Canucks Army Post-Game: Goldy’s Tank

Sometimes a hockey game is over before it starts. Tonight was one such occasion, and the two goals the Canucks surrendered to the San Jose Sharks on the opening two shots drove the message home early.

Just 18 seconds into the game, Sharks forward Kevin Labanc created separation from Luca Sbisa to recover a won faceoff and send the puck past Canucks netminder Richard Bachman. Only 12 seconds later, Joel Ward beat Reid Boucher to a loose puck and outmuscled the Canucks’ forward to send another home to double San Jose’s lead.

With that, the Sharks scored more than enough in half-a-minute to best the Canucks efforts for the full 60. And make no mistake, the Canucks made every effort to get on even footing. Vancouver found their legs in the second frame and upped the pressure into the third until a Chris Tanev shot from the point broke through to get them within one.

That’s as close as the Canucks came to tying this one, though. Brent Burns scored just a few short minutes later, and Martin Jones kept the Canucks at bay, securing the 3-1 victory.


  • No matter how loathed Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins was to let this happen, tonight was the night of Nikolay Goldobin. It was the young, electric rookies return to the franchise that considered him the most expendable among their crop of prospects. All this, just two days and one game removed from a night when the coach decided to sit Goldobin to play Alex Biega at forward. Oh, the intrigue — it was palpable. And Goldobin delivered in spades. The Russian forward was responsible for the Canucks best chance of the opening frame, had a two-on-one opportunity with Henrik Sedin and sent two pucks astray from a yawning cage. A couple of inches one way or the other on a couple of plays and Goldobin is looking at a goal or two tonight, easy.
    • I’m not kidding, though, when I describe Desjardins as loathed to oversee Goldobin’s big night. It didn’t take much for Desjardins to go right back to Michael Chaput on the Sedin line. And he kept going back throughout the night. It’s like an itch he just couldn’t scratch often enough.

  • Nikita Tryamkin had a mostly rough night. He was caught by the Sharks on a few occasions and pinned in the Canucks zone with regularity. Tryamkin came into this season struggling to facilitate a clean breakout pass, and he struggles just as much with this part of his game as the season nears a close. On one occasion, he was on the ice for well over a minute, and the Sharks forced an exhausted Tryamkin to take a tripping penalty. It was an ugly looking play. Tryamkin was also on the ice for the Chris Tierney’s insurance goal in the third. On the bright side, Tryamkin obliterated Melker Karlsson tonight. At least there’s that.
  • Notice how 3/5 of the Canucks’ five worst players tonight by five-on-five shot attempt differential are the fourth line? That’s quite the departure from the halcyon days of the Brendan Gaunce, Michael Chaput and Jack Skille glory days — indeed, a sentence I never expected I would ever write. Vancouver is getting starched night in and night out and has at no point in the season looked as lost in their own end as they do now. I wonder how much of that has to do with them losing 2/3 of their best checking line and moving the other component to the first. Underestimate the value of Gaunce at your own peril, especially as the expansion draft approaches.
  • How bad have the Canucks been down the stretch? Well, according to Jeff Paterson the Arizona Coyotes have covered 17 points since January 21 and sit just one behind the Canucks after tonight’s overtime loss. That was staggering, certainly, but it pales in comparison to this tweet from Tyler Dellow. I hope you’re all ready for a season like the one they just had in Colorado. I’m not ruling it out for next season.

  • TD

    I think Willie has to go, but maybe Goldobin played better tonight because he didn’t play last game. Learning to play every shift may be a tough lesson for Goldobin to learn…

    • Bud Poile

      Goldy with zero hits,zero blocked shots,zero points and he played with the twins so that one pass makes the CA highlight reel.
      Goldobin has done squat,Botchford.

    • Rodeobill

      Sedins are probably good people to learn from for his style of play, plus he looked better than Chaput on that line, but maybe not as good as Granlund. Maybe worth it to see where it goes for a few games, no better time than now to try stuff out!

      • SteveNux

        [Sedins are probably good people to learn from for his style of play, plus he looked better than Chaput on that line, but maybe not as good as Granlund.]

        I’d love to see a line of Henrik, Granlund, Goldobin. People complain of the Sedin’s age, but it’s mostly apparent because it’s amplified on the same line. Henrik is still at an elite level of play-making and zone entry. Double up the youth on his line.

  • Killer Marmot

    Burke is getting so wound up about Goldobin versus players like Chaput and Sutter that it’s getting bit weird. The attempted mind-reading act on Desjardins is especially so.

  • Lemmy Kilmister

    Goldilocks had a pretty solid game today definelty makes some sweet passes, hey even if the Canucks win all there remaining games they only 10 points better then what USA today predicted? Not so far off now

  • The_Blueline

    Saw the last period only. Thought the BBB- line looked good, creating chances and generally outperforming the sharks 1st line.

    As for Goldie, I think JD and others are just excited that he might be a really good player. And I share that excitement. Maybe Chaput and Sutter are better at some metrics but there not going to improve anymore. Quite the opposite I’m afraid

  • DJ_44

    The Canucks again deserved a better fate. Aside from the brutal first five minutes, they were far better.

    Bo and Boucher are snake-bit at the moment. They could use a break, or at least a puck that is not on edge when it hits their stick.

    Shore had a tough game. I like Molino. Goldobin…meh. He has talent, but he struggles to execute his moves and use his attributes at an NHL level…..maybe this comes with confidence.

    On the channel changer, it was good to see Manson (very unrated) feed it to Giorardano last night after a brutal (“it was by no means a dirty play — K.Hrudey) knee-on-knee, open-iced, hit to Cam Fowler. In the no-body-contact espoused article by Jackson the other day, he was discussing “tough” to play against……the Ducks are a team that has that element….including if you take a liberty (purposeful or not)…….saddle up, you will answer for it. Do you think this may be a reason for the injury plague that has afflicted the Canucks for the past two seasons? I digress.

  • Dirk22

    Goldy’s so luck to have leaders like Sutter calling him out in the papers and then showing him how to do a fly-by on Ward’s goal. This is the ‘winning’ culture Linden and Benning promised and built. What a team!

  • Naslund

    Et tu, J.D.? “Loath” means reluctant or unwilling. “Loathe” means hate. While W.D. may have been loathed by fans for many things, playing Goldobin, finally, was what fans were waiting for. Presumably, you meant that Willie didn’t want to do it.

  • wojohowitz

    This is turning into a gong show. I can`t believe Sutter is criticizing team mates after the season he has had. There`s lots of blame to go around but using the media to do it is wow. Looks like everyone would like the season to end today so they can all go home and forget about it and Sutter is second on my list for don`t come back.

    • Holly Wood

      I am going to use Sutter as a barometer to tell me if or when the Canucks improve. If he still makes the team in future seasons that tells me we have not improved at all. Tell me if you have heard this one before…. ”he has all the tools but no tool box”. Can skate, shoot and at times does well on faceoffs, but I really believe he does not think the game at this level, hopefully picked up by Vegas at expansion draft

  • Burnabybob

    People wanted a rebuild. This is what it looks like.

    Losses are wins at this point as far as I’m concerned, especially when their young prospects play well, as Goldobin did last night. Anything to improve their odds in the draft lottery.

    • TD

      I agree, but think the tank hurt us last year. I remember team tank celebrating when Columbus and Winnipeg passed us in the standings. We ended up with the 3rd best odds and picked 5th. Columbus finished with the 4th best odds and picked 3rd. Winnipeg finished with the 6th best odds and picked 2nd.