Babych Please – March 31st, 2017

The Canucks are not always entertaining on the ice, but they’re making up for it with their off-ice content this week. Reid Boucher’s interest in Skytrains, Ben Hutton’s weird slang, and the entire Boeser family are enough to distract from whatever happened on Tuesday night.

  • There appears to be some weird inside joke in the Canucks dressing room about how much Reid Boucher likes the Skytrain. Reid Boucher does not understand and neither do I. What a strange little joke. 
  • Brock Boeser’s wild first game in the NHL is a great story and made for one of the best moments in this long, miserable Canucks season. This video is a wonderfully put together rundown of Brock’s weekend. Brock’s parents are adorable, his post-game meet and greet is sweet, and some of his former North Dakota Fighting Hawks teammates (including Troy Stecher) pop in to talk about the newest Canuck.


  • The Sedins missed playing with a guy named Alex, so they were pretty happy when young Alex got to join them for practice on Thursday.

  • Speaking of Brock Boeser, he was featured on Vice Sports because he said “you know” 45 times in his first postgame interview. This is generally how most hockey players speak, but it’s still an impressive feat.
  • CanucksTV’s blooper reel from media day makes for a fun little video – Brandon Sutter is still a bit confused by the Sedin twins, Luca Sbisa is bashful, Jacob Markstrom is unsure about smiling, and Ben Hutton can read too well.
  • This Luca Sbisa-led interview with Troy Stecher and Ben Hutton is bizarre and hilarious. The young roommates’ nicknames for naptime are something out of a Letterkenny episode.
  • Sven Baertschi, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Alex Edler did something genuinely impressive this week during their pre-game soccer warmup. They keep the ball in the air for over a minute, hitting it over 200 times, until Daniel ruins it and Edler jokingly aims a kick at his head. It was deserved. 

  • And since the Canucks are bad and hard to watch most nights, let’s enjoy these gifs from the celebration following Brock Boeser’s first career goal. The kids are alright. 


  • Killer Marmot

    Griffin Molino is playing his first ever NHL game tonight, and apparently some of his family will be there to watch.

    He might be in over his head, as some CA writers have inferred from his college statistics, but it deserves a mention and a raising of a beer glass.

  • wojohowitz

    You don`t get the Skytrain joke? Boucher mentions to his team mates that he rode the Skytrain like a tourist. It`s clubhouse culture – public transit – strictly verboten. How many times has Aqulini rode transit in the last 60 years = zero. How many times has Trevor Linden rode transit in the last 30 years = zero. How many times has the twins rode transit in the last 16 years = zero. Public transit is for the great `unwashed` and not the millionaire prima donnas.