Photo Credit: Matthew Henderson

Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 22 – 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Canucks Army Podcast. This week J.D. Burke and myself are joined by Ryan Biech to break down this year’s NHL entry draft prospects and how the Canucks may rank their top 5 prospects.

Biech also gives us his take on some draft options in the 2nd round and whether a promising prospect with 1st round skills can slide down to 33.

We debate why Nikita Tryamkin decided to go back to the KHL and whether there is a lesson to be learned here when it comes to drafting, signing and integrating Russian prospects into the NHL.

Sticking with defense, we also talk about what a potential Chris Tanev trade could look like, plus we answer some great listener questions.

Don’t just take my word for it, have a listen.


  • Mr Provolone

    If Benning and Co. trade Tanev, I will have a hard time following this train wreck…. But alas, like an unsuccessful arranged marriage, I was raised a canucks fan and will suffer through it all

    • bleepboop

      why? this is such a short sighted way of thinking. Can you imagine what we could get back for Tanev?? we are going to finish bottom 5-10 in the league next year for sure. Even if we somehow sneak into the playoffs there is no chance we even win a round. Why not trade tanev, get a pick and prospect, and be better 2 years from now?? what is the point of keeping Tanev in his prime to finish 26th overall instead of 29th overall. I cannot wrap my head around this line of thinking.

      • Bud Poile

        A pick and a prospect is two prospects.This is Botchford/CA managment.
        If the Canucks trade one of the league’s best shutdown d-men they better be demanding a star forward and a pick/prospect.

    • I am Ted

      Ridiculous. Just stupid thinking, really. The Canucks cannot rebuild via the draft alone. They have to get in the habit of dealing the odd vet here and there who is in his prime and can fetch a very good return. I’d like to keep Tanev too but Canucks need to improve their talent pool.

      Oh, I tried to listen to this podcast. My god…just painful. Please stop. Make some changes…please!