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Report: Alexandre Grenier’s Days in Vancouver Appear to be Finished

Earlier today, News 1130 AM’s Rick Dhaliwal reported that Canucks’ prospect Alexandre Grenier’s time as a Canuck could be at an end. Dhaliwal adds that the Canucks told Grenier’s agent they may call him on July 1st, but it doesn’t sound terribly likely.

The Canucks drafted Grenier in the third round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, and he’s been in their organization since. Grenier, 25-years-old, just completed his fourth full season with the Canucks’ farm team, the Utica Comets. In 69 games with the Comets last season, Grenier chipped in with 45 points (17 goals and 28 assists).

Over the course of multiple recalls to the Canucks, Grenier’s played in nine NHL contests and is yet to score a point. It’s beginning to look as though Grenier’s exiting the realm of being a legitimate NHL prospect and venturing closer into AHL-to-NHL ‘tweener.

When we look at Grenier’s last season with the Comets, only 11.1% of the 27 players in his pGPS (Prospect Graduation Probabilities System) developed into full-time NHL’ers. It’s possible that Grenier just needs a change of scenery and an extended chance to prove himself. More likely, he’s just not cut out for the NHL.

  • Killer Marmot

    A few months ago, Benning was criticized for signing Griffen Molino, a speedy forward from Western Michigan University. This was a wasted contract, we were told. An NHL team can hold only 50 contracts, and the Canucks were in danger of running out of room. They might be forced to pass on some golden opportunities.

    But that criticism can only properly be made if you know how many contracts the Canucks were planning to drop in the off season, something none of are privy to.

  • Neil B

    And there”s always the possibility that he goes to Vegas (well, to the Wolves). Remember, they can pick 30 NHLers tomorrow at 10 Eastern, but they can only put 23 on the roster come end of preseason. It would not surprise me to see McPhee pick up 5-6 AHL players during the draft. He’s only “the most powerful man in hockey” for another 24 hours or so. After that, he’s just the current NHL GM with the least tenure.

  • “Canucks may call him July 1.” There is no mention of what Grenier’s asking price is, or what, if anything was offered to him. This could simply be a case of Grenier wanting too much and management said something like you test the open market and see what you’re worth. Maybe, but who knows.

    Grenier is one of those guys. He has all the tools, but he just can’t reach the next level. I bet Travis Green had something to say about this.

  • Darren Archibald is going to get resigned even though at one point, he was cut from the Comets. Why? Archibald works his tail off and the Utica fans love him for it. Looks like Grenier isn’t doing everything he can to be the best player he can be?

  • Rolland

    I would guess that Travis Green will make the decision on Grenier, he’s worked with him enough to know his worth.
    The little I’ve seen of him, he appears to lack the drive and desire to make the leap.