Listen: J.D. Burke Talks Canucks Draft and Trading Tanev

After a busy week in Chicago, our very own Canucks Army Managing Editor J.D. Burke joined TSN 1040 AM’s Mid-Day Show to talk about everything that did and didn’t happen over the NHL Entry Draft’s weekend.

The hosts of the show, Blake Price and Jeff Paterson, get right into the Canucks draft after peppering Burke with an assortment of questions about his week and the brisket he so affectionately tweeted about on Saturday. They start with Elias Pettersson, before covering almost every Canucks’ pick.

After a hearty discussion about the players the Canucks took at the draft, and what that means for the rebuild, they get into how the Vegas Golden Knights fared in their first run. Burke gives them two thumbs up. Last, but certainly not least in the hearts and minds of Canucks fans, they discuss the Chris Tanev trade possibilities, or the lack thereof.

I don’t want to give away too, too much information here. At this point, you’re just going to have to listen in for yourself. I’ve posted a link below, or you can follow the source tweet at the beginning of the article.

Link for J.D. Burke’s radio hit with TSN 1040 AM.

  • DJ_44

    It was a good radio hit by JD, on the heels of excellent draft coverage by CA.

    The one thing that still puzzles me is the insistence on trading Tavev, going so far to say that if the Canucks don’t, then the rebuild is no longer on.

    I would submit that trading Tanev is all about value. It has to be worth it. Crying to trade Tanev is meaningless if one does not express an acceptable value or threshold for him. So what is that value?

    Looking at the defenceman market, it appears that some serious undesirables have moved into the neighbourhood and depressed property value. Our new neighbour? GM George McPhee. Schlemko to Montreal for a 5th. Methot to Dallas for a 2020 2nd and a 7th round goaltender this past draft. Lock the doors and close the blinds.

    Sure, McPhee selected lots of D in expansion, and there is the “sell it or smell it” mentality with respect to waivers in October, but it almost appears that he is selling off assets to feed a newly acquired gambling habit. Viva Las Vegas.

    TLDR; no need to trade Chris. His value is not going down (and the mNTC is not crippling). Set a price (which has been done), someone will pay it. If not, his value is recognized by mentoring Juolevi (which is my preferred approach, at least until the TDL).

    • truthseeker

      Yep. Agree completely.

      It’s these same people who will be out and whining like little babies when the 1st rounder we traded Tanev for flames out and becomes a nobody. “The Tanev trade for Dallas’ 3rd pick was one of the worst trades the canucks ever made” they would say in hindsight.

      Damned if they do, damned if they don’t by the self loathing canuck “fans”.

      Value is still fairly high. Harmonic brought a first and two second rounders. That’s pretty huge for a guy that’s not as good as Tanev. I don’t think Vegas’ trades are going to swing the market that much for a top D man.

      Stick to their guns. A huge massive haul for Tanev or just keep him.

      People who think a Tanev trade is now (all of the sudden no less) the “key” to the rebuild, are simply goal post movers.

    • pheenster

      This makes perfect sense. Unfortunately the TTC has doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on their position to the point that they can’t see the forest for the trees. And even if they could they’e so heavily invested publicly that it would be difficult to reverse course. I find it amusing, really.

  • Jim Benning splashed cold water on the Tanev trade many times. I don’t know why it keeps flaring up.
    A player is worth what the open market will pay. Market conditions dictate value. So, if a desperate GM overpays for need’ that would be the time to sell (Sell high). When the market is flooded (Sell low), is the time to hold. Why sell an asset when there is no need to do so, especially when the market is in a low. To accept a low offer for Tanev, for the sake of the “rebuild” is dumb. CA would crucify Jim Benning if he did so.

  • Doodly Doot

    I’ll ask again: Anyone think that Fin D Jyrki Jokipakka is an interesting UFA for Canucks to go after? He’s a big, young stay-at-home D. I think the kid needs the right environment and could be a solid AHL call-up. Oh, and don’t we have another young Fin D?

    • pheenster

      Interesting as he’s one of the guys we were supposed to get for Dan Hamhuis, and then he went to Calgary instead for Russell. Guess that didn’t turn out too well for anyone involved.

  • Doodly Doot

    Wouldn’t Tanev fetch the most at the trade deadline anyway? That’s when GM’s are completely bat-ship crazy and they’ve forgotten how valuable their draft picks are.

    • Walker

      There’s definitely something to this and Benning even made a similar comment recently (along the lines that teams value draft picks more the closer it is to the draft). I suspect if Tanev is shipped it will be as an emergency move to a panicked team.

      For the record, I’m happy keeping him. I think tanking a la Edmonton and Buffalo is bad for the psyche. I know mentioning psyches on an analytics site is heretical but there we go….

    • truthseeker

      I don’t want draft picks (as the main return) for Tanev. That’s not enough value.

      Larrssen brought Taylor Hall. Tanev is way better than Larrssen. Tanev should bring no less than another team’s best young NHL “C” prospect. (obviously short of a “franchise center”). Plus a first round pick on top of that. Anything less, the canucks should just keep him. Cause that is what he is worth.

      • Dirk22

        You need to stop using Chiarelli as your baseline for what Tanev is worth.

        No one is saying trade him for low value just to get something. I think the push from TTC is because of his 8-10?team no-trade clause that kicks in. If you can get the best return for him at the deadline or next draft then may as well wait.

        • truthseeker

          I’ve explained this to you before. It’s not just that. It’s the Subban/Webber trade. It’s the Shattenkirk trade, and now the Drouin trade and the Harmonic trade. But you never respond to any of those precedent setters either. The value of D is set. You just want to think that our guy isn’t worth as much because….well…I’m not sure why…..the self loathing thing is the only thing I can think of. You simply enjoy being a canuck pessimist.

          I’ve given links to stats sites that show he is basically the best defensive defenseman in the NHL today. You ignore that too and never provide a counter argument with evidence to contradict those facts.

          And yeah…that’s exactly what all the “trade tanev for a 1st rounder” are saying by making those kinds of proposals. That IS low value for him.

          You need to stop thinking that any asset the canucks have is automatically worth LESS just because they are a canuck and you don’t like Benning.

  • defenceman factory

    First off I want to say thank you for all the effort CA put it covering the prospects and the draft. It made this draft very interesting and provided a lot of entertaining reading. A job well done.

    Do the Canucks make more money without Tanev in the line-up? Should Gudbranson be part of the Canucks long term? Does anyone want to see a free agent signing for a top pair D to replace Tanev?

    No to all of the above.

    This team will not be good next year. Without Tanev they could be bad enough to do long term damage. If Joulevi (is he really 6’3″ now) makes the team or someone else actually shows they can play in the top 4 then get moving on trades for Tanev and Gudbranson. Until then Tanev should stay. Even if they don’t win a bunch, with a decent D corps and adequate goaltending, this will be an entertaining team to watch next season. Selling tickets is the business the Canucks are in. A 3-2 loss can be worth the price of admission,
    5-2 losses seldom are.

    Easy to say trade all your proven assets for draft picks when you don’t pay the bills.

    • Silverback

      That being said, a 3-2 win could also mean the difference between a 1st overall and 5th overall.
      We are a young team and no one really has high expectations for the next couple of years, so why not trade Tanev for a pick and a prospect or two? Prospects ready in 1-2 years and picks ln 2-4 years fits with my rebuild schedule.

  • canuckfan

    I think Benning will be adding depth at D so when the injuries set in they have someone to fill in. Trading Tanev makes no sense he is a big part of the Canucks. Most people are saying Canucks will be worse in the upcoming season, I think otherwise. But it all depends on the power play if Green and his coaching team are able to fix the power play we will win more games and the penalty kill will have to improve as well if these fixes as successful we will be looking at battling for a playoff spot. Willy sat back and defended way to much. Canucks have some pretty good young players with an imagination and ability to score goals let them off the leash and lets see what these kids can do.
    I would like to see a couple of these young kids in our lineup, rather than sign a old player to fill a roster spot. Willy was fired because the Canucks were to predicable. Willy was good right up until we played the Flames in the first round and then Calgary dissected Canucks and Willy could not change his strategy and never did and we became predicable.
    To follow the Toronto and Edmonton plan of a rebuild requires luck in the lottery if they did not get first pick when there was an amazing generational player they would still be sucking. Look where the Devils and Flyers were in the standings we have the same chance of getting a good top pick as we would at finishing last. Don’t trade Tanev.