31Cheers and Jeers!
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Cheers and Jeers – April 5th

It’s Tuesday! And that means it’s time for our latest volume of… “Cheers and Jeers!”

This week, Sutter is stupid, Miller’s a model mentor, and Canucks just keep helping.

JEERS to Brandon Sutter for his “grit and balls” comment about Nikolai Goldobin and young Goldy’s perceived lack of toughness. First of all, the Canucks acquired Goldy for his skill play, and that’s a great thing. The Canucks have proven all year that they can’t score. It’s pretty damning on Sutter that he’s too oblivious to see that, and to then suggest that Goldy needs to add “grit and balls” to his game in order to be successful. No. Just no. Goldy was doing just fine with the Canucks with his skill game up until he was felled pretty heavily by the flu. That illness clearly took a lot physically out of the young Russian to the point where his game is struggling. To suggest that he has to change his game and essentially “dumb it down” proves that the right place for Sutter is on the exposed list and off this damn team. #ExposeSutter2017

CHEERS to Ryan Miller for taking the EXACT OPPOSITE approach with Goldobin. Instead of doing something inexplicable and stupid with the young player, Miller did the right thing to boost Goldy’s confidence and spirits. From a Ben Kuzma article yesterday, “I just thought he looked good today and he looked like he needed somebody to tell him he was good.” In fact, this is from the same article where Kuz quotes Sutter and his “grit and balls” nonsense. Miller is a seasoned veteran, a good dude, and undeniably the team’s MVP this season. While I have railed against the Canucks bringing him back (he’s old and the team desperately needs to get younger), it’s pretty hard to justify walking away from Miller when he is treating the youngsters the way they should be.

JEERS to the NHL for its decision to withdraw its league participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics. We can hear all the arguments about the owners protecting their investments in their players and blahblahblah. Garbage. Rubbish. Bullshit. While we are all very likely planted on the #pleaselikemysport caravan, the fact remains that the league is largely invisible around the world. The NHL does not have the same cache as the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Not even close. If the NHL is truly serious about wanting to grow the popularity of the game globally, then showcasing its best players in the world’s best hockey tournament is a poignantly easy way to do that. Much like we hockey nuts watch luge, skeleton, and short-track speed skating every four years and get captivated, non-hockey fans do the same every four years with the Winter Olympics. Instead, the NHL decided that a seemingly better way to showcase the league is to fly Jayson Megna and Griffen Molino to China and have the lowly Canucks play the most boring team in the league, the LA Kings. It’s a baffling decision, and one that serves 31 owners and nobody else.

CHEERS to the Canucks Alumni and Face Off Against Cancer for raising $143,000 for the BC/Yukon chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society and Camp Good Times. This particularly warms my heart because all three of kids go to Camp Good Times every summer. (If you weren’t aware, my eldest daughter is a cancer survivor.)
I honestly don’t think enough is made of the Canucks charitable endeavors, and how much they do in the community. That is especially true of the Canucks Alumni, who are constantly and tirelessly helping organizations around the province, donating their time and efforts to a long list of causes. Huge stick tap to all those former players and the Canucks organization for all the good work they do to help those in need.

  • Killer Marmot

    Instead, the NHL decided that a seemingly better way to showcase the league is to fly Jayson Megna and Griffen Molino to China and have the lowly Canucks play the most boring team in the league, the LA Kings.

    That point could have been made without insulting Megna and Molino.

        • Killer Marmot

          Okay, and this is important. At first it appears that you can give more than one thumbs or thumbs down on a comment, but the extra votes disappear after you refresh the screen, leaving only one.

          • Dirty30

            Re: edit button. Next you will want a real live Editor! One who owns and uses a dictionary! Please understand this is the Willie Dejardins of blog-sites. Minimalist, pedantic, unyielding in its own inherent ignorance, incapable of innovation or creativity … an abacus of obfuscation … a perfect intellectual terrain for the three-toed and IQ’d sloths like Bud to wander aimlessly pontificating about meat and potatoes players and how they spent twelve years walking uphill both ways to finish the sixth grade. Meh.

  • Roy

    The Olympics are boring and an antiquated display of nationalism that reflect nothing more than how much individual nations spend on particular development. Whoop-dee-doo. Even worse is CBC’s vapid talking heads babbling vapidly about every Canadian micro-achievement. Honestly, I doubt anyone outside of Canada and Scandinavia cares the slightest about Olympic hockey. Plus the round-robin with its guaranteed slough of hopeless eastern-European teams that get mercilessly shelled every four years is just embarrassing.

    • DJ_44

      The are not. Watch the games.

      Boucher has improved greatly, however backchecking is just not his favourite thing to do. He is obviously realizing it and his ice-time reflects it.

      Goldobin makes Boucher look like a Selke candidate.

      Molino, Megna and Shore work hard and have the speed and grit to put themselves in the tough spots.

      …..but please…..keep making excuses for Goldobin, and blaming Willie for seeing the obvious. He is offensively talented, sure, but needs to be kicked, apparently on regular basis.

  • Freud

    Sutter has 10 PIM, no fights and averages one hit a game. He works so hard to get the puck back, 60% of all the goals scored are in his own net. He talks about other players lacking grit and balls. God gawd.

  • Bud Poile

    Only Megna and Gaunce have more hits than Sutter amongst all Canucks forwards this season.
    Sutter leads all Canucks forwards in blocked shots this season.
    Sutter leads all Canucks in the faceoff circle.
    When you lead your NHL team on the ice blocking shots,hitting and winning puck possession battles those scratching their gonads whilst laying on their couches in their stained and overstretched jogging pants from WalMart voice their contempt religiously.

    • KCasey

      Bud I know you make it apparent that you care very little about stats and predictive models but to hell with it, ill give you some thoughts about the skill set you just provided for Sutter. He has so many hits because the opposition has the puck all the time when he is on the ice. He has so many blocked shots because the oppostion is in his end hammering shots on him so often. Its the same arguement as me saying I take punches to the face really well. That fine and dandy but maybe Sutter stops getting punched in the face and starts playing winning hockey. To which you would say he has score a medicore amount of goals but has done so all the while getting punched in the face over and over again in every other category included the pucks in his own net category. Im not an absolute Sutter hater by any means and do think he is a servicable NHL player but he is a bottom 6 guy that should be played and regarded as such. Dont make the mistake of thinking he is our future at centre.

    • Bud Poile

      Only in Botchford infested circles would bloggers rant endlessly about exposing the one forward that hits,blocks,wins the most faceoffs and scores 20 goals.

  • Freud

    Funny how coaches and teammates can publicly insult players like Goldobin and the fanboys create a narrative to justify it. CA writers do it and there’s outrage on the message boards.

  • Locust

    Too funny reading comments from the pencil necks and those with “mommy” issues (and you know who you are….) talking about grit and toughness.

    It is so obvious to recognize whom amongst us has actually played the game and those that are just nerdy statboys that wouldn’t know which end of the stick to hold.