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Report: Tryamkin contract in KHL is for three years

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Canucks fans.

First Nikita Tryamkin deciding to leave for the KHL left a hole in the Canucks defensive unit going forward. Then the draft lottery happened. Now something else to add to the pile.

Originally when the Tryamkin news was reported, it was speculated that his contract with Avtomobilist will be for one year, but it has been reported by Vorky that it is a three year deal:

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Vorky is a former KHL reporter, who has reported news on the KHL accurately for awhile. So it’s fair to believe, that if he reporting it, then it is true.

At this moment, there is no report of an out clause for the NHL:

This is unfortunate news for Canucks fans, as there was hope that Tryamkin would consider returning to the Canucks after a year or two in the KHL. Given the length of contract and the cost for Tryamkin to buy it out, it’s fair to believe that he will play out the duration of his contract (ending 2020).

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The Canucks retain Tryamkin’s NHL rights until July 1, 2022.

  • Fred-65

    I think when Tryamkin like most Russian who bolt for the “homeland” eventually grow up and realize they’re leaving probably millions on the table. especially when his wife has to drives a Lada rather than a Cadilac. For the most part they come to their senses. The Russian ruble is worth squat when he could be paid in US$. Of course he could be that dumb he doesn’t realize how much he’s getting screwed. Hope he has a smart agent. If the ruble continues to fall it won’t cost much to buy out his contract 🙂

    • defenceman factory

      Tryamkin was probably only a couple years from $3.5 – $4 million, maybe more. That either eliminates the possibility he has a smart agent or it’s not about the money.

  • SJ

    He’s proven himself smarter than the Canucks organization before. Maybe this is just him saying that the Canucks are at least 3 years away from being a playoff team, and he can just ‘Sobotka’ his way back across the ocean for the playoffs in 2020.

  • wojohowitz

    Now that some time has passed I think we can evaluate the situation a bit better. I suspect Tryamkin did not have that competitive spirit that nearly all NHLers have. He did not want to fight but did when he had to. He did not want to hurt anybody. I remember his face when Richardson broke his leg – he was full of remorse. I think he was non-confrontational as a character trait and would have liked to have gotten along with everyone. Telling him to play like Pronger might have been the event that sent him home. Basically a nice guy who just wanted to get along – come along. Watching Burrows in his prime or Dorsett game after game might have sent the message about how to play in the NHL. I doubt he will be back.

    • Roy

      are you some sort of sociopath? He didn’t want to fight and he didn’t want to hurt anyone so he wasn’t competitive? What do you think the word competitive means? What does it mean to be an athlete? Who even fights anymore? Also the 1970s NHL tv ratings called, they want their viewer back.

      • wojohowitz

        I`m sensing hostility Roy. Let`s dig a little deeper shall we. When the network switches feeds away from the hockey game do you throw your beer bottle at the TV. When you are served warm coffee instead of hot do you scream at the waitress. When a stranger on the street wears odd clothing choices are you tempted to beat them up. When someone expresses a political opinion that you disagree with does it always end up with you yelling insults and threatening violence.

        • Letters_to_management

          I’m not particularly sure if you use this method of shifting the conversation often, but it’s odd and unhelpful. Roy was simply pointing out that you linked compete level and the competitive desire of a hockey player to motivation to injure and fight. Lots of guys in the NHL (and the KHL) play hockey with skill and a certain type of grit that is not linked with hurting people and fighting, much like Danny and Hank and Tanev, to name a few. I’m sure with Tryamkin’s skating ability and reach he could very well be an amazingly good NHL defenseman that doesn’t have to rely on hurting people to be effective. We might see that if he does return to the NHL in 3 years time.

  • Neil B

    Well, that certainly puts a kibosh on my “just the Olympics, nothing to see here” theory. Again, an assumption, but I’d guess that there is an ‘out’ clause between year 2 and 3.

    Well, now we have an additional asset to sell. Should be worth more than the pick he was taken with.

  • truthseeker

    Just hold his contract and wait him out. Test his resolve. If he really doesn’t want to play in Van or N. America then it doesn’t matter. If he does and is willing to wait til 2022 then more power to him. Let him walk.

    It’s a shame he didn’t adjust and a shame at some of the things management may have done wrong, but it is what it is.

    • Giant-Nation

      I had to laugh, Tryamkin hits our beloved Benn and then Benn wants to fight Mr T. Later Mr. T asks media the next day why did Benn want to fight me? Torts was right that things have gone a bit sideways in the NHL these days. When you take a good hit you should pull your ass up take a number or try to up your game with a great hit, weak players respond and get totally offended that you hit them and want to fight, real players get up and say “game on, let’s see who gets hit next” Tryamkin is a beast, we aren’t going on any post season runs in next 3 years anyways – he might just come back at the right time. Nothing against him – I’m sure he plays on NHL ice again.

      • truthseeker

        I love hockey, but NHL players are by far the most classless athletes of any of the major sports. And that’s saying a lot because soccer players can be pretty bad.

        They whine about everything. They scrum after every bloody whistle…wasting time and slowing the game down and none of it “intimidates” anyone cause they’re all too stupid to realize their being intimidated.

        Listen to the mic’d up things on youtube and they are just trash to each other on the ice. And like you said, they take offense to any little thing honest or not.

        You see great examples of it when like the news makes all these comments about Miller and Hansen “sharing a moment” on the ice after the trade. Like it’s a big deal for opponents to have a laugh with each other……lol..it’s ridiculous that even gets press. Basketball or Baseball wouldn’t even comment on a moment like that because they happen all the time. And not with guys that JUST played together, but with guys who NEVER play together.

        And it shows in the way the NHLPA doesn’t care at all about pressuring the league to clean up the head shots.

        I don’t even think it’s “these days”. The NHL has always been like this. It’s just before we accepted the worst of it even more naturally than we do now.

  • As disappointed as I am , I have to say we played a dangerous game. What I mean is drafting Russians, NCAA guys, and Boston College guys can turn into a disaster if they decide to bolt. How disappointed is Nashville after losing Vesey.

    • Donald's Hat Trick

      Even without the player option I bet there would be 10 NHL teams willing to pay $5M in buyout money to get a player of his caliber on their rosters.

  • Holly Wood

    Maybe its time for us to realize that playing pro in North America is not the be all/end all for the Russians. Bure, Kovalchuck, Radulov have showed us that and we still act surprised when it happens again. Their sense of loyalty is different , not wrong just different. Gawd, I hope Grapes doesn’t see this post

    • truthseeker

      That’s an excellent point. And quite frankly I think that’s a good thing. N. Americans can be pretty arrogant about ourselves and how great we think our little piece of the map is. Vacouverites are some of the worst for that. “he doesn’t want to live in Vancouver! OHHHHHHH>>>>that’s unbelievable! Everyone wants to live here!”…lol

  • Dirty30

    He didn’t sign a life-time contract, nor does it go past the date that the Canucks hold his rights. We got Rodin back … kinda … so all is not lost with Groot.

    At 25 Tryamkin may just be ready for a different challenge, a change of scenery, the ability to earn some hard cash and prove he was right (doesn’t matter if he was or not, just act humble and let him play!)

    Three years and this team is ready to ripen and having a bigger, more mature and experienced D available? Woot!

  • Burnabybob

    The Tryamkin mess and the draft lottery burn have been a brutal double-whammy for the Canucks and their fans. I predict MANY empty seats at Rogers Arena this year.

    I also worry for the state of the franchise right now. Owners are fickle, and they can pick up and move a team in the blink of an eye, even profitable teams. Players rejecting a team usually don’t bode well for franchises either. Eric Lindros refusing to report to Quebec helped spur the team’s move. So did Brendan Shanahan requesting a trade from the Hartford Whalers. Steve Francis refusing to play for the Grizzlies damaged the city’s credibility as an NBA market.

    I hope I’m just being alarmist. These have just been tough days to be a Canuck fan.

  • Naslund

    While many of us here would like the NHL to consistently enforce its rules and apply fair and reasonable punishments for cheapshots, the reality is that those running the league have no desire to do so. That’s why the Canucks drafted a 6 foot 7 d-man. Although he may prefer to not play a mean game, there are players like Subban in the minors who can play a skill game better than him. As the Canucks stand right now, they are easily one of the softest teams in the league, and they need some players who can intimidate the opposition a little. I don’t mean that they need fighters, but they do need more players like Getzlaf on the roster to make the opposition think a little bit before crosschecking someone in the head.

  • krutov

    brutal is right.

    there is a chance tryamkin has an out and is playing this perfectly to maximize his signing value after a year if he chooses to return. that would at least keep his options open.

    but i think the guy is making emotional decisions because he just hated it here and wanted to go home. he must have agents telling him how much money he is walking away from. their advice to him would surely be to demand a trade if he hates the city or management. it is hard to blame any management group for a move by a player that is so obviously not in his best interests. it’s just stubborn and dumb.

    one more thing is that when someone makes a decision so clearly not in their interests, you have to wonder about the spouse’s role.