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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: June 19th – Part Deux

It’s funny you should bring this trade proposal up. Just last week, the masses accused me of hating the Canucks and their prospects because I would, in fact, make a trade similar to the one the Montreal Canadiens made to acquire Jonathan Drouin from the Tampa Bay Lightning. Similar, insofar as I would put Olli Juolevi in Mikhail Sergachyov’s place.

I would still make that trade without a moment’s hesitation. And no, that has nothing to do with how much I do or don’t like Juolevi as a prospect. In fact, I was aghast at the idea that I was a Juolevi “hater” on Twitter, so please don’t bring that here.

I’ve been fairly consistent about Juolevi. He wasn’t the pick I would’ve made in the Canucks shoes, but I’m not going to give them a hard time for it either — taking Juolevi fifth overall was reasonable. I’m high enough on Juolevi that I think he’ll make the team next year. I just prefer Drouin, who’s a 21-year-old who just put up 53 points and has potential to produce so much more.

That’s not a move I would make. I think relatively highly of Brendan Gaunce, but I’m not willing to surrender a future for the privilege of keeping him in tow.

Keep your eyes peeled. There just might be a couple of articles of this ilk in the works. Don’t want to give away any spoilers, but my sources tell me it’s possible.

Unfortunately for the Vegas Golden Knights, they have to take a Canuck player. I’m sure if they had their way, though, they’d just pass on the group.

Probably James Neal, who said very recently how happy he was to be on a team that wanted him there in Nashville. Well, apparently not. The Nashville Predators left Neal exposed for the Expansion Draft. That has to sting. You know, the timing of it all.

It’s not trending in that direction for this front office. Then again, I’ve never seen ownership this patient with a management group, so who knows? Perhaps Canucks general manager Jim Benning can sell ownership on a rebuild, and him as the standard bearer.

I see Ben Hutton as having low-end upside as a second pair defenseman. Someone who can have a negligible impact on possession in either direction, but can chip in 25-30 points like clockwork and contribute on a second unit power play. Basically, I don’t see him growing beyond the role he currently fills.

As for Guillaume Brisebois, I have to admit that I’m not as keen on him as some of my peers. I don’t see Brisebois as having any kind of offensive upside, and I’ve never been as enamoured with him in transition as some. I could see Brisebois developing into a third pair defenceman if he makes the show.

Much of what I said about Brisebois applies to William Lockwood. I have to admit, Lockwood had a relatively good season with Michigan which legitimised himself as an NHL prospect in my eyes. I tend to think we overstate how good Lockwood’s season was, though, because of how low our expectations were. When the Canucks drafted Lockwood, he was the 11th most productive member of the USNTDP. That he played like an actual prospect is like found money. If we look at Lockwood’s season without taking into account our ridiculously low expectations, it’s just not that great. I can foresee a scenario where Lockwood develops into a feisty third liner, but I’m not betting on it. Another bottom of the lineup prospect that I feel is fairly overrated by some.

I think I’ve said on a few occasions that I see either of these teams as a fit. At the very least, Satiar Shah and I have discussed Tampa Bay and Arizona as destinations for Chris Tanev on the Canucks Army Podcast a few time.

If the Canucks approach the Tampa Bay Lightning, I’d like them to target Brayden Point before the other prospects you mentioned. As for the Arizona Coyotes, it’s Dylan Strome that the Canucks should hone in on acquiring.

I lean more towards the latter of those options than the former. If Evan McEneny can carve out a semi-successful career as a seventh defenceman, you have to consider that a victory. So basically, I think he’ll land somewhere in between those two outcomes.

I can see Anton Cederholm being the meanest, slowest third pairing defenceman this side of the AHL. Which is to say, I’m not expecting an awful lot. Maybe he’ll carve out a third pair role, but I’m not certain of even that much given the influx of young talent.

As for a projected Utica Comets lineup, I’m just not the guy to answer that. I’d reach out to @ryanbiech on Twitter for that one.


  • TD

    I agree with most of what JD said (???), except I would keep Gaunce in a heartbeat if it only cost me my last pick of this draft. I still consider Gaunce a future. I still think he could become a solid NHL player and has more upside than shown last year.

  • wojohowitz

    After three years of Benning with his numerous mistakes and questionable decisions it is time he got everything right. He might get thru the next 3 or 4 days without doing anything and that`s okay but at the draft, with 6 of the top 115 picks he needs some consensus from fans and especially ownership that he got it right. Trading Tanev for a 10 to 15 first round pick is a start but also getting two top notch prospects – like Glass and Liljgren – would help make everyone believe the team has a future and that`s where CA comes in. He needs everyone here to agree that he had a great draft.

    • DJ_44

      I agree, for the good of the franchise, GMJB needs a good draft. I think setting the yardstick the “he needs everyone to agree here” is unattainable. The vast majority of posters have not seen any of the prospects play, except perhaps some of the top end on youtube which is a terrible way to evaluate a player. He needs to make defendable choices; haters are still going to disagree. Look at the crap he took for taking Joulevi over Tkachuk. Here I give JD credit; “not my choice, but defendable” is a reasonable, dare I say adult position.

      I have a large amount of faith in his ability at the draft table; I look forward to Friday.

      As far as trading Tanev for a mid-first? unless there is a Grade A prospect and more picks involved, that would be a kin to giving him away.

    • Bud Poile

      How is it that everyone is going to agree on anything?
      Trading Tanev for a 10-15 pick is a freaking disaster,to begin with.
      Gillis never excelled once over six draft years but now Benning has to get everything right.

    • vancouver millionaire

      disagree on tanev. need him to get us back into the playoffs. agree on glass and liljgren though (or maker) it’s time for some proper grade a talent which we havent had from the draft since horvat. what happened to this juolevi kid then, is he ever gonna make the team?

  • truthseeker

    Well at least is a more reasonable idea than the morons who thought we should trade Tanev for Drouin.

    Again….my theory is vindicated by the market for NHL D men. The BEST Yzerman could do for his “great young scoring winger” was nothing more than a D prospect from montreal. And the morons here wanted us to give up the NHL’s best defensive defenseman for him. A winger. The most worthless position in hockey.

    This trade was MORE proof of that. It means that Yzerman shopped this kid to everyone in the league and the best he could return from every single GM in the league in terms of D was a kid who hasn’t even played an NHL game. Sure a good prospect, but whatever.

    D is like gold. Even average D.

    Will these morons ever learn? Nope. They’ll probably be posting Benning “missed out” on an “opportunity”…lol. Yeah…like every other GM in the league who ALSO didn’t want to give up any of their young performing NHL D men, “missed out”. lol.

    Benning is RIGHT NOW doing a great job with the whole Tanev thing. Set the bar high and if he doesn’t bring back exactly what you want then it’s the other team’s loss.

    Time for people too shut up about this, and stop wanting to give Tanev away for the f….in #3 pick or a winger who’s name isn’t Liane.

      • Pat Quinn Way

        Excellent post GB, but take no notice of this ill-informed ‘never gonna be’ – in a recent 2017 ‘redraft’ published in the Hockey News, Juolevi fell from 5th to 13th!!! while Sergachyov stayed rock steady at 9th and is now regarded as the top D man in that draft. Sergy is already a superior NHL player over Juolevi and is a blueline beast who will reap rewards on the blueline for astute GM and HoF legend Steve Yzerman for years to come. Meanwhile the malcontent Drouin has failed to live up to his top three pick status and his bad attitude and overall lack of production are a tinder box waiting to explode in a frenzied fishbowl like Montreal – great steal by the Bolts!

        • DJ_44

          This is the same crap, over and over. THN did not really “re-draft” they contacted the same people they did in their pre-draft ranking; and they re-iterated who they liked before especially at the top end. It is meaningless, since the easy thing to do is reach for instant gratification at the expense of long term pain. Steady progress as opposed to serving those with ADD.

          You can really only evaluate draft classes 5 years in; anything before is conjecture and idol speculation.

          • Pat Quinn Way

            “You can really only evaluate draft classes 5 years in; anything before is conjecture and idol speculation.”

            Another know-all who knows f*k all here guys. McDavid, Matthews, MacKinnon all excelling as advertised from day one. Matty Tkachuk, Eichel, Ehlers, Hanafin and Bo Horvat to name a few, all playing well and delivering in the show from the draft. No ‘5 years evaluation’ needed. You are either ready or you’re not, in which case you are a bust ala Virtanen, McCann and Tryamkin. The jury is still very much out on Demko and Juolevi making it – there are no excuses and no cliches needed pal. That’s not idol speculation… that’s fact!

      • truthseeker

        Ohh…wow….FOUR games……yeah…you really made your point with that little tidbit. OK….he’s played FOUR games in the NHL. I was SOOO terribly wrong!

        • Green Bastard

          You were just wrong, suck it up. You so emphatically stated your point right down to calling people morons, mostly for not agreeing with you, and don’t even realize that you’re talking out of your ass. Now THAT’S moronic. What would you do if one of the regular writers here pulled the same boner you did? 4 > hasn’t even played an NHL game

          • vancouver millionaire

            nice reply this guy seems to have a bug up his a$s doesn’t he. Jeez you gotta be some kinda loser to think you are smarter than steve yzerman on an internet blog. Habs fans are losing their minds over losing Sergachyov, a brilliant young player who will be playing top pair minutes alongside Hedman and co in tampa, just wait n see!

    • DJ_44

      While I agree Benning is handling Tanev correctly, and not moving him unless he gets his price is the right move; no need for the moron comments. This isn’t reddit. If it is not too much to plea, raise the level of discussion. Stop with Gillis and Benning debate, and look forward.

      Granted, JD and Jackson can set an ugly tone with the tenor of some of the pieces, but even JD has raised his game lately.

      • DJ_44

        By the way to CA and Nation Network; Please implement a edit button (even with a 15/30 minute timer), allows for people to correct typos, and perhaps remove some of the poor tone/choice of words they may realize is childish after reading it posted.

    • Donald's Hat Trick

      Tampa is in a salary crunch, Drouin was wanting more than $5M making things even crunchier. Tampa gets to keep its roster together while adding a cost-controlled bright light. Not too bad of a deal.

  • Bud Poile

    Two competitive seasons into stocking the cupboards and J.D. says he’s never seen ownership this patient.
    With bare cupboards from total draft preparation/selection negligence via the previous regime this is what you should have been expecting.

  • pheenster

    Not sure why Arizona would want Tanev. They’re looking at a longer rebuild than we are right now and are at risk of succumbing to Oilers Syndrome (high end prospects with no veteran leadership).

    • Pat Quinn Way

      Guys a little heads up for ya – Bud Poile, pheenster, I Am Ted, apr, LTFan, crofton, Jamie E, bobdaley44 all outted as the same person posting on multiple accounts here!! Cut n paste and avoid this/these trolls like the plague, more to come i;m afraid – written privately to management here, so suggest you do the same if you want a sense of order restored here…

      • pheenster

        LOL PQW you seriously need to get over yourself. Like anyone thinks enough of your or your overblown ego to bother creating sock accounts. You can keep blathering on all you want; the truth is in the IP addys which they can see and you can’t. But keep on “writing privately” to management if it makes you feel better.

        Like I said in the other thread, give your balls a tug and quit being such a pu$$y. You’re acting like an 11-year-old. It’s embarrassing. Pull yourself together for crying out loud.