Babych Please – April 21st, 2017

The Canucks are now one of three Canadian teams with zero postseason wins this year (thank you, Flames) but they are losing in other ways. This week, we bid farewell to the largest member of the 2016/17 Vancouver Canucks. But first, Ben Hutton:

  • It was Hutton’s birthday yesterday and #ThrowbackThursday, so the Canucks posted this photo of him looking basically exactly the same as he does right now, though maybe blonder: 


  • Brock Boeser is headed back to North Dakota to finish his classes, one of which is Canadian Geography. He says here that he missed the British Columbia section because he signed with the Canucks, which is a decent reason to miss class.

  • Here is a super important update on Troy Stecher’s puppy:


  • And here is a super important update on Bo Horvat’s puppy:

screenshot via

  • Nikita Tryamkin, the Big Friendly Giant, is saying a Big Friendly Goodbye to Vancouver. I am very sad about this because Tryamkin’s size made him extremely gif-able, and the Canucks aren’t always all that gif-able. I hope he is happier at home, but I’ll miss his comical super strength.

  • Here are some more great Nikista Tryamkin gifs to make you feel sadder about this:

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  • Here is the best thing you can do with a Nikita Tryamkin jersey:


  • Finally, here’s a weird but fun visit from an illustrated Wayne Gretzky to start your weekend off on the right note: