Photo Credit: @puckonnetca Twitter

The Canucks Were Really, Really Damn Close to Winning Draft Lottery (Sort of)

What if I told you the Vancouver Canucks were just one lottery ball in the NHL Entry Draft Lottery away from the first overall selection in the draft? Would that ease the pain or pour salt in the open wound left by Saturday’s draw?

I hope you’re ready to confront that reality. Per a report from Sportsnet’s Mike Johnston, the Canucks and Detroit Red Wings finished one number away from the first overall selection each.

Though the Canucks (and Red Wings) lottery balls matched up across the board, right to the last number, it wasn’t enough to secure the ultimate consolation prize in an otherwise lost season. The Canucks luck wasn’t any better in the lottery draws for second and third overall either. They fell all the way to fifth overall — the lowest they could drop in the current draft lottery format.

I don’t know about you, but I’d almost rather they missed by a country mile than come so close. Or at least, it didn’t look like they’d come so close. In reality, it doesn’t really mean much that they were one number off.