Plays of the Week: July 2nd-July 8th

With Canucks Development Camp coming to an end this week, management will get a partial break from the madness that has been the past few weeks. Apart from the Bo Horvat contract negotiations, it should be a relatively uneventful summer as usual. With the Expansion Draft, Entry Draft, July 1st Free Agency, and Development Camp over and in the past, Jim Benning has put ticks on almost every item on his to-do list. Miss an article? I’ve got you covered with our Plays of the Week!

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  • wojohowitz

    After doing a great job on the top 100 prospects by putting in lots of hours and man power CA almost became the goto site for all things Canuck but then you dropped the ball on the prospects game of which Farhan tweets there were 43K drive bys. Did CA really think there would be no fan interest in that event so your entire staff stayed away from the CDC while the fanbase tuned in to see such players as Gaudette and Petterson in action. How could you have miscalculated so badly and reverted to a mom and pop operation when you had an opportunity to have a massive increase in page hits.

    • My apologies if we were under the impression that after doing full profiles on 100 goddamn prospects we were entitled to a rest. I find it ridiculous that you’d assume that we don’t care about dev camp, or that we “stayed away” from it just because we didn’t plaster it on our site. I’ll have you know that each of us watched the Summer Showdown, and Ryan was there in person. Both Ryan and myself were at UBC on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively as members of the media. I watched the drills while standing about 5 feet away from Jim Benning and John Weisbrod, had an extended conversation with Jon Wall, the Canucks Director of Hockey Operations & Analytics, then stood in the back listening to an extended conversation between Michael DiPietro and Kevin Woodley while prospects walked by eating sandwiches in their underarmour. I’m fairly certain that we are aware that Dev Camp happened. Perhaps I’ll try to pump out a fluff piece on this so that I can take advantage of this opportunity for massive page hits.