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Canucks sign Michael Chaput to One-year, One-Way deal

The Canucks have signed forward Michael Chaput to a One-Year, One-Way deal this afternoon

Although not mentioned in the initial report from Friedman, I have confirmed that the deal is a One-Way deal.

The One-Way does not affect Chaput’s waivers status, as he will be required to clear waivers to be assigned to Utica but it does ensure that he receives the full $687,500 at both levels. Chaput had filed for Salary Arbitration earlier this month with hopes of securing a one-way deal, and it appears the Canucks agreed to make that concession prior to the actual hearing.

The fact that Chaput did receive a one-way deal has no effect on the Canucks salary cap situation, as it’s well below the threshold of buried salaries.

Last season, Chaput posted 4 goals and 5 assists in 68 games for the Canucks. He averaged 11:01 of ice time in bottom six role. He was signed to be an offensive leader for the Comets last season but due to injuries was recalled to the Canucks and never went back. Ideally, Chaput will spend more time in Utica this upcoming season rather than Vancouver but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t able to handle himself at the NHL level.

If he does make his way to Utica, he will be leaned upon to be an offensive leader for the Comets. With the influx of talent that is expected to make their way to upstate New York this upcoming season, having someone like Chaput could pay dividends. Jeremy Davis broke down some of the complications that the veteran rules in the AHL may pose, but that may only be an issue to start the season. Injuries happen and it will likely sort itself out.

With Chaput on the books, the Canucks now have 43 contracts for the 2017-18 season with Brendan Gaunce, Reid Boucher and Bo Horvat left to sign. Assuming all three will be signed, they would enter the season with 46 out of the 50 contracts signed. There may be another target of theirs, Alexander Kerfoot,  that will become available on August 15th through the NCAA UFA rules. That would put them at 47 contracts, and I would expect them to remain at that number entering the season to allow some flexibility with PTO’s, waivers and trades.

Chaput will be an restricted free agent at the conclusion of this one year deal.

  • Pat Quinn Way

    Jesus H guys, these are the type of depressing (non) moves that solidify to me just how bad these current management clowns are. Is this serious?

    For unassailable proof of how far we are being mis-managed into the basement for a third straight season, let’s look at what the Arizona Coyotes have pulled off to improve from their similar bottomfeeder status – Cleared out all the trash (coaches, Mike Smith, Doan etc) and hired a back-to-back cup winner in Rick Tocchet to coach – outstanding hire. Then traded bags of pucks for 3 time Stanley Cup winner Nic Hjalmarsson, top line center Derek Stefan and excellent ex NYR goalie Anti Raanta. THESE are the type of smart moves you make to build around an exciting young core (Domi, Ekman Larrson, Keller, Cychrun, ) that will propel you up the standings in a hurry, yet we are heading into year four with more plugs than Home Depot bathroom department and ONE draft pick out of 20 on the team. I mean c’mon guys, Nilsson, Wiercioch, Del Zotto and now Michael frickin Chaput?? – none of these guys are good enough to get us out of the basement in the Powerhouse Pacific. Are they?

      • Pat Quinn Way

        Oh look, another newbie account posting like he’s been here for ten years.

        Chill pill my a$$! What is all this cr@p about ‘1 or 2 more drafts’ and ‘five years until we compete’!!! – it’s utter cliched nonsense. We’ve had four drafts under Benning already and ONE player (Boeser) has made the current team with no franchise changing players having been drafted with three top six picks! Helloo??!!

        Guys, no more excuses and delusion, with the cap parity this is a show me NOW league and as Toronto, Edmonton and Columbus have proven, with the right management and the correct moves in place a team can go from zero to hero in no time. But not us!?

        Listen, I would love to say “hey we are making some great moves and are back on the way up to being a contender again, but we simply are not. Del Zotto, Juolevi, Virtanen and now Chaput gimme a break!

        While division rivals like the Oilers and Flamers are clearly back in the show and getting better we are sinking like a stone under this living nightmare known as ‘LinBenning’.

        Need i remind you that the definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different result! AZ are getting it right… the Vancouver Canucks under this clown show fraud Benning are the epitomy of insanity… guys, the standings and no playoffs year after year simply do not lie. Do they?!

        • bobdaley44

          Well it sure helps when those teams you mention have been drafting in the top ten if not the top five for the last ten years. Who couldn’t stockpile studs? Gillis emptied the cupboards and we’re paying for it now. I have no problem with Canucks management.Takes time to build a team especially one that finished with over a hundred points only three years ago. You think that eighteen year olds can play right out of junior?

        • Cageyvet

          I guess Arizona is somehow different to you, even though they finished 28th last year, 24th before that and 29th the year before……….dropping from an 18th place finish in 2013-14. Funny how all the teams you think are success stories sucked for several years and are geniuses, but you can’t handle any down time for this franchise. You’re comments are routinely a blight on your handle’s namesake, who oozed class, while you spew inanities and spew lowbrow insults at anyone who displays more intelligent insight than your own……so basically everybody.

        • Bud Poile

          Guys,guys,I need a Snickers bar.
          I can’t accept why the team isn’t loaded with 20 year old Benning draft picks.
          Where did Baertschi,Guddbranson,Sutter,Juolevi,Granlund,Dorsett,Stetcher and Boeser come from?My beloved Mikey never drafted these bums! BUMS!
          Speaking of bums-where’s my Snickers bar?
          Guys? Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyssssssss!!!

          • Psych Major

            Very good point BB. I too was bemused by this strange fascination with ‘snickers’ and upon reiewing my case files came upon this…

            “Somebody needs a snickers” – Locust
            “Guys,guys, I need a Snickers bar.” -Bud Poile
            “Speaking of bums-where’s my Snickers bar?” – Bud Poile

            These are the only instances on the whole board of ‘snickers’ being used by two users already identified as the same commenter. Locust and Bud Poile are clearly the same person. We call this in the profession guilty as charged…Case closed.

        • Psych Major

          Utterley fascinating – three accounts, all the same user (Bud Poille, bobdaley44 and Cageyvet) all posting within minutes of each other and all echoing the same dull, delusional retarded message that they have been boring us to death with for over year. Also note the only mass count of markdowns are on PQW’s posts from this same user. Utterly pathetic!

          How pitiful that one sad, lonely poster sits there watching his screen all day every day waiting to serial-post under over a dozen different user names when everyone derides him and even site managment have asked him to leave. In the profession we call this paranoid schizophrenia and you can read about it here…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranoid_schizophrenia

          Bud/Cagey/bobdaley please seek help, you aren’t right in the head.

          Case closed

          • defenceman factory

            No. Every hockey fan that enjoys a respectful exchange of ideas and opinions votes down PQW posts. Partly because his fixation with Bud Poile is just weird, partly because his posts are usually rude and vulgar and mostly because he has nothing interesting or factual to say. Yet he posts it over and over and over and over.

            Regardless of whether Bud’s posts make any sense or how many accounts he might have it is you and PQW that can be counted on to try and degenerate every exchange into a tirade of insults.

            You recently had a large number of your posts deleted. The vast majority of CA readers are disappointed you have been allowed to post here again.

          • TheRealPB

            I down vote you and PQW every chance I get (and I’m assuming by your similar styles that you might be the same confused individual). I thought the moderators had started to do a better job and gotten rid of you but alas you keep coming back. It makes the really interesting material and debates on this site a pain to have to wade through your garbage to get to them.

          • Bud Poile

            Dude,I have one computer,one email address and post here under one name only.
            CA can end this charade but choose not to for whatever they reason.
            You’re the paranoid schizo nutjob.
            Many posters here have told you to shove it.
            Get it,Snickers boy?

          • Cageyvet

            I’m the only one who has ever posted under this handle that I know of, and if others join me in trashing the ludicrous, negatively-biased comments you and PQW spit out, well, suck it up. We just happen to agree that your takes suck, but we’re different people. Imagine that, several people who disagree with you…..it shouldn’t take a Psych Major to figure out the pattern, but I don’t put much stock in anything you post, much less credit you with an advanced education.

          • Braindead Benning

            For some reason there is not a reply under Defenceman factory”s comment… anyway, this site is great for the fact that not only do we get some great comments regarding hockey be we also have some good old fashioned insults and vulgur replies which adds to the entertainment… if you want a site with a bit of pussies and jock sniffers agreeing with each then post elsewhere..

          • Pat Quinn Way

            Spectacular detective work Psych. No doubt about it, i myself count 17 different accounts from Dud and your evidence proves he is an outright liar and needs to be shut down asap.

            Here is another of his hypocritical posts to laugh at and add to your case files mate.

            “Being negative and nasty is ignorant self-entitlement.” Bud Poile
            Pi$$ off you jerk.
            shove your act up your arse. I don’t drink ,dick.
            obnoxious, dickheaded twat. Get your f’n history right. You are incredibly ignorant.

            and he then has the gall to ask the mods to ban others wtf??!!

        • Rayman

          Well, this guy obviously has some issues, I get that, but I think he also has some points here..
          i am NOT trusting Benning and co. yet. Until i see they dig out true no.1 center and defenceman.

          No matter what people say, their job is making Canucks better and I don’t think I have seen any proof of it yet. Hope it’s coming cause watching them under dreadful WD was sooo painful.

          • Fortitude00

            thing is no one knows until the draft picks have had time to develop. Most people here seem to get that others lack patience and don’t understand hockey draft picks rarely impact in the first three years. Anyone drafted outside the top 3 usually is 2-5 years away from cracking the NHL. Past the 3rd pick a GM really has to get lucky to find a guy who blends into their lineup and is able to crack the NHL right away.

        • Neil B

          If a player is drafted at age 18, and on average they do not reach their peak performance until age 24-25 (aka Draft+6 or Draft+7), don’t you think that Draft +1 and Draft +0 is a bit early to be determining “no franchise changing players having been drafted with three top six picks”? Shouldn’t we wait until Elias Pettersson plays at least one shift as a Canucks prospect before we write him off?

      • DeL

        Have you noticed that a number of draft picks by the current regime aren’t ready for prime time and still need a little seasoning?
        The cupboard was left bare by successive administrations before the current one took over who then needed to stock it.
        Doubtful Benning signed Chaput to play big minutes, that bird has flown.
        Juolevi was a good pick and will prove it. The Oilers should be back in the show they drafted first how many times in the last decade and then got lucky to be able to pick O’Conner. Oh yeah, let’s see what Toronto does for the first time in what. 40 years!?

    • ManicSt

      The ‘yotes have guys like Strome and Keller coming up, plus the guys they’ve already drafted. It takes time, the Canucks don’t have as many pieces yet. Bringing in some solid, low-cost vets to plug holes and keep the team competitive is the right move. Plus, they can be flipped for draft picks later on. Right now it’s time for the Canucks to pool assets and make value pickups.

      • Fortitude00

        and look at Dylan Strome drafted 3rd overall in 2015 and has played 7 games at the NHL level. So this is his 3rd year since being drafted, he is 20 years old and may crack the NHL this year. It is believed he will be a top line centre and he is taking this long so why are people not patient with JV and the other Canucks draft picks. Give them until the age of 21-22 before you start calling them busts.

    • Killer Marmot

      I mean c’mon guys, Nilsson, Wiercioch, Del Zotto and now Michael frickin Chaput?? – none of these guys are good enough to get us out of the basement in the Powerhouse Pacific. Are they?

      No, guys like Boeser, Juolevi, and Dahlen are intended to get the Canucks out of the basement. Guys like Chaput are this year’s back-up in case the prospects are not ready yet for the big leagues.

    • TheRealPB

      I really shouldn’t feed the troll but…you’re comparing apples and oranges. Chaput is a depth signing, kind of like Arizona did when they signed Adam Clendening or Michael Latta or Emerson Etem in recent days. Yes he got a 1-way deal but that doesn’t mean a whole lot other than to him (and I guess in terms of real money to the Canucks). This is not unusual for someone who would be a solid AHL veteran — Biega, for example also has a 1-way contract that pays him $700k whether he’s in the NHL or AHL. While Bachmann doesn’t have a one-way, he gets $650,000 in the NHL and $450,000 in the AHL. This is standard practice across the league. And getting faux-worked up over this as you do with all your trolling posts is pointless since literally every team in the league is doing these kinds of depth signings with their own players or UFAs right now. And comparing any other team in the NHL to Arizona is dumb because no other teams have been artificially propped up by the league while being resolutely terrible for years. I think it’s a travesty that they were able to profit (in getting Crouse for the Bolland contract for example) while being subsidized by the rest of the league. That’s not being smart that’s getting a serious advantage for no good reason other than Bettman wants hockey to succeed in a place it has no reason to.

      • Pat Quinn Way

        Guys, this is they type of self-important blowhard who sucks the life out of the room at parties isn’t it.

        I personally cannot stand ‘PB’ because his dull, rambling essays are boring and more full of holes than swiss cheese. Case in point – “And comparing any other team in the NHL to Arizona is dumb because no other teams have been artificially propped up by the league while being resolutely terrible for years.” he waffles…

        Clearly he hasn’t heard of the Buffalo Sabres…

        The Sabres, who had lost $32 million over the previous three seasons nearly missed payroll in December 1997. In May 2002, Sabres owner John Rigas and his sons were indicted for bank, wire and securities fraud for embezzling more than $2 billion, in turn hurtling the Sabres franchise towards bankruptcy. **The league stepped in and took control of the team**. For a while, there were no interested buyers. **After a long two-year period of uncertainty, including rumors of relocating to another city or even straight out folding**, the team was finally sold to a consortium.

        Add this to his huge guffaw telling us Adam Gaudette was signed… he isn’t.. and I think we can see who the ill-informed troll with the big red nose and big floppy shoes is here is guys.

        • Canuck4Life20

          And by the way, good job bringing up an example from 20 years ago. Maybe you should do a little checking into Buffalo’s current ownership before you run your mouth next time. Why not bring up the Penguins as well?

          • Canuck4Life20

            Newbie? C4L20 has been posting on here from Northern Alberta for years son, just like PB. Since the days of Drance and Filipovic. Long before you ever came along with your childish insults.

            I saw Pavel Bure play live while you were still a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. I spent more to go to game 1, 5, and 7 of the 2011 Finals than you make in half a year.

            I would post more often if I didn’t have a job and a family to take care of… That and the fact that this forum is been ruined by some troll doing an arts degree with multiple accounts who throws hissy fits and starts calling anyone who disagrees with them names.

            What happened in Buffalo 20 years ago is completely irrelevant to the state of the current NHL. Grab a clue.

          • ENFORCER

            Who is this stupid old f@rt flapping his yap then. Sounds like one of these ignorant oil rig rednecks to me ‘eh’!

            Yeah pal good call, let’s wipe out all 24 cups the Habs have won or Wayne Gretzky’s entire history cuz it’s not relevant to the NHL today while we are at it then, tw@t.

            Crawl back under your rock buddy and get ready to protect this family of yurs from the next big fire heading your way in Northern AB. PQW talks alot of sense, shame dumb rednecks like you can’t take the ‘heat’ eh.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Yet another account? And how low can you get insulting someone about the fires that took place up here last summer with everything that is going on in my home Province right now? My uncle almost lost his farm south of Quesnel. Do you want to insult him too? I took care of my family junior. Drove all night with my baby in the back seat, unsure if we had enough gas to make it to the nearest town 240 km away. Would you have the guts to do the same?

            The same people that went through such a tough time up here are sending help back to BC and you want to insult them? Absolutely pathetic. You’ll get yours one day son and when you do Canadians of all types will be there to help you because that’s what they do regardless of what a pathetic troll you might be. Why don’t you head out and volunteer at one of the food banks in BC taking donations from Alberta or would that take away too much time from a summer of trolling with your four (and counting) accounts? You wouldn’t last a day doing some real work would you Arts Major??

            It’s absolutely pathetic that Canucks Army allows this to continue.

        • TheRealPB

          Aww, PQW, I never knew you cared! I’m so glad you follow along with my comments so closely — you’re right, I did forget that Gaudette hadn’t already signed, unlike Boeser and Demko. You’re absolutely correct, that completed undermined my argument that the vast majority of NCAA picks do sign with the team that drafted them. Bang on again. And you’re so right — the fact that Buffalo had to be taken over in 2002-2003 due to a fraudulent ownership group until a new owner could be found is EXACTLY the same as Arizona being artificially kept afloat by the league from 2009-2013 and not allowed to leave the city that didn’t want to be held hostage to their stadium-building demands. And you’re also absolutely right that there is nothing at all different about the league conditions in 2002 and 2017. The hard cap was exactly the same then and ability to trade dead contracts also identical. And even if I was to say that the Buffalo example doesn’t make Arizona any better and at any rate it has no bearing on my original argument which is that AZ is no model for any rebuilding because they’re propped up by the league is also completely wrong.

          Never change, PQW, never change…I also think we can see who the ill-informed troll with the big red nose and big floppy shoes is here, thanks for the huge guffaws.

    • Whothesteal

      LOL… Quinn Way you bust me up every time you prove how clueless you are. You never disappoint. It worth it just to come here and see what you have to post.

    • marcin

      we want to be in the basement, thats the only way you can turn things around. but some of the signings I agree do raise some eyebrows but for different reasons.
      Stanley cup final 4 had atleast one or more super stars or stars on each team
      Pittsburgh superstars malkin crosby stars kessel murray fluery
      nashville superstars josi subban ellis stars ekholm forsberg johansen and up and coming arvidson
      ottawa superstars karlsen
      anaheim superstars getzlaf fowler stars perry
      you need to get as many draft picks as you can and hope your scouting staff ( which finally was changed) and development staff know what there doing cause thats really the only way you get that true elite talent and its easier to fill in the gaps later. any deal they signed longer than 1 year was a bad signing because 1 year deals you get 2 good things one you get legit nhlers that help the young guys that are playing now and you could flip those vets on one year deals at the dead line and get more draft picks, increases your chances even more. they want it so the young guys in the canucks have legitimate nhlers to play with I get that to develop your young kids properly, but signings should only be one year deals

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Signing Chaput before arbitration doesn’t make a lot of sense. Chaput wanted a one way contract and got it without having to go to arbitration. Canucks should have let arbitration play out and take a chance that they could bet Chaput on a two way deal. Chaput is a mediocre 4th line player at best and there are only three 4th line spots available. Where are all these players with one way contracts going to play? Canucks are going to be spending a lot of NHL money for players to play in the AHL.

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      They probably knew that a one-way deal was a very likely outcome, and were able to get him to sign a lower annual value contract than he might have gotten in arbitration by waiving their right to walk away afterwards. Neither side especially likes to go to arbitration (it’s basically a hearing where the team’s reps need to talk about how lousy and useless the player is to try to keep his value down) so I guess it makes sense for them to try to compromise amicably.

    • Canuck4Life20

      I don’t see a big problem with one-way contracts for AHL players. It’s another way that teams like Vancouver can use their financial leverage as an advantage. Chaput is unlikely to be claimed by half the league if he were sent down as they would be stuck paying him a high salary in the AHL if they wanted to send him down at a later point.

  • Fred-65

    I must say I’m shocked and where management see Chaput fitting in. They’ve basically signed three B–C grade centres to go along with Henrik, Horvat and Sutter …is my math wrong ..that’s 6 centres. They can play wing I guess but they’re not exactly short of wingers either. I hope Vertanin, Goldobin Boucher, Molino, maybe Rodin enjoy Utica seems like the die is cast

    • Chaput spent a good chunk of last season playing on the wing.

      Having too many centres isn’t a bad thing as most centres can easily adjust to the wing. Not true the other way around.

      Chaput’s not the kind of player likely to be claimed on waivers and his contract is easy to bury in the minors if necessary. If he earns a spot on the 4th line, great, he was solid there for the Canucks last year. If he ends up in Utica, fine. Having good AHLers who can play a depth NHL role when needed is a good thing, and this signing should have zero effect on whether Virtanen, Goldobin, Boucher, or Rodin get time in the NHL.

  • jaybird43

    Chaput is a depth signing. Why all the angst. He’s not the future of the club. It’s guys like Boeser, BAERTSCHI, Granlund, Horvat, plus some of the high prospects (Could be two of Gaudette, Patterson, Dahlin, Goldy, Juolevi, etc). These will be the motors. Others… well they’re there for support. That includes Sutter, Erikson, Gagner, Del Zotto. It’s gonna be a few years guys … chill …

    • Gregthehockeynut

      Chaput-Gaunce-Burmistrov is a decent fourth line with a mix of size and speed and reasonable salaries. The previous remark about Chaput staying on the fourth line is bang on. When injuries and poor depth led to plugging unready and lesser skilled players in the top six the Canucks really hit the wall. Chaput is good at face offs. These days fourth liners are specialists in PP PK teams, face offs and hitting more so than the historical tough guys role. I wonder if Dorsett’s days are numbered.

  • canuckfan

    It will be interesting to see how Chaput and others play under Green, I think Willy was defense at all costs including the power play which at times looked more like a penalty kill. Hopefully Green will want his players to push for the opposing teams end rather than sitting back and defending in the neutral

  • Bud Poile

    How about one draft pick {that played a minimum half season} in FOUR years,Snickers?
    2008 thru 2011
    Knock knock kid!
    Benning’s #1 draft 3 picks played over a half seaason for the Nucks.
    Benning tripled Gillis’ 4 year output in his first draft.
    The Canucks franchise is glowing in the vast prospect pipeline Gillis left as his legacy.
    Would somebody CA roll this obnoxious troll in?

  • Fortitude00

    Another Gillis hater nice. How old are you did you see the 80’s or 90’s Canucks’ teams? Because if you did you would know there were a ton of non playoff teams and mediocre teams. Gillis took over a team that couldn’t get past the middle of the pack and took them to the top. He was unable to get them the championship but he did what no other GM could do. He surrounded the core that was here with free agents.
    Gillis is the winningest GM in the Canucks history and AV is the winningest coach in history. Gillis’ downfall was the goalie situation and firing AV. Gillis bowed to the Canuck fan/ownership pressure instead of keeping AV.
    Gillis paid with trading away draft picks to get the team multiple present trophies. People don’t seem to remember our 4 banners in the ceiling for years do they?
    The Canucks franchise was pitiful and the embarrassment of the league before those two men. So what if we paid for it with some poor draft picks. The only player worth talking about on the Canuck roster was drafted by Gillis.

    Quinn drafted Linden and Bure
    Burke drafted Sedins some support
    Nonis drafted filler
    Gillis draftedHorvat
    Benning time will tell

    Truth be told no GM has ever drafted well for this franchise.