Photo Credit: Matthew Henderson

Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 27 – 2017


In this week’s episode, we talk Canucks defensemen, how the blueline is shaping up with Philip Holm in the mix and Jalen Chatfield’s strong performance in Windsor but does that mean a Tanev deal is any more likely?

We also welcome Jeremy Davis to the show as well as renowned Sports Psychologist Dr. Justin Anderson to talk about the mental side of the game and how teams try to identify the right mental make-up in players during the combine.

Dr. Anderson also shares his thoughts on leadership, culture and what goes into developing young athletes in professional sports. Some really informative stuff, so have a listen.

  • bobdaley44

    So you guys are saying trade Tanev and Elder? You guys are absolutely clueless. Think about that defence without those two? You think losing badly every night is good for developing young players? Subban never made team Canada whereas Weber was on the first pairing. Pk is the most over rated player in the league. Cant believe you guys have a podcast cause you both have no hockey acumen.

  • Buula

    I’m a fan of the podcast.

    I thought it was an awesome idea to get the sports physiologist guest on this episode when there wasn’t much to talk about otherwise in Canucks news.

    Oddly enough my sports physiologist teacher in university was a former Kamloops Blazer, so even 7 years ago this was something coming out in hockey, seems odd NHL hasn’t adopted this.