Canucks Player Power Rankings – March 27th, 2017

Last week, I lamented the fact that the Canucks gave me almost nothing to talk about in these rankings. This week, they delivered.

1. Brock Boeser:

It’s been far too long since I’ve been able to use my “if you score your first NHL goal you are automatically #1 on the Power Rankings” rule, but good things come to those who wait. When Boston University’s Charlie McAvoy shushed the North Dakota crowd after ending their season, he was also shushing Canucks fans who were whining about their boring team. He gave us Brock.

The story of Brock Boeser’s ridiculously busy weekend will be told again and again because it’s pretty crazy. Fatigue wasn’t enough to keep him off the NHL scoresheet just hours after finishing his final NCAA game. Boeser’s first career goal was a very nice one, set up by fellow youths Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi. The future is happening.

The Canucks are making the most of the low stakes late in their lost season – Brock’s parents got to read out the opening line-up before their son’s first game. Laurie Boeser wiping lipstick off of her son’s chin before he makes his NHL debut is adorable. The whole thing is adorable.

2. Reid Boucher:

Bruce Boudreau had no idea who Reid Boucher was until Saturday afternoon. Reid Boucher is the next Kyle Wellwood and basically already a legend in my eyes.

3. Bo Horvat:

Bo Horvat is a 50-point player. This is very nice news and he is great. We all love Bo.

4. Jack Skille:

Jack Skille is a good dude who actively showed his support for this USWNT and their fight for fair support. He scored a goal a day after tweeting this, which is definitely a sign of good karma. He also left the game with what looks like a very painful long-term leg injury, which is just bad luck.

5. Sven Baertschi:

Scroll back up and look at the Sven Baertschi play that made Boeser’s first NHL goal possible. Sven is a star.

6. Richard Bachman:

Bachman is a nice man who deserves the success that he’s had in his few NHL appearances this year. I hope he leads the Vegas Golden Knights to the Stanley Cup.

7. Alex Edler:

Alex Edler put up three points this week and has continued to be a good father to Troy Stecher.

8. Ryan Miller:

Ryan Miller lost twice this week, but he played well. It’s not his fault that his teammates are what they are.

9. Henrik Sedin:

Henrik Sedin scored twice this week and one of them was truly beautiful.

10. Daniel Sedin:

Even if you’re on Team Tank, it’s pretty fun to watch the Sedins do this against the Blackhawks. The rivalry is dead but Sedinery is not.

11. Chris Tanev:

Chris Tanev has been looking more and more like the Chris Tanev we all know and love. He missed playing on the top pair, though, so he sent his brother after Troy Stecher. Not cool, Chris.

12. Ben Hutton:

This week on “Ben Hutton Smiles No Matter What Situation He Finds Himself In”…

13. Nikita Tryamkin:

Nikita Tryamkin did not score on a breakaway this week, but it would have been amazing if Nikita Tryamkin had scored on a breakaway this week.

14. Luca Sbisa:

I’m not sure what to say about Sbisa’s week, but there’s this NHL.com article in German where he talks about staying positive and the fact that there’s a baby Sbisa on the way. Also, whatever happened to the translation of this video is amazing. Who is “him”?

15. Brandon Sutter:

Brandon Sutter is definitely playing hurt but does it really matter?

16. Joe LaBate:

Joe LaBate has not done anything super exciting this week, but he did get to hang out with his friends and family in Minnesota. Nice!


17. Michael Chaput:

Michael Chaput’s run with the twins seems to be better than Megna with the twins, but you can’t help but question some of Chaput’s deployment.

18. Nikolay Goldobin:

Nikolay Goldobin has returned from his mysterious illness and is still getting back into the swing of things. To make matters worse, his reign atop the Hair Power Rankings is in jeopardy after not even one week.

19. Troy Stecher:

Troy Stecher looks like the latest to join that impressively large group of injured Canucks at the bottom of this list. At least Phoebe’s impact is being felt across the nation.

 20. Alex Biega:

Alex Biega is flip-flopping between forward and defence these days, and is almost murdering St Louis Blues as he does so.

21. Drew Shore:

I have nothing against Drew Shore because he has been fine, I just also have nothing to say about Drew Shore.

22. Philip Larsen:

Philip Larsen did not play this week but he is not hurt, unlike about 400 of his teammates.

23. Joseph Cramarossa, Derek Dorsett, Anton Rodin, Erik Gudbranson, Loui Eriksson, Brendan Gaunce, Jayson Megna, Markus Granlund, Jacob Markstrom:

I don’t even know what is ailing half of these guys but they’re all hurt in some way. I think they’re over the mumps at least.

    • Killer Marmot

      The writers at CA think playing Biega at the forward position has to do with the Vegas entry draft, but I suspect that they are seriously thinking of making him a forward next season, particularly given the many defensive prospects who could replace Biega at D.