WWYDW: Picking Second-Favourites

We did it, everybody. We made it to the end of the season. Give yourselves a round of applause.

For the third time in four years, the Canucks won’t be appearing in the postseason. It’s a shame, but it also gives us the opportunity to watch great hockey without being invested in the outcome.

Asking about preferences runs counter to the idea of WWYDW, but the playoffs only come once a year, so I’m going to do it anyway? With the Canucks out of the picture, who will you be cheering for in the playoffs?

Last week I asked: Where would you like to see Goldobin play for the remainder of the season? Where would you like to see him start next year?


keep him here to the end of the season but i hope he sees some ahl playoffs. he needs to get over being hit.

i did see him skate into traffic behind the san jose net in the third period. he wasn’t really using his body but he was in the mix and not fishing with his stick. that is major progress for him.

positionally this guy is sound. offensively and ability wise he is gifted. but he is very shy in situations that can lead to body contact. it’s not laziness because he will do things like back up another canuck who goes to get the puck. he is just playing not to be hit in a way i have rarely seen in a pro hockey player.

i think he is close to having to face this. he has nothing else to fix in his game.


Since the Sedins and Baertschi/Horvat (LW/C) combinations seem set, I would rotate Goldobin, Boeser, Granlund and Eriksson through as RW and see how they play. If they fit in, leave them there until the performance of the line falters. The two wingers left without a seat in the Top 6 when the music stops plays with Sutter on the third line. Would be great if Virtanen could be added to the mix.


Bo already thinks the game good enough to play in the NHL. If he can gain some speed and strength in the off season, he will fit fine in the top 6. It’s good that he’s been successful, but as with most, he’ll have an offensive drought at some point- I suspect he has the mental toughness to handle that as well as Horvat did. I don’t know what he gains in Utica unless he does falter at this level and needs ice time.

Neil B: 

Watching Goldie play, it’s pretty clear that he is still ‘thinking’ his role; he hasn’t progressed to the stage of internalizing the system and reacting to game events within that framework. We simply don’t have enough practice time left in the season for him to do so in a protected setting, so we are stuck with either giving him a training regimen & sending him home, or giving him a Viking swimming lesson and letting him learn the game during game time.

Make the best of what you can, at this point; give him sheltered minutes, advantageous starts. See what he does.

  • Off topic: Hitch returns to Dallas. The Dallas Stars just hired the smartest mind in hockey. This is a good fit. Hitchcock will do a good lob in Dallas and he would have done that here. Too bad.

    I thought Willie was gonna land in Dallas, but not so.

  • Killer Marmot

    Cheering for San Jose, because (1) Beaker is playing, and (2) the Canucks get a first-round draft pick if the sharks win the cup. Not an early pick, mind, but it’s better than a kick in the ass with a frozen mukluk.

    Sadly, the odds of the Sharks winning are poor.

  • Most exciting series I think will be Sharks vs Oilers. All the experts are picking Edmonton, I pick San Jose and not just because we get their 1st round pick if they go all the way. Sharks have been there many times, and here they are again. I know Oilers are the flavor of the day, but I think experience will prevail. Sharks in six.

  • YoYo

    Cheering for Ovi to finally get his cup, and i think a Oilers/Capitals final would be amazing to watch, so thats what i am cheering for.

    Having said that, Canucks need as many high picks as they can get, and so I’ll cheer SJS all the way to a cup if i have to.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Not the Sharks. I don’t care about that draft pick upgrade, after their disgusting display against us in the playoffs 4 years ago, I never want to see that core win, ever. Sorry Jannik, I just hate Couture and Thornton too much.

    Here are my rules for “second fave” cheering, by descending priority:

    1. Screw Boston, San Jose and LA, in that order.
    2. No new winners. Until our team’s name gets engraved on the trophy, I don’t want any other first timers to get it either. IE: this year, no St Louis, Minnesota, Ottawa, Columbus, Minnesota or Nashville. (I will make a special exception for the Sens to get the Cup back to Canada).
    3. No division rivals and no teams whose fans fill up GM Place every visit and who would be even more insufferable if they won (ie: no Anaheim, Alberta teams or Leaves/Habs)
    4. Figure out who I like or hate on the remaining teams and select who to root for or against from among them, especially if there are ex-Canucks (ie: if the Ducks hadn’t already been crossed out via rule #3, the presence of Kesler would have killed them here).
    In this case, Chicago is the only team left in the West, and I have made my peace with the fact that the Hawks are a dynasty and one more Cup or not won’t change that. In the East I have to choose from Ottawa, the Rangers and the Penguins. I like most of the players on the Penguins (Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and of course I cheer for Canucks castoff Bonino-Bonino-Bonino-Bonino), so they beat out Ottawa and the Rangers (who I could still pull for because of Canucks castoff AV, despite ’94).

    So yeah, comes down to rooting for a Hawks-Pens final.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        By that rationale, so do we, since the Canucks own the rights to everything to do with the Vancouver MIllionaires. But sadly, I can’t celebrate that and can’t credit the new Senators with any of the accomplishments of the defunct team of the same name.

  • Edmonton. Because if they win, everyone is going to be demanding excessive salaries on their next contract negotiation. With an already bloated payroll and contracts due for McDavid, Draisaitl, Puljujarvi and this mythical #1 defenceman that they’ve been looking for, it’ll be salary cap hell for the next decade (see Blackhawks, Chicago).

  • Dirty30

    Ottawa because I lived there the year they got their team and the have my all-time fave Canuck playing for them so Go Sens.

    Secretly, I’m hoping for a Bruins-Oilers final where Marchand spends every scrum speed-bagging McJesus and Lootch loses it and goes nuclear on his own teammates. Given the devastation, the league uses a lottery to award the SC and the Canucks win!

    The face-palm from Bettman is heard around the league.

  • wojohowitz

    Hard to cheer for anybody not Canuck but looking forward to;

    (1) Anaheim and Calgary. Since the Fowler injury this series will be a war.

    (2) San Jose. A year older and a year slower. No pressure on Edmonton. It`s all fun, fun, fun.

    (3) Burrows and Marchand.

  • tyhee

    Emotionally I really don’t care a hoot about how teams do this season in the playoffs so given that, the only think to hope for is to upgrade a late 4th round pick to the last pick in the 1st round. So, with some reluctance … Go Sharks.