet but I’m still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt or at least play this out so that we’re not trying to trade him when his value seems to me to be at its lowest point. We might speculate that he’s still overvalued compared to what he is right now but I don’t think so — else why were we actually able to get him to take a show-me contract? He’s not in a terribly strong bargaining position and neither are we. As others have suggested I think the best bet is to let him play for at least half a season and re-evaluate then. If he actually does turn into a defensive rock then maybe you extend him then (I still wouldn’t). I know he is supposed to have all of these leadership qualities and it says something that clearly Edler and Tanev don’t seem particularly good in that respect, while Hutton and Stetcher are young and Del Zotto is new. Absolutely no need to re-up him now before he’s shown anything and no need to trade him now when his value is low. After all, what was Florida ready to give up for him in order to reacquire this once-and-future captain? Not one of their young good D like Matheson, Pysyk, Petrovic, or McCoshen, or their big-money guy in Yandle (and obviously not Ekblad!). We get offered the salary dump of Demers, whose $4.5 m salary is going to be awfully difficult for them to manage a year from now when Matheson comes off his ELC for a big raise and Petrovic can probably negotiate for a lot more. If the market right now for Gudbranson is a 28-year-old 4/5 defenseman, you have to hope you can inflate that with a few months of good play.

    • Bud Poile

      Nobody knows if the Canucks wanted a pick(s) with Guddy so Florida could cap dump.
      EG is on a ‘show me’ contract so he’s going to come to camp and play hard.
      Unless Talon was throwing in a decent pick(s) with Demers the better bet is let Guddy show the team and the league what he’s got and his potential market worth.

      • Pat Quin Way

        OMG guys – I’m not sure what’s worse, the boring novel from PB or the utter horsesh^t trolling from Bud the Dud.

        Guys, Gudbranson is a worthless bust and the biggest top three draft flop in years. There is no ‘showme’ Dud you utter [email protected], he’s already been in the league for SIX years, has a pathetic 12 goals and 49 points total and is a ridiculous MINUS 63! This is all there is from Guddy, now and forever.

        Guys, Erik Gudbranson is just a pylon who throws team mates under the bus and is as redundant as an oldschool goon in a league where puck moving scoring D ala the Pens/Preds are what every team wants. Benning the clown has now realised this too late as usual and is trying to shop his ‘foundational player’ for a bag of pucks… you just couldn’t make it up.

        Thankfully this four year disgrace is out of contract and won’t be able to screw us up much longer.
        #f off budthedud

        Run along troll Bud, tail between legs, schooled by your Master as always!

        • TheRealPB

          GUYS, GUYS, OMG — all you need is an LOL to finish us off…never change PQW, never change.

          Great point about Gudbranson’s +/-. There must be a reason that CA always talks about that stat. I saw somewhere that PK Subban was a minus 8 last year. That must mean he’s bad at hockey. Great arguments as always!

          • Pat Quin Way

            Despite his offensive/PP upside PK is an acknowledged defensive liability blabbermouth and that’s 1. A big reason why the Habs traded him 2. Why Babcock (and Sid) didn’t want him on the illustrious Team Canada hockey team and 3. Why he couldn’t propel his team to beat the mighty Pens in the SC final.. like you, he just ain’t good enough!

            PB, I know you are a grade A [email protected] but surely even a proven fool like you can see that a career MINUS 63 is horrifically bad, regardless of whatever anal-ytics snobbery fester inside your (very) tiny mind.

            Now, run along with bud and lick each others a$$es in unison mate – they’ve both just been kicked by PQW!

            Always change PB, always change…

          • Psych_Major

            Utterly fascinating how this ultimate loser resorts to angry personal attacks when he gets humiliated… we call this bi-polar and shizophrenia in the profession….

            “Being negative and nasty is ignorant self-entitlement.” – Bud Poile

            He then follows that up with this sickening profanity, yet he still has not been banned. Why?

            Yeah, you show us you come from ignorant, arrogant dick head school.
            You’re a knob, PQW. Did I tell you that you are a knob?
            You are the big, ugly clown show here
            So stuff your ignorant comments, Rusted One.
            I didn’t write the piece, dick.
            Pi$$ off you jerk.
            shove your act up your arse. I don’t drink ,dick.
            obnoxious, dickheaded twat. Get your f’n history right. You are incredibly ignorant.

            pot-kettle-black? Over to you mods…

        • TheRealPB

          So…you’re saying you think PK Subban isn’t good at hockey? He’s the reason Nashville lost the SC Finals (and remind me again, how well did the Canadiens do this year with Weber?). And him not getting picked for Team Canada had nothing to do with Babcock’s handedness obsession. Yup. You’re right, +/- is a great stat to judge defensemen by. I saw that Erik Karlsson is a career -12. He must be bad at hockey too. Wait a minute, Subban is a career +27. How? What? Why? PQW told me this was not the way to hockey!

  • RoCkFaThEr

    Keep him and see what he can do!
    Benning traded for him in the hopes that he could be a deterrent on the blue line.
    Unfortunately with an early injury, and poor coaching we never got to see the best of him.
    Remember Harold Snepts, Dave Babych, even Kevin Bieksa?
    Anyone that ever played against them certainly remembers them!
    We need a defenseman that keeps other teams honest, and I think this is Gudbranson’s year to show that he is that man…
    Time will tell, but I am very optimistic!

  • bobdaley44

    This team needs Guddy and Virtanen in the lineup. The Canucks lack that type of heavy player. Sharks,Kings,Ducks,Oilers and Flames all heavy teams. They’ll get ground down without some size in the lineup. Doesn’t hurt that Virtanen can really skate and shoot the puck.

    • Braindead Benning

      Agreed… the Canucks are in desperate need of these types of players as above mentioned to compete not only in the western conference but also league wise…the problem arises in the inability of these players (and include management) to recognise common hockey IQ is just as important then drooling over size and stupidity…
      Yes.. they have all the physical abilities to achieve strength tests and so on… but like Bud they seem to lack the ability to use the thing in between the ears that truely matters.


      B*llocks. Both are mentally and physically weak. Slugbranson had one fight – a draw against Kassian – and was done for the season. Like Tryamkin another oversized powderpuff. Canucks smurfs will get run over in the Pacific and Slugbranson won’t protect them, too worried about damaging his modelling career!

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    I think you play him in such a way to showcase him for a trade deadline move. Gudbranson is not a useless player, but his perceived value definitely outweighs his actual ability, and he’s still in his “prime” years, meaning that he needs to be considered an asset to help advance our team’s rebuild, especially as he is again in a contract year and would be an easy salary cap fit at that point of the season even on a cap-squeezed contender. Giving out another long term, high value contract to a guy who isn’t realistically a top 4 defender would be an awful move, as would losing him for nothing at the end of what’s likely a non-playoff season. That leaves trying to extract maximum value from a rental type trade as the best option.

    • TheRealRusty

      That is the dilemma that is facing GMJBTL when they decided to give up waiver exempt and cost controlled assets (McCann and pick) for Gundy; who when acquired was a year away from UFA. As a GM, you better be sure of how well the player you acquire will fit into your team or you find yourself between a rock (letting him leave for nothing) and a hard place (giving him a lucrative long term deal that he doesnt deserve so that the asset for nothing).

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        Yes, and putting aside that I didn’t really love Gudbranson at the time (big but slow, no offence, etc), that was really the biggest complaint I had with his acquisition, as with Sutter’s: investing so many assets into acquiring players with limited contract control gives those players huge amounts of leverage against you. Sutter never should have gotten the money he did, but once you give up a bunch of stuff to get him you have to give him what he wants to stay. Gudbranson’s injury curtailed his contract value and gave Benning a chance to save face by moving him this year instead of facing a giant extension that would have been yet another boat anchor against the flexibility you need to thoroughly rebuild.

        • Pat Quin Way

          Great post from one of the most astute posters on this blog. Credit where it’s due.

          Benning is a terrible GM and that’s why the likes of Tallon and McPhee play him like an out of tune piano.

        • truthseeker

          Except the canucks gave up McCann. A bit of a cancer who whined when he was picked about being in Vancouver. Good riddance. Interesting as well how all the haters have written off Virtanen as a “bust” yet they tout McCann as some sort of lost treasure…hahaha….McCann may still become a player…..I won’t be like your little crew of whiny snowflake supporters posting here and claim he’s a bust…but the failure to see their own hypocrisy only adds either to their stupidity or their utter failure in being a decent troll.

          Let’s see…what else….

          Oh yeah….feel free to post the day Rasmus Asplund becomes anything anyone has ever heard of.

          And a fourth round meaningless pick for a 5th round meaningless pick.

          Yeah…..it was SOOOO terrible that trade. lol. Soooo many assets….

          Canucks have no salary cap worries. Sutter is a place holder and I’ve already shown his contract, while not good, is not far out of line for others of his age and production.

          Nice try though….that picture you’re trying to paint.

          • Psych_Major

            Utterly fascinating – according to my notes this is the poster also known as ‘pheenster’ posting under one of his sock accounts.

            My case file shows that he says he does not go to the Canucks games because he is surrounded by water… even though he lives (in his mom’s basement) in Saanich Vancouver Island, a mere stones throw from the ferry terminal. We call this ‘a very poor excuse’ in the profession. Case closed.

          • Dirk22

            You didn’t need to write all that – basically its ‘who needs prospects when we have have a 6th, maybe 5th, defenceman on our hands – we’re set and ready to compete!’

          • truthseeker

            Canucks have plenty of prospects. Sometimes trades need to be made. Or is every deal involving sending a pick, always a bad one?


            stop being so illogical.

  • Ranger2k2

    I would try to limit his minutes and his match-ups as much as possible to start the season. Then trade him when a team suffers an long term injury to one of there top 3 or 4 defencemen. However the Canucks always have injuries on defense every year so maybe still limiting his competition and trading him at the deadline might be a better strategic move. If they could recoup a late 1st round pick and a B prospect I think you pull the trigger.

  • Jimjamg

    In the immortal words of Harry Neale when speaking of a former Canucks first rounder (Michel Petit), “he has all the tools but no toolbox”. Gudbranson may be in this category. If the Demers rumours are true then the Canucks are ready to cut bait if needed, so play him until Christmas, re-evaluate and shop him hard heading to the deadline if things aren’t tracking well.

  • truthseeker

    I’m not holding out much hope, but I would like to see the guy have a fair shot injury free and hopefully with a better coach in Green.

    Assess until the trade deadline. If he’s better than anyone expected and doesn’t show signs that it’s just a lucky streak then re sign him. If a great offer comes our way then trade him.

    If he plays bad then just move on. Take whatever we can get and write it off.

    • Braindead Benning

      When giving as much as the Canucks managment did to acquire him
      then as a fan I also think let’s see what this player brings being (injury free)

      But what I have I envisioned seen enough in a short period to make me think