Babych Please – July 7th, 2017

This week, the Canucks added many new faces to their roster, sent their prospects on scavenger hunts and down rapids, and welcomed back everyone’s favourite fragile Finn.

  • Let’s start with a goodbye to Ryan Miller, who was a good guy and a good goalie. Here is his son Bodhi singing O Canada as a goodbye to his hometown:ย 

  • Speaking of adorable kids – new Canuck Sam Gagner’s child is too adorable:ย 

  • Gagnerโ€™s biggest fan in Columbus was heartbroken to see his favourite player sign with Vancouver.

Luckily, the Canucks and Sam want to do everything they can to cheer Judah up

  • Patrick Wiercioch grew up a Canucks fan, which means this amazing photo exists:

  • Alexander Burmistrov has scored some nice goals and stuff, but his best moment was this penalty he took that he totally thought was legal, until he saw the replay.
  • At Prospect Camp, Elias Pettersson and Jonathan Dahlen are busy being best buddies.

  • Pettersson is also very fun on Twitter:

He did a Q and A on the Canucks account, taking questions about his slight frame, pineapple pizza, and more:

  • Brock Boeser is finally getting over last weekโ€™s reminder of his embarrassing first pitch.

But 2-year-old Connor refuses to let Boeser go a week without being humiliated.

  • The prospects got to go whitewater rafting, which is both scary and fun. What matters most is that all of them made it back onto the boat safely after jumping into the river for a “rescue mission” game.
  • The kids also took part in a photo scavenger hunt around Whistler Village. Basically they had to bother tourists a lot – it’s a fun time!
  • Matt Brassard was given an excuse to do his best Salt Bae impersonation during the prospect cooking class. Great work, Matt.

  • Finally, Sami Salo stopped by to say hi to the young Canucks and to teach them a thing or two about being great. Salo and Olli Juolevi got to hang out and be Finnish together. I hope Juolevi is everything Salo was (without the injuries).ย 

  • Fred-65

    Intriguing question how or when did Juolevi put on 15lbs. I hope they’re “good pounds” and not induced. Seems like a lot in what we’re supposed to believe is a short period of time

  • apr

    Its tough not to see Petterson and Gaudette go at it last night and not think of Henrik and Kesler. Given the wingers coming up, I’m glad that we have Juolevi instead of Tkachuk.


      The Sedins never got the job done and trying to recreate these two failures with another pair of Swedish powderpuffs and a fifth rounder who isnt fit to lace beast-mode Kesler’s skates shows what a sh*t franchise the Canucks and their dumb fanbase really are. Juice, Kes and Getzlaf are already licking their lips in July. Wimps don’t win cups.

  • Where is the prospects game article?

    Where is the AM 650 morning show announcing their starting lineup? (Steve Darling)

    Where is the article regarding Ian MacIntyre, long time Canucks analyst leaving The Vancouver Sun?

    Also, Emerson Etem signs with Yotes. 1 year / $850,000.

    • LTFan

      Agree. No coverage on CA but not that important as I watched the game online.
      AM 650 with Steve Darling and crew doesn’t start until September.
      MacIntyre is now writing for Sportsnet on their site.

      I have a problem with the Poll question. Almost 3 months old and should be removed or updated with something that is current. Flames, Oilers and the other websites in this group have an updated Poll question that is current.

      • Bud Poile

        The lack of current poll questions infers an indiiference towards the team,management and fans.
        Then again, whomever is responsible may not have tim or be aware that it represents an avenue for reader participation that leads to a ‘brand name’ following.
        No options to edit posts or block out trolls are other flaws that posters continuously request.

  • TD

    I was waiting all week for some articles about the prospect camp. I would trade all of the above in this article for some info about how the players looked at the camp. Who stood out and may have a chance at camp, etc.

  • RoCkFaThEr

    Whoa…. what’s with all the hate?
    Babych Please is one of my favorite articles because it shows the light-hearted moments of our favorite team.
    If you want Advanced stats and other articles about upcoming players there’s other forms on this site that provide that. Can’t we just enjoy a good article?
    Anywho….love the article Grainne…
    Keep up the good work, by the way how do you pronounce your name?

    • pheenster

      Not knocking this piece. It was fine. Just saying that this site is about prospects and there was a prospects game and the guys who wrote for this site were there according to Twitter and apparently they all have better things to do than write about it.

  • I am Ted

    So, there was this big prospects game last week. I guess Canucks Army kinda missed it? I don’t think there was any coverage or a game report on this site? So, CA, please.