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Canucks sign Brock Boeser; who will make his NHL debut today

Less than 24 hours after being eliminated from the NCAA regional playoffs, the Canucks have signed 2015 1st round pick Brock Boeser to a three year entry level deal.

He will make his NHL debut today in Minnesota, as the Canucks take on the Wild at 11:00 AM PDT. As the tweet below from the Canucks mentions, he will be wearing #6.

Boeser finishes his NCAA career with 94 PTS (43-51-94) in 74 games over his two seasons with North Dakota.

This comes on a double overtime loss to Boston University yesterday in Fargo, North Dakota. The proximity of the game, and the added benefit of the Minnesota born Boeser likely added to the rush to get the deal done.

Update: Boeser will be playing with Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi.

There is reason to be excited about a Saturday morning game against the Minnesota Wild.

  • myshkin

    so aquilini thinks he can make enough money selling season tickets from Brock playing to compensate for losing the first year of the entry level contract.

    Is this a ploy to make the Canucks college player friendly to help sign a few college free agents?

  • TheRealRusty

    As much as I would love to fault the ownership group for their shortsightedness, the fact is that in this case the player has all the leverage. Better to sign him to his ELC and burn off a year, than risk potentially losing him as a UFA should he decide to go back to college for his senior year.

    • TrueBlue

      Signing high end NCAA prospects for a few games to burn the 1st year of their ELC is pretty much the norm. No s new in playing hardball really.

      Besides, nowadays I feel like it generally just reduces the cost of their 2nd contract, which could work out in the long run. Like if Bo’s contract was up for renewal last year and he signed a multi-year deal, it would probably be for $3.5-4M for 4 years or something.

    • Killer Marmot

      Yeah, this is a kind of signing bonus which lets Boeser boost his salary one year earlier.

      Given how desperate the Canucks are for young high-caliber forwards, their hand may well have been forced just as you say.

  • Time to see how full of crap Desjardins is. Goldobin comes in and get benched after 6 minutes and scoring a GWG. Let’s see what Desjardins does with Boeser. Play the piss out of him, even though Boeser hasn’t practiced with the team (or even played a professional game)? Inconsistencies which are really flat out lies by Desjardins.

    • Killer Marmot

      The reason Goldobin got his minutes shortened in the third period of his first game — not even 24 hours of physically joining the club because he had visa issues — is likely because the Canucks had a lead and Goldobin is a young player who knew nothing if the Canucks defensive system.

      This sniping over trivialities is just dumb, and does no one any credit.

    • Killer Marmot

      The difference between Boeser’s and Golodbin’s situations are that in Golodbin’s first game, the Canucks still had a chance to make the playoffs. It wasn’t a great chance, but it was there, and it was Desjardins’ job to go for it.

  • Good news, I’m happy to see this young man join the Canucks. Welcome to Vancity Brock, you’re gonna love it here. Life on the West coast is good.

    This is one less thing Jim Benning has to worry about.

  • wojohowitz

    One of those intangibles. Fresh blood and youthful enthusiasm brings confidence in management and inspires the team. The players see a brighter future and play better right away. It won`t last of course as the grind brings them all back to reality.

  • Roy

    That’s not how you use a semi-colon; in particular, in a headline or lede. A much better headline would be “Canucks sign Boeser who plays today” or “Boeser signed, plays today” since he obv signed with the Canucks.

  • TD

    I only saw the last half of the game, but I thought Bo, Baer and Brock looked good. Some good passing and movement. Could be a good line for next year and would leave Granlund to strengthen one of the other lines.