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What draft picks do Canucks possess for 2017 NHL Draft

Now that the Ottawa Senators have defeated the New York Rangers and punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals, there’s a little clarity as to team’s positions in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. For the Vancouver Canucks specifically, we now know where they will select with each pick they currently possess, one pick is to be determined, but the Canucks don’t currently own it.

With that, we’ll run down exactly where the Canucks draft in each round.

1st Round

5th overall – Vancouver Canucks pick

Entering the 2017 NHL Entry Draft lottery, the Canucks had the second best odds to win a lottery. As we all know, the Canucks didn’t win any of the three lotteries and fell to fifth overall.

Last season, the Canucks possessed the fifth overall pick and selected Olli Juolevi.

2nd Round

33rd overall – Vancouver Canucks pick

Luckily the lottery doesn’t impact picks outside the first round, so the Canucks remain in the second slot of the second round.

With the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights to this draft, each pick is now 31 selections after the previous round. The Canucks held the 33rd overall pick last year but traded it to the Florida Panthers in the Erik Gudbranson deal.

54th or 55th overall ->  (to be determined)

The Columbus Blue Jackets owe the Canucks their 2017 second round pick or 2018 second round pick. Columbus has until June 1, 2017, to decide which pick it will be.

The pick will be 54th overall if the Edmonton Oilers win game seven against the Anaheim Ducks tonight. As the Oilers finished below the Blue Jackets in the standings, they leapfrogged the Blue Jackets with Conference Finals qualification.

The selection will be 55th overall if the Anaheim Ducks win tonight, as the Ducks won the Pacific Division, thus slotting after the Blue Jackets as Columbus did not win the Metropolitan Division.

This is purely speculation based on Trevor Linden’s language at the draft lottery, where he mentioned having ‘six picks in the top 120’. It’s fair to believe they expect the Blue Jackets to forfeit the 2017 selection. We will see what happens — and I could be misreading what is said –but it’s a reasonable conclusion given where the Jackets finished and the perceived weakness of this draft class.

3rd Round

64th overall – Vancouver Canucks pick

This will be the second year in a row that the Canucks will have the 64th overall pick. Last year they selected William Lockwood in the early third round.

4th Round

95th overall – Vancouver Canucks pick

113th overall -> 

The Canucks acquired this pick in the Jannik Hansen deal they completed on March 1st with the San Jose Sharks. The Canucks received Nikolay Goldobin and a conditional fourth round pick.

The condition was that if the San Jose Sharks won the Stanley Cup, the draft pick would be upgraded to a first round selection. Since the Oilers eliminated the Sharks in the first round, it remains a fourth-round pick.

The pick was 114th overall but has moved up a spot as the Senators have made the Eastern Conference Finals and transferred to the final four selections of the round.

5th Round

126th overall –  -> 

The Canucks moved their fifth-round selection to the Edmonton Oilers for the rights to defenceman Philip Larsen.

The pick was a conditional fourth-round pick with the following conditions (source: Capfriendly.com):

Condition: Becomes 4th round pick if Larsen maintains a 0.3Pts/Gm avg in 2016-17 (min of 42 gms)

Larsen appeared in 26 games for the Canucks during the 2016-17 season and averaged 0.23 PTS/GM. Thus the pick moved was the Canucks fifth-round selection.

6th Round

157th overall –  -> 

The Canucks sixth-round selection was traded to the New York Rangers with Nicklas Jensen for Emerson Etem on January 8th, 2016.

The Canucks waived Etem before the start of the season and the Anaheim Ducks claimed their former first-round pick. Etem appeared in three games for the Ducks, was placed on waivers again and assigned to the San Diego Gulls (AHL) upon clearing. He suited up for one contest, got injured and didn’t play again for the remainder of the season.

7th Round

188th overall – Vancouver Canucks pick

This is the first time that the Canucks have ever selected at 188th overall.

It’s doubtful that the outcome of the Anaheim and Edmonton game seven tonight will affect the decision of the Blue Jackets. So you don’t have to cheer either way, which may be a good thing given what happened to the Sharks this year.

Although the Canucks still only have seven picks, the placement of them is encouraging – for example last year, they only had two picks in the top 120, and only three picks in the top 120 of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

  • Pat Quinn Way

    Considering that in three full drafts Benning has only managed to find one player good enough to make the Canucks roster (Boeser) I personally have no faith in his over-hyped drafting abilities and it’s about time many of you guys woke up to this fact.

    The facts don’t lie… remember, this is the same guy who was not even hired when Boston drafted Lucic and Marchand and had nothing to do with them becoming Bruins cup winning legends.


    • Seth

      Well, not that many players drafted can step right into the lineup the same year if they’re not named McDavid nor Matthews. So we will need to give it time. That said, calling a spade a spade – I can’t say Boeser has made the roster yet but all signs hint to that he will out of training camp for this upcoming season.

      Yes it doesn’t look too promising. However his drafting record seems alot more positive than the Canucks’ historical drafting ineptitude.

      I think it is a bit much calling him a fraud. About Lucic and Marchand – even the great Ken Holland of the Red Wings who has a reputation for finding gems in the later rounds, passed on them 3 times.
      So yes, there were about 40 and 60 players respectively picked ahead of them whom either never played a game in the NHL nor are not even in the same conversation of what either of those two bring to the table. I did roughly allow for 10 who were all-stars and/or reasonable picks – Toews, Backstrom, etc.

      I’m not a Jim Benning fan by any stretch but he has done ok in finding some serviceable players while at Buffalo in the 2nd round or later (Kotalik, Miller, Gaustad, Roy and MacArthur). First round, not so much.

    • Locomotion

      Nono. Not firing yet. The only real possible blunder he’s made is with jake, but even he can grow to something special one day. Obviously people perfer instant success but I kinda like how jets GM has kept to his battle plan and never deferred when the fan base was going crazy with him not doing anything. Jets have a really good D core,(sorta like the ducks)and wish we had something like it. Can see jets being good next year or 2. Nucks at least 3years always from scratching any surface. Stick to the battle plan.
      REBULID or whatever you call.

    • Dan B

      He did draft Tryamkin as well, McCann did crack the Canucks roster before being traded, Virtanen has had his struggles but he did crack the roster twice and NHL career is far from over. But even if what you’re saying is true, you can’t evaluate drafts after one to three years. Teams are lucky to have 2 players out of 7 picks become NHL regulars. The 2014 draft looks pretty likely to have that happen, considering that Tryamkin was an NHL regular, and would have continued to be if he had stayed. So if any one of Virtanen, McCann, Demko, or Forsling make it, then 2014 will have produced two regulars. 2015 looks like it’s around 50/50 to have two regulars, which isn’t bad when you consider that the first rounder was late and there was no second round pick. Boeser is almost a sure thing at this point to become at least an NHL regular, and Gaudette had a 40% PCS at the beginning of the season. Guillaume Brisebois is also in the mix. And it’s far to early to evaluate 2016.

      • Neil B

        It’s really too early to evaluate any of GMJB’s drafts for the Canucks. Way too early.

        Some things leap out at you right away, but it pretty much takes Draft+3 to Draft+4 to actually have an indication as to what you have. At Draft+3, Patrik Stefan still looked better than Hank, remember. At Draft+4, Bertuzzi was the 12th best pick of his draft; only 3 players ended up with more points than him over their careers. Of that draft year, only Bert & Kariya ever scored 40 goals.

    • Vintage

      2014 – McCann, Tryamkin & Forsling, plus Demko in the AHL
      2015 – Boesser
      2016 – There are only 5 players drafted in 2016 that played more than 9 games


      • andyg

        People talk like Benning has been here for ten years. He has been in charge for 3 drafts. It takes 4 to five years for players to develop. One player per year is great odds.
        Boeser , Demko , Virtanen . If they turn out over the next two years he will have found one per year.
        If Tryamkin , Gaudette and Brisebois
        Make the big’s he will be ahead. He will certainly have found more then what has been unearthed by his predecessors.
        If we are in a rebuild let’s finish by the tear down. Edler and Tanev should be moved for picks. Just picks. This club is not going anywhere for a while.

    • defenceman factory

      I understand not counting your chickens before they hatch but it is highly likely more of Jim’s pick will be on the roster before long. Why would you dismiss that? Drafting records take a few years to evaluate.

      I don’t know if Benning’s drafting record will be remembered as good or bad but I do know your anti Benning rants have become extremely boring.

  • Burnabybob

    I understand Botchford’s case for drafting a defenseman with pick #5, but it’s interesting how many of the top defensemen in the NHL were selected in the second round or later. I would probably go for Vilardi with the number 5 pick if I were Benning, given his consistently high draft ranking.

    • Neil B

      Vilardi’s not the best skater; I know that’s not a deal-breaker, as skating is a skill that is teachable. Still, I don’t see the point of taking what is a worse prospect overall just because he is a forward. Liljegren is the best D in this draft, and will likely fall to 5th. If he does, we should take him. If we need a young 1C prospect, trade Tanev for him.

  • Today is not about the Canucks. Today is all about what could be the best day in the 2017 playoffs. Game seven in the east, followed by game seven in the west. I know what I’m doing this afternoon, been waiting for this all year. My cell is off, blinds are closed, and the barbeque is warming up. Playoffs are the best!

    • Dirty30

      And the best possible outcome is that the Oilers Lost. Thank you for ten years of garbage and for screwing up the draft for everyone else. All the Coulers whining about corruption, conspiracies and refs should watch the SC 2011 finals and ask if anything looks familiar — particularly from Lucic…

      How to change the draft? They should have taken the five number one picks away from the Coilers and given them to the bottom team for five years.

      Never mind the election, Brexit, Trump, global warming, the Coilers lost. All is right in the world.