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Canucks Army Roundtable: Fashion Show

Over at Flames Nation last week, they had a conversation about the jerseys that take up space in their closet. Now, I’ve never been much of a jersey collector but I do have a few, however I am more intrigued by the collections of our writers here at CA, as well as with the masses. What jerseys do you have in your collections, and who do you wish to add if you could? I posed these questions to our crew in the roundtable.

Question: What jerseys do you have in your collection, and if you could add any jersey from any team (past or present) to the mix, which would it be?

Tyler Horsfall

Editors Note: I’m a little concerned about Tyler.

So I have a slight obsession for collecting jerseys. I have the following in my collection:
Clayton Keller Arizona Coyotes Kachina Jersey
Connor McDavid Orange Edmonton Oilers Jersey
Vladimir Tarasenko St. Louis Blues Home Jersey
LA Kings Team-Signed Home Jersey
Cory Schneider New Jersey Devils Home Jersey
Seth Jones signed Nashville Predators Away Jersey
Alexander Ovechkin Dynamo Moscow Home Jersey

Henrik Sedin – Canucks current home
Current Canucks Alternate
Vancouver Millionaires Jersey
Vancouver Canucks Gradient Alternate (it’s signed by many Canucks and Jarome Iginla)
Cam Neely Yellow Flying V Canucks Jersey

Vancouver Giants 2003-04 Alternate Jersey
Vancouver Giants 2007 Alternate Jersey
2006 World Junior Championships Jersey
2007 Memorial Cup Jersey
If I were to add one? It’d probably be either a Filip Forsberg, Mattias Ekholm, Viktor Arvidsson, or PK Subban Nashville Home jersey. Or an Erik Karlsson Senators alternate. Or… there’s a lot of jerseys I want. I swear I don’t have an issue.

Jackson McDonald

The only jersey I own is a Kevin Bieksa home jersey with the orca logo. It was a birthday gift from a coworker who overheard that I’d never owned a jersey.

If I could have any jersey from all of history I’d go with a Ray Ferraro Hartford Whalers jersey, no question. Kyle Wellwood Canucks jersey would be a close second.

Ryan Biech

I have the following ones:

Ryan Miller – Buffalo 3rd Jersey (The Blue one that says Buffalo across it)

Home Minnesota Wild (red)

Home Vancouver Canucks

White Atlanta Thrashers Jersey

2010 Team Canada Jersey


Vanessa Jang

I have Henrik Sedin and Vrbata (lol) home jerseys. Vrbata was actually Kesler before, but I changed it for obvious reasons. Now I’m just waiting for another full-time, long-term player to snatch up 17. If nobody takes it, it will be tucked in the back of my closet. I also had a signed Bieksa home jersey but that’s no longer with me. If I could have any jersey, it would probably be a Brendan Morrison home orca because he’s my all-time favourite player!!

Taylor Perry

I’m really not one for collecting jerseys. I’m more of a hockey book guy, and I’ve amassed a fair collection of those. I have one jersey – a Kesler third jersey from 2011 – and that’s it. But if I were to add some jerseys to my collection, it would have to be a home (white) Bure jersey from the 1994 Stanley Cup Final, insignia included. The other one would be a non-Canuck uniform. With the Habs being my number two team, I would want to add a Carey Price home jersey, as well. Because of my last name, some people have suggested I purchase a Team Canada (Vancouver, not Sochi) Olympic jersey with the number 10 on the back. Don’t think I could live with myself if I did that, however.


I feel like bragging isn’t very becoming but what the heck. I worked at Jersey City for 10 years so access was there. Rookie Bure skate jersey in white (orange stripe not red), salmon skate, 2000 World All-Star with Pavel Bure and all the patches, 04 Bertuzzi white after shoulder patches were just introduced, 2002 Finland Jarko Ruutu, signed Kesler, Kelowna Rockets red alternate, 2010 red Olympic Luongo with gold numbers and name bar.
If I could add just one it would have to be the red Vancouver giants Bertuzzi game worn from the Brad May and friends charity game. I’m a sucker for Bert.

Matthew Henderson


Thankful this doesn’t include hats. I have a 40th Anniversary Jersey with #3 for Bieksa on the back, a Millionaires jersey from the Heritage Classic, a white old orca, a 94 era black jersey.

I also own a Stamkos current era blue Lightning jersey, which is one of my favourites.

I also have recently added a #17 Linden 1992 NHL All-Star Game jersey.

Look at it. It’s beautiful.

That’s all I have for hockey jerseys.

  • Cal Buttercluck

    2002 white Team Canada Todd Bertuzzi
    ’07 Marek Malik Rangers home
    Current era Willie Mitchell home Canucks jersey
    White Stick in Rink Luongo
    Blue Stick-in-Rink Naslund
    09′ Phoenix Coyotes home

    If I could have one more I’d want a John Garret all-star game jersey

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Kinda dating myself here but i got

    Bure black skate
    Luongo blue w/ 2011 patch
    Jovanovski white Orca
    Blank blue stick jersey
    Vancouver Giants jersey signed by team in ’09
    Bieksa blue
    Jared McCann blue (this one hurts)

    If I could get any jersey from a non-Canucks affiliated player, I’d go:
    1. Subban
    2. Ovechkin
    3. Lundqvist