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Canucks Army Monday Mailag: June 12th – Part Deux

The Canucks have access to all the same underlying metrics that we do. In fact, I seem to recall The Province’s Jason Botchford pointing out in one of The Provies articles that the Canucks have access to this data in their locker rooms for the players after the games — whether it’s Corsi, Fenwick, zone starts, etc.

I’m not convinced they put a tonne of weight in these metrics. Former Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins had zero interest in analytics, and I think we all know how much weight the Canucks’ front office places in them at this stage — not an awful lot.

As an aside, I think that one should use analytics in their day-to-day hockey operations, but a front office isn’t inherently bad by virtue of not using these tools. Former Arizona Coyotes general manager Don Maloney did a bang-up job, and was never too heavily invested in this data. The same goes for Bob Murray in Anaheim; I know he’s not heavily invested in analytics for a fact, but I’ll be damned if he isn’t still one of the best in the business.

I’m going to assume that “warehouse” in this context means trading for a player whose team can’t spare a protection slot for him. I don’t hate the idea. First, the Canucks need to free up some spaces to protect that player though. I’m not certain the Canucks have the space on either their backend or their forward group to make it happen. That, and if I’m the team that needs to make this trade, I don’t see why I don’t just hand the Vegas Golden Knights an asset to convince them not to take that player.

I don’t think this scenario works, for several reasons. Firstly, the New Jersey Devils would never make that trade. Secondly, protecting Luca Sbisa has nothing to do with whether the Canucks expose Brandon Sutter or not — although, I have to admit, the Canucks would do well to get out from that Sutter contract. And lastly, the Canucks just shouldn’t sign Ryan Miller to an extension. He had a great season, but he’s a 37-year-old goaltender. Rebuilding teams don’t usually have a 37-year-old goaltender.

Something tells me that Benning isn’t the most avid reader of Canucks Army, which puts me at a significant disadvantage when it comes to convincing him of anything. If I see him in Chicago, though, I’ll be sure to let him know my thoughts about this whole ordeal, and how desperately he needs to trade Chris Tanev for the sake of the rebuild

  • Double U Tee Eff

    “My ideal scenario for the Canucks is one where they move back to about tenth overall and amass an additional second or third round pick for the trouble. They take Nick Suzuki at ten, Henri Jokiharju at 33 and Josh Brook at 55. Somewhere near the end of the draft, they take a flier on Alexander Polunin. I’ll be singing their praise for weeks on end if they pull off something even vaguely similar to that.”
    Crazy talk from JD. Roll another one, just like the other one. He’s willing to pass on Makar, Glass, Heiskanen, and Vilardi for Suzuki (a right winger) and a hail mary pick in the 3rd round. Laughable.

  • Pat Quinn Way

    There are no anal-ytics that measure key components to success in hockey like heart, passion, desire, will to win, determination, hockey iq, mental toughness etc. These are what ‘hockey guys’ term as intangibles and that’s why anal-ytics are like religion, a crutch for weak minded individuals who cannot process the logic and truth they are given with their own eyes and brain. There is a reason why stats junkie based teams like Ari and Fla failed so miserably this past season… like a BC budget estimate, the numbers simply do not add up JD… can’t you see that?

  • “Willie Dejardin had zero interest in analytics.” This is not true.

    “We all know how much weight front office puts in analytics, not an awful lot.” Also not true. Jim Benning said analytics is one of many tools used to evaluate players, but not the only tool.

  • DJ_44

    I believe rules were implemented in this expansion draft to prevent the concept of “parking” players with other teams. If teams were allowed to “park”, it would diminish McPhee’s leverage for dealing. How much it would reduce the leverage is debatable.

  • “Rebuilding teams don’t usually have a 37-year-old goaltender”

    Edmonton had Khabibulan, Avs had JS Giguere, Isles and Oilers had Dwayne Roloson, etc.

    Maybe rebuilding teams *shouldn’t* have 37-year-old goalies, but lots of rebuilding teams in recent years have had them.

    • DJ_44

      The age of the goaltending during rebuilding is irrelevant. They want a steady presence back there that will cover up some mistakes.

      These are temporary measures: the Canucks have apparently identified their goalie of the future in Demko. He found his way in the last half of the year in Utica and should continue to grow this year. You do not want to put him into the NHL before he is ready; hopefully the following season as backup.

      Why is age more important than ability when you are buying a stop gap? What is the difference with going with a 31 year old goalie for a year or 37 year old?

      That said, if they go with Markstrom and Bachman, I would accept it. Hopefully Markstrom steps up and plays like he is capable of.

  • Also, re-signing Miller has no negative consequences regarding the rebuild. To say it does is nonsense. A rebuilding team needs a veteran presence. You can’t have a bunch of kids running the room. Oilers tried it with all kids growing together and no vets. It turned into a disaster.
    Kids always think they know best, over confident and cocky. You can’t tell them anything because they know better. Kind of like some writers.